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2016 St. Patrick's Day 5k
Overall Finish List
March 12, 2016
Columbia Track Club
This year's St. Pat's 5K went well with 179 entrants and 162 finishers. The threat of rain may have kept a few from showing up, but our dry window of an hour and fifteen minutes came at just the right time. The course was new again this year and was actually 3 miles rather than 3.1 miles (5K). This year's female winner was Katie Hauser in a time of 17:56, with Kasey Cornell in second at 19:10. On the male side, Scott MacPherson was a repeat winner with a time of 14:22, with Hayden Legg not far behind in second in a time of 14:54. There was a lot of good racing this year and on the CTC results site you can check your finish and browse the race photos put up by Sam Mosteller. 

Out on the course, we again had a good group of Hickman Runners and their coach (Pete Doll) volunteering to help, as well as Tony Taube, Ric Hareth and Kim S-F. Thanks also to Darlene Londeree for spearheading the packet pickup both Friday with Tom Allen and her niece Rachel Blunk; and Saturday with Nancy Taube (who also ran the race). Food and drink was donated by Hy Vee, and thanks to CTC President, Beth Luebbering for arranging that. Thanks also to those who ran and gave support to this CTC Youth Program fundraiser.

After the Race, we also had kids run around the block and had about 10 kids participate and receive ribbons for their effort. 

--Steve Stonecipher-Fisher, race director

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTime
1Scott MacPhersonColumbia MO148291 M 25-2914:22
2Hayden LeggColumbia MO147252 M 25-2914:54
3John VennerKirksville MO94263 M 25-2915:48
4Kevin MurphyColumbia MO65254 M 25-2916:08
5Tyler CulpColumbia MO138191 M 15-1916:14
6Jackson McNealColumbia MO137221 M 20-2416:21
7Mason GainesFulton MO31162 M 15-1916:33
8Ryan HauserColumbia MO163341 M 30-3416:48
9Justin LehnColumbia MO142202 M 20-2417:09
10Marc KeysColumbia MO176531 M 50-5417:23
11Tim CornellColumbia MO178295 M 25-2917:40
12Katie HauserColumbia MO56341 F 30-3417:56
13David MannColumbia MO141223 M 20-2418:13
14Andy EmersonColumbia MO68471 M 45-4918:18
15Shiva SankalpColumbia MO177296 M 25-2918:23
16Joel SchmidtColumbia MO170342 M 30-3418:42
17Nick ThurwangerColumbia MO118351 M 35-3918:51
18Kyle MillerColumbia MO143214 M 20-2418:55
19Peter DirksBloomington IL144225 M 20-2418:57
20Michael BarringhausGlasgow MO73392 M 35-3919:02
21Kasey CornellColumbia MO179291 F 25-2919:10
22Manny GarciaColumbia MO174153 M 15-1919:15
23Jose MendezColumbia MO150353 M 35-3919:30
24Nancy TaubeColumbia MO167551 F 55-5919:47
25Hannah McCauslandColumbia MO132211 F 20-2420:05
26Tom C AllenColumbia MO76384 M 35-3920:20
27A John BakerColumbia MO33571 M 55-5920:37
28Erin SchliepColumbia MO124312 F 30-3420:44
29Annie BogardColumbia MO134191 F 15-1920:59
30Kimberly EarnestColumbia MO98351 F 35-3921:13
31Benito MendezColumbia MO149411 M 40-4421:18
32Anne RogersColumbia MO133192 F 15-1921:23
33Dennis ZhuColumbia MO139216 M 20-2421:55
34David RehardColumbia MO146287 M 25-2921:58
35Nancy LewandowskiColumbia MO104121 F 10-1422:05
36Doug DuncanColumbia MO154552 M 55-5922:05
37Kevin GainesFulton MO30452 M 45-4922:12
38Hugh EmersonColumbia MO67583 M 55-5922:17
39Rachel PetersonColumbia MO136183 F 15-1922:25
40Michael LinkColumbia MO17375 M 35-3922:16
41William MoyColumbia MO168227 M 20-2422:32
42Campbell DenekeColumbia MO166122 F 10-1422:39
43Mary Ellen BradshawColumbia MO129441 F 40-4422:36
44Geoff LeighColumbia MO93396 M 35-3922:38
45Ella LeighColumbia MO92123 F 10-1422:41
46Clayton CheueyColumbia MO152554 M 55-5923:00
47Holly BassettColumbia MO54432 F 40-4423:07
48Alane LidolphColumbia MO52352 F 35-3923:09
49Brad JohnsonColumbia MO8453 M 45-4923:10
50Amy PescagliaColumbia MO112413 F 40-4423:10
51Lisa WellsColumbia MO99521 F 50-5423:10
52Casey FickColumbia MO41343 M 30-3423:13
53Don HarrisonColumbia MO71484 M 45-4923:19
54Jerry EbbesmeyerArmstrong MO115485 M 45-4923:18
55Jessica WinnColumbia MO169323 F 30-3423:59
56Steve WhiteColumbia MO70631 M 60-6923:56
57Eunice WangColumbia MO135202 F 20-2424:06
58Kayanna GainesFulton MO32134 F 10-1424:10
59Kerry McDonaldColumbia MO151502 M 50-5424:39
60Graeme MetzdorfColumbia MO12581 M 0- 924:35
61Rob EichelbergerColumbia MO81612 M 60-6924:47
62Michelle MathewsAlton IL62522 F 50-5425:03
63Dennis BaggettColumbia MO158513 M 50-5425:19
64Christa AvenellColumbia MO145434 F 40-4425:23
65Rose Ann MyersMexico MO50611 F 60-6925:36
66Joseph MarshallColumbia MO29422 M 40-4425:45
67Dong Reyoul LeeColumbia MO53496 M 45-4925:47
68Randall DurkColumbia MO6544 M 50-5425:34
69Logan PescagliaColumbia MO114131 M 10-1425:59
70Jonny PescagliaColumbia MO113154 M 15-1925:50
71Amy GundyColumbia MO45503 F 50-5426:13
72John MarshallColumbia MO1643 M 60-6926:12
73Richard WiemanColumbia MO120664 M 60-6926:18
74Rosie StauderColumbia MO172514 F 50-5426:26
75Carl GreesonColumbia MO40675 M 60-6926:39
76Chad DietzCentralia MO46515 M 50-5427:03
77Darren BaldwinColumbia MO130357 M 35-3927:20
78Steve MathewsAlton IL61575 M 55-5927:19
79Max NielsenColumbia MO12892 M 0- 927:46
80Adrienne FickColumbia MO42344 F 30-3427:37
81Zach HollidayColumbia MO160298 M 25-2928:14
82Alex HollidayColumbia MO159228 M 20-2428:14
83Summer AllenColumbia MO57662 F 60-6928:15
84Colleen LamondColumbia MO108383 F 35-3928:42
85Paul CohleColumbia MO153596 M 55-5928:48
86Christina LinkColumbia MO18292 F 25-2928:46
87Lindsey GregoryColumbia MO175233 F 20-2428:49
88Karen EbbesmeyerArmstrong MO116471 F 45-4929:03
89Gretchen SunColumbia MO3253 F 25-2929:01
90Malissa ClintonBoonville MO97445 F 40-4429:09
91Bree NoelColumbia MO2345 F 30-3429:10
92Carl MyersMexico MO51821 M 70-9929:20
93Mandy EversColumbia MO119406 F 40-4429:11
94Ben InsleeColumbia MO127219 M 20-2429:22
95Michael BietschColumbia MO83606 M 60-6930:02
96Eric MetzdorfColumbia MO126457 M 45-4930:00
97Kaili LinnemanColumbia MO121294 F 25-2930:04
98Henry BendelColumbia MO16483 M 0- 930:30
99Sarah AshmanColumbia MO165437 F 40-4430:30
100Sarah HumfeldColumbia MO55428 F 40-4430:32
101Joe DuncanColumbia MO91812 M 70-9930:41
102Deanna ThiesColumbia MO43346 F 30-3430:39
103Gayle JohnsonColumbia MO64673 F 60-6930:59
104Elisabeth CorcoranColumbia MO12337 F 30-3431:17
105Lisa KayserColumbia MO161492 F 45-4931:43
106Jonathan EbbesmeyerArmstrong MO117132 M 10-1431:42
107Shari FisherFayette MO171545 F 50-5431:52
108Richard F. KingColumbia MO162627 M 60-6931:56
109Paul LinnemanColumbia MO123628 M 60-6931:58
110Allison HarrisColumbia MO106105 F 10-1432:20
111Nicholas ReidColumbia MO9594 M 0- 932:30
112Ryan ReidColumbia MO96433 M 40-4432:32
113Sara BrownColumbia MO38439 F 40-4432:50
114Caleb FromanColumbia MO28113 M 10-1425:23
115Krista MyerColumbia MO44453 F 45-4933:49
116Barney SwordColumbia MO173843 M 70-9934:05
117Andrea AllenColumbia MO69694 F 60-6934:14
118Kylee JohnsomColumbia MO9164 F 15-1934:46
119Simon RoseColumbia MO74516 M 50-5434:39
120Jim O'DellFayette MO37724 M 70-9934:44
121Emma BaggettColumbia MO157165 F 15-1935:01
122Catherine StevensColumbia MO8581 F 0- 935:30
123Nancy FritschColumbia MO77771 F 70-9935:36
124Rod StevensColumbia MO84498 M 45-4935:32
125Amr AlmashhrawiColumbia MO111124 M 10-1435:48
126Taryn WallColumbia MO23265 F 25-2936:00
127Natalie WuestColumbia MO82266 F 25-2936:35
128Meredith WilliamsCentralia MO102364 F 35-3936:44
129Tracy ThomasBoonville MO49484 F 45-4936:45
130Laura WellsColumbia MO75752 F 70-9937:43
131Karen HilbrennerColumbia MO204210 F 40-4437:55
132Tara GinterMoberly MO100136 F 10-1437:56
133Christine GinterMoberly MO1014211 F 40-4437:56
134Amin MahdiColumbia MO90344 M 30-3438:19
135Khulood AhmedColumbia MO1104112 F 40-4438:20
136Dave ShipmanColumbia MO11679 M 60-6938:14
137Edward SchumacherColumbia MO56210 M 60-6939:54
138Chris FromanColumbia MO24444 M 40-4432:47
139Dawn FromanColumbia MO254313 F 40-4432:47
140Donna SmithColumbia MO103605 F 60-6940:48
141Ashraf AlmashhrawiColumbia MO109415 M 40-4441:50
142Sarah McLaughlinColumbia MO122196 F 15-1941:42
143Emily HarrisColumbia MO10582 F 0- 942:37
144Shane HarrisColumbia MO107446 M 40-4442:38
145Jolifils GuyvensonColumbia MO155195 M 15-1943:38
146Molly FroidlColumbia MO724014 F 40-4444:23
147Trent HenkeColumbia MO3675 M 0- 944:40
148Abigail FromanColumbia MO27137 F 10-1437:11
149Nikki HahnColumbia MO86375 F 35-3945:44
150Recille NorrisColumbia MO87376 F 35-3945:50
151Levi DennisColumbia MO88388 M 35-3945:50
152Carey HenkeColumbia MO35387 F 35-3947:01
153Cynthia AdkinsJefferson City MO131368 F 35-3947:13
154Jackie OrourkeColumbia MO66546 F 50-5447:28
155Sara StoneColumbia MO59547 F 50-5449:24
156Mary PlakorusHallsville MO63686 F 60-6949:38
157Cassondra RosemanColumbia MO60389 F 35-3949:37
158Kyler FromanColumbia MO26145 M 10-1442:41
159Aidan TimbrookColumbia MO16126 M 10-1451:27
160Andrew TimbrookColumbia MO15379 M 35-3951:59
161Bill ClarkColumbia MO1566111 M 60-6952:47
162Jeanelle TwillmanMarshall MO7833 F 70-9953:04
DNFAnissa AngelosanteColumbia MO8028F 25-29
DNFBetty BohonColumbia MO5864F 60-69
DNFCheryl CurrieColumbia MO466F 60-69
DNFRyan HeathLittle Rock AR3446M 45-49
DNFJennifer HeckColumbia MO3922F 20-24
DNFJoe HelmerColumbia MO14020M 20-24
DNFApril JohnsonColumbia MO1035F 35-39
DNFD'Angelo LarkinColumbia MO1311M 10-14
DNFRandee LarkinColumbia MO1436F 35-39
DNFChristine LeroColumbia MO4729F 25-29
DNFTyler LeroColumbia MO4827M 25-29
DNFRichard NistendirkHartsburg MO2276M 70-99
DNFJenna RoseColumbia MO7843F 40-44
DNFChris RubleColumbia MO7961F 60-69
DNFAdisak SeesaneaColumbia MO1928M 25-29
DNFRochelle ShermanColumbia MO8963F 60-69
DNFKatie YoungSaint Louis MO2132F 30-34