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KFRU St. Patrick's Day Race 2007 5K
Overall Finish List
March 17, 2007
Columbia Track Club
The St. Patís 5k, actually on St. Patís Day this year, was well attended with 783 finishers (867 registered). Thatís almost 200 more than last year, despite the big snow flakes and mid 30ís air temperature.

Steve MacIntyre led the competition with a overall winning time of 15:25. The overall female winner was Ashley Bunch, with a time of 18:44. About 30 children ran the Mayorís Mile and were handed a ribbon by Mayor Hindman.

This was our first race with a Segway competitor on the course. She crossed the finish line, but was pulled from the chute. First Class timer Tom Allen was able to adjust the results so the running times would be accurate despite the Segway.

According to our research, the last time we had snow (a blizzard!) on St.Pat's was in 1985. We ran the old 5 mile course on St.Charles Rd. 4-6 inches on the ground.

Thanks go to Coach Dr. Christian Reed and his crew of Hickman High School Cross Country and Track kids who monitored the course turns and intersections. There were a few Rock Bridge Cross Country and Track helpers, too.

Thanks also to the registration, finish line, and results folks: Tom Allen (father) and Tom C. Allen (son), Tom LaFontaine, Mark Volek, Jim and Cammy Ronchetto, Darlene Londeree, Nancy Rezabek, Jeanine Pagan, Eric Bunch, Matt Laye, Rod Hartwig, Mary Ellen Bradshaw, Jim Linville, Steve Kullman, Matt Dreier, Joe Cragin, Paula, Rebecca and Emily Rubenstein. Special thanks to Alex Grigsby for the great photos, and to Simon Rose for hanging around to professionally announce the winners.

Finally, thanks:to our sponsors: KFRU radio, Mosers Discount Foods, Columbia Regional Hospital, Tryathletics, and Aquafina.

Substitute Race Directors Linda LaFontaine, Randy Gay, and Scott Rubenstein

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTimePace
1Steve MacIntyreColumbia MO83228 1 M 25-2915:253:05/K
2Karl GilpinRussellville MO76328 2 M 25-2915:543:11/K
3Joshua DavisColumbia MO77824 1 M 20-2416:163:15/K
4Nathan AllenJefferson City MO31119 1 M 15-1916:203:16/K
5Austin BunnBolivar MO35924 2 M 20-2416:253:17/K
6Adam FischerLees Summit MO33819 2 M 15-1916:333:19/K
7Pete DollColumbia MO63935 1 M 35-3916:533:23/K
8James ClementsColumbia MO72623 3 M 20-2416:533:23/K
9Marc KeysColumbia MO36344 1 M 40-4417:043:25/K
10Matt DreierColumbia MO36432 1 M 30-3417:233:29/K
11Aaron RiffieColumbia MO33221 4 M 20-2417:283:30/K
12Luke PersellColumbia MO70121 5 M 20-2417:593:36/K
13Lucas McMillenColumbia MO53626 3 M 25-2918:093:38/K
14Adam ScroghamColumbia MO80021 6 M 20-2418:103:38/K
15Matthew PufallColumbia MO2724 7 M 20-2418:133:39/K
16William StolzColumbia MO16435 2 M 35-3918:153:39/K
17Jose MirandaColumbia MO8523 8 M 20-2418:183:40/K
18Brad CrowColumbia MO12532 2 M 30-3418:193:40/K
19Chris CookColumbia MO15935 3 M 35-3918:213:40/K
20Darrin YoungColumbia MO45740 2 M 40-4418:223:40/K
21Tom MayColumbia MO9940 3 M 40-4418:433:45/K
22Ashley BunchLoose Creek MO81119 1 F 15-1918:443:45/K
23Trevor ReevesCentralia MO20123 9 M 20-2418:453:45/K
24Jennifer PrimDallas TX14133 1 F 30-3419:003:48/K
25Andy EmersonColumbia MO45238 4 M 35-3919:013:48/K
26Joe SchlotzhauerColumbia MO84622 10 M 20-2419:263:53/K
27Philip SchaeferColumbia MO37653 1 M 50-5419:283:54/K
28Brett BartonColumbia MO2335 5 M 35-3919:353:55/K
29Oscar ChavezColumbia MO29043 4 M 40-4419:403:56/K
30Nancy TaubeColumbia MO51346 1 F 45-4919:423:56/K
31Nick LindsayTroy MO79728 4 M 25-2919:493:58/K
32Clint SmithColumbia MO69933 3 M 30-3419:503:58/K
33Jimmy HoffmanMarshall MO68633 4 M 30-3419:533:59/K
34Kyle CookColumbia MO38122 11 M 20-2420:034:01/K
35Dan SitarAshland MO27236 6 M 35-3920:054:01/K
36Dustin CookJefferson City MO85016 3 M 15-1920:114:02/K
37Tim WaidColumbia MO80144 5 M 40-4420:114:02/K
38Scott RubinsteinColumbia MO61240 6 M 40-4420:184:04/K
39Alison HodgsonColumbia MO63328 1 F 25-2920:234:05/K
40Steve KeithahnColumbia MO42644 7 M 40-4420:244:05/K
41Dale WillisColumbia MO76447 1 M 45-4920:254:05/K
42Nickolas BakerColumbia MO73827 5 M 25-2920:284:06/K
43Kevin TylerCentralia MO10051 2 M 50-5420:314:06/K
44Gregory AglerColumbia MO55926 6 M 25-2920:434:09/K
45Jesse McInvaleColumbia MO41210 1 M 10-1420:454:09/K
46Nicole MelloColumbia MO26311 1 F 10-1420:464:09/K
47Cesar MelloColumbia MO26241 8 M 40-4420:474:09/K
48Alexandra LitofskyColumbia MO66417 2 F 15-1920:474:09/K
49Burton HellerColumbia MO25335 7 M 35-3920:484:10/K
50Ted SolomanColumbia MO58443 9 M 40-4420:494:10/K
51Rebecca WillisColumbia MO76512 2 F 10-1420:514:10/K
52Kit LandColumbia MO77024 12 M 20-2420:524:10/K
53Matthew RystromColumbia MO3327 7 M 25-2920:534:11/K
54Chris HaydayColumbia MO77437 8 M 35-3920:544:11/K
55Shay RoushColumbia MO22238 9 M 35-3920:574:11/K
56Jackie PearceColumbia MO83128 2 F 25-2920:594:12/K
57Brad EiffertColumbia MO79347 2 M 45-4921:004:12/K
58Michael AcockColumbia MO13434 5 M 30-3421:014:12/K
59Tom TomickiColumbia MO18342 10 M 40-4421:084:14/K
60Michael SolomonovColumbia MO14921 13 M 20-2421:134:15/K
61Jaira GrathwohlColumbia MO26528 3 F 25-2921:164:15/K
62Cole McCollumColumbia MO84932 6 M 30-3421:214:16/K
63Patrick ParnellColumbia MO22328 8 M 25-2921:254:17/K
64Matthew LandColumbia MO77122 14 M 20-2421:304:18/K
65Jay GiddingsColumbia MO50632 7 M 30-3421:364:19/K
66Rick WhiteColumbia MO76734 8 M 30-3421:374:19/K
67Joe LoveColumbia MO20745 3 M 45-4921:384:20/K
68James McInvaleColumbia MO41151 3 M 50-5421:404:20/K
69Levi HanksColumbia MO15013 2 M 10-1421:434:21/K
70Grace RathertColumbia MO73317 3 F 15-1921:454:21/K
71Donovan BurgMexico MO71213 3 M 10-1421:474:21/K
72Asher GardnerMexico MO25624 15 M 20-2421:514:22/K
73Michael KaylenColumbia MO54652 4 M 50-5421:524:22/K
74Matt GarrisonColumbia MO56222 16 M 20-2421:534:23/K
75J. Glenn PhaupAshland MO44443 11 M 40-4421:584:24/K
76Marzena J. TomickiColumbia MO18237 1 F 35-3921:594:24/K
77Stacy ReedColumbia MO69743 1 F 40-4422:004:24/K
78Tyler BalesColumbia MO57012 4 M 10-1422:044:25/K
79Edward RollinsColumbia MO25948 4 M 45-4922:094:26/K
80Aniz MoraColumbia MO57226 4 F 25-2922:114:26/K
81Carrie LucasColumbia MO64527 5 F 25-2922:124:26/K
82Nate RuckerColumbia MO19228 9 M 25-2922:134:27/K
83Mitch HendersonColumbia MO34432 9 M 30-3422:144:27/K
84Norman CoxCentralia MO22740 12 M 40-4422:154:27/K
85Andrew TimbrookColumbia MO70628 10 M 25-2922:174:27/K
86Tom MohrColumbia MO40635 10 M 35-3922:234:29/K
87Travis BrumfieldColumbia MO21233 10 M 30-3422:294:30/K
88James JacksonColumbia MO56634 11 M 30-3422:304:30/K
89Elliot ErvelColumbia MO81826 11 M 25-2922:324:30/K
90Dean StoverColumbia MO10846 5 M 45-4922:344:31/K
91Rob FossColumbia MO59250 5 M 50-5422:354:31/K
92Hugh EmersonColumbia MO45149 6 M 45-4922:374:31/K
93Uwe LochnerColumbia MO70041 13 M 40-4422:384:32/K
94Matthew NybeckMinneapolis MN34730 12 M 30-3422:404:32/K
95Kristin WallsColumbia MO1332 2 F 30-3422:424:32/K
96Margy TonniesColumbia MO79637 2 F 35-3922:464:33/K
97Simon RoseColumbia MO23342 14 M 40-4422:474:33/K
98Brent YoungColumbia MO43746 7 M 45-4922:484:34/K
99Krista WyssColumbia MO65223 1 F 20-2422:494:34/K
100Andrew KacenaColumbia MO27823 17 M 20-2422:504:34/K
101Lee LassiterColumbia MO27723 18 M 20-2422:504:34/K
102David MountjoyColumbia MO43452 6 M 50-5422:514:34/K
103Hannah HassemerColumbia MO5419 4 F 15-1922:564:35/K
104Hugh MurrellColumbia MO84041 15 M 40-4423:024:36/K
105Karen GrossmannColumbia MO16334 3 F 30-3423:034:37/K
106Kirk PickettAshland MO18532 13 M 30-3423:044:37/K
107Katie SolomonColumbia MO27619 5 F 15-1923:054:37/K
108Matthew SchaeferColumbia MO53731 14 M 30-3423:074:37/K
109Steve MillerColumbia MO70542 16 M 40-4423:114:38/K
110Lisa WellsColumbia MO55543 2 F 40-4423:144:39/K
111Nathan HanksColumbia MO1519 1 M 0- 923:154:39/K
112Austin WhitlowColumbia MO23220 19 M 20-2423:164:39/K
113Del LobbColumbia MO78445 8 M 45-4923:174:39/K
114Chris JankuColumbia MO45954 7 M 50-5423:184:40/K
115Rockne CorbinColumbia MO42943 17 M 40-4423:194:40/K
116Benjamin FranciscoColumbia MO31426 12 M 25-2923:224:40/K
117Ray BuyleTopeka KS81645 9 M 45-4923:244:41/K
118Alen Petty Jr.Columbia MO63641 18 M 40-4423:264:41/K
119Rob PerkinsColumbia MO25446 10 M 45-4923:274:41/K
120Dan HeavilandColumbia MO9845 11 M 45-4923:284:42/K
121Edward BakerColumbia MO38447 12 M 45-4923:294:42/K
122Luise KingColumbia MO57423 2 F 20-2423:304:42/K
123Jerome VenteicherColumbia MO9625 13 M 25-2923:314:42/K
124Richard WiemanColumbia MO7857 1 M 55-5923:344:43/K
125Matthew BudenholzerColumbia MO68122 20 M 20-2423:354:43/K
126Steve KullmanColumbia MO647 13 M 45-4923:364:43/K
127Stephen ParshallColumbia MO60426 14 M 25-2923:424:44/K
128Dan BillingtonLeslie MO57547 14 M 45-4923:444:45/K
129Tim FreemanColumbia MO61835 11 M 35-3923:464:45/K
130Philip JohnsonColumbia MO38949 15 M 45-4923:484:46/K
131Dustin DowningWichita KS82519 4 M 15-1923:514:46/K
132Michael CoyLenexa KS57315 5 M 15-1923:524:46/K
133Kyle NewlandColumbia MO49821 21 M 20-2423:554:47/K
134Thomas RagsdellColumbia MO62038 12 M 35-3923:574:47/K
135Mandy DavidColumbia MO80247 16 M 45-4924:014:48/K
136Danielle EssColumbia MO65034 4 F 30-3424:034:49/K
137Travis BallengerColumbia MO50535 13 M 35-3924:084:50/K
138Andrew McCullochColumbia MO70223 22 M 20-2424:104:50/K
139Kelsey EckenrodeColumbia MO67316 6 F 15-1924:124:50/K
140Nichole HackettColumbia MO64438 3 F 35-3924:134:51/K
141Clark WaltersColumbia MO41012 5 M 10-1424:164:51/K
142Kathy BakerColumbia MO38346 2 F 45-4924:194:52/K
143Lauren MeyerColumbia MO67216 7 F 15-1924:214:52/K
144Hank ThomasMarshall MO12237 14 M 35-3924:254:53/K
145Emily CrowColumbia MO12430 5 F 30-3424:284:54/K
146Matthew LoringColumbia MO74019 6 M 15-1924:294:54/K
147Garry LumpkinsColumbia MO75338 15 M 35-3924:314:54/K
148Kurt KennettColumbia MO16039 16 M 35-3924:324:54/K
149Richard NistendirkHartsburg MO467 1 M 60-6924:334:55/K
150Mark BlountColumbia MO9049 17 M 45-4924:354:55/K
151Kevin ConnColumbia MO43350 8 M 50-5424:364:55/K
152Mark LeeSturgeon MO1250 9 M 50-5424:384:56/K
153Scott RobertsonColumbia MO49921 23 M 20-2424:404:56/K
154Joe GoldfarbColumbia MO17166 2 M 60-6924:414:56/K
155Sarah JacobsonColumbia MO66216 8 F 15-1924:424:56/K
156J. A. JohnmeyerFayette MO12750 10 M 50-5424:434:57/K
157David WebberColumbia MO15855 2 M 55-5924:464:57/K
158Lynn HagenColumbia MO58537 4 F 35-3924:474:57/K
159Glenn GoodColumbia MO59453 11 M 50-5424:504:58/K
160Gregory CecilColumbia MO33053 12 M 50-5424:534:59/K
161Mary Ellen BradshawColumbia MO14735 5 F 35-3924:554:59/K
162Erin BuckoColumbia MO67618 9 F 15-1924:564:59/K
163Austin LueckeColumbia MO69615 7 M 15-1924:574:59/K
164Alejandro ChavezColumbia MO29112 6 M 10-1424:585:00/K
165Austin DooleyColumbia MO71315 8 M 15-1924:595:00/K
166Katherine HarryColumbia MO67415 10 F 15-1925:005:00/K
167Will PetersonTina MO86527 15 M 25-2925:015:00/K
168Robin BlountColumbia MO8949 3 F 45-4925:065:01/K
169Gabe DobbinsColumbia MO67916 11 F 15-1925:115:02/K
170Rod StevensColumbia MO35640 3 F 40-4425:135:03/K
171Jane BarnesColumbia MO33525 6 F 25-2925:195:04/K
172Jay BarnesColumbia MO33427 16 M 25-2925:205:04/K
173Katherine LeeSturgeon MO1146 4 F 45-4925:235:05/K
174Kate KocybaColumbia MO31926 7 F 25-2925:245:05/K
175Diana HubberOverland Park KS48438 6 F 35-3925:255:05/K
176Eric FilcoffColumbia MO71025 17 M 25-2925:285:06/K
177Matt FailsColumbia MO59624 24 M 20-2425:295:06/K
178Kyle RileyColumbia MO61430 15 M 30-3425:315:06/K
179Paul WalzColumbia MO12848 18 M 45-4925:365:07/K
180Adrian KellyColumbia MO65315 12 F 15-1925:365:07/K
181Kerry HubbleColumbia MO83335 17 M 35-3925:385:08/K
182Jay WrightColumbia MO46647 19 M 45-4925:395:08/K
183Berkley HudsonColumbia MO13655 3 M 55-5925:405:08/K
184Bryan NortonColumbia MO22645 20 M 45-4925:425:08/K
185Anna RorvigColumbia MO81723 3 F 20-2425:445:09/K
186Kelsie ShearrerColumbia MO66917 13 F 15-1925:475:09/K
187Keisey WhittetColumbia MO65914 3 F 10-1425:485:10/K
188Emily CroweColumbia MO67517 14 F 15-1925:505:10/K
189Michael CoxMexico MO71113 7 M 10-1425:515:10/K
190Andrew HederManchester MO4224 25 M 20-2425:525:10/K
191Blaise PastoretColumbia MO72321 26 M 20-2425:535:11/K
192Ryan NorrisColumbia MO30434 16 M 30-3425:555:11/K
193Kenneth HammannColumbia MO34559 4 M 55-5925:565:11/K
194Dillon SappColumbia MO51413 8 M 10-1425:575:11/K
195Alex HollidayColumbia MO18813 9 M 10-1425:585:12/K
196Rob ParhamColumbia MO60527 18 M 25-2925:595:12/K
197Jenni ShannonColumbia MO72224 4 F 20-2426:015:12/K
198Beth StaelensColumbia MO68518 15 F 15-1926:025:12/K
199Josh MyersColumbia MO35327 19 M 25-2926:035:13/K
200Kyle TonniesColumbia MO78212 10 M 10-1426:045:13/K
201Dane ElletsonColumbia MO69829 20 M 25-2926:045:13/K
202Josh GilmoreColumbia MO52024 27 M 20-2426:055:13/K
203Bob MartinColumbia MO37840 19 M 40-4426:055:13/K
204James HarringtonColumbia MO26933 17 M 30-3426:065:13/K
205Jason JokerstColumbia MO15235 18 M 35-3926:075:13/K
206Gary PeelColumbia MO58149 21 M 45-4926:095:14/K
207Rachael TrinkleinColumbia MO38222 5 F 20-2426:115:14/K
208Thomas PrestonColumbia MO11811 11 M 10-1426:135:15/K
209Dan HakeColumbia MO32640 20 M 40-4426:145:15/K
210Scott DunkinColumbia MO9332 18 M 30-3426:155:15/K
211Jane ZanolColumbia MO62548 5 F 45-4926:165:15/K
212Jenny BlankenshipColumbia MO68318 16 F 15-1926:175:15/K
213Julie RogersColumbia MO26824 6 F 20-2426:185:16/K
214Onawa LacewellColumbia MO17826 8 F 25-2926:195:16/K
215Rachael DillonColumbia MO67718 17 F 15-1926:235:17/K
216Teri WaldenColumbia MO48142 4 F 40-4426:235:17/K
217Jeff HilbrennerColumbia MO30328 21 M 25-2926:245:17/K
218Michelle GrubicyColumbia MO66815 18 F 15-1926:245:17/K
219Andrea WycoffColumbia MO65715 19 F 15-1926:255:17/K
220Michael PrewittColumbia MO50756 5 M 55-5926:255:17/K
221Richard MillerColumbia MO64221 28 M 20-2426:255:17/K
222Nancy TruesdellColumbia MO11347 6 F 45-4926:265:17/K
223Patrick PrestonColumbia MO11711 12 M 10-1426:275:17/K
224Jason LeeColumbia MO77233 19 M 30-3426:285:18/K
225Steven StuckenschneideColumbia MO38825 22 M 25-2926:395:20/K
226Cameron SmithColumbia MO54022 7 F 20-2426:405:20/K
227Ricky ShankerColumbia MO61955 6 M 55-5926:405:20/K
228Trent MagillColumbia MO64320 29 M 20-2426:415:20/K
229Nicholas GuntliColumbia MO64120 30 M 20-2426:415:20/K
230Nicole MillerColumbia MO53921 8 F 20-2426:435:21/K
231Gretchen SunColumbia MO67016 20 F 15-1926:435:21/K
232Tiffany HarrisColumbia MO67817 21 F 15-1926:445:21/K
233Travis ArnoldColumbia MO74827 23 M 25-2926:445:21/K
234Bailey GoyetteColumbia MO79411 13 M 10-1426:455:21/K
235Angie CraigColumbia MO13927 9 F 25-2926:465:21/K
236Steven HudsonCentralia MO37336 19 M 35-3926:465:21/K
237Zach MertensColumbia MO60114 14 M 10-1426:475:21/K
238Gary FennewaldColumbia MO43155 7 M 55-5926:485:22/K
239Meredith LennekColumbia MO72122 9 F 20-2426:495:22/K
240Tom StauderColumbia MO40446 22 M 45-4926:505:22/K
241Jeanna RossColumbia MO68217 22 F 15-1926:505:22/K
242Lindsey DuehrenHazelwood MO74420 10 F 20-2426:515:22/K
243Katy DavidColumbia MO1831 6 F 30-3426:525:22/K
244Joe GoyetteColumbia MO79534 20 M 30-3426:535:23/K
245Lauren SmithColumbia MO68418 23 F 15-1926:545:23/K
246Rachel RutterColumbia MO66616 24 F 15-1926:555:23/K
247Tom WhelihanColumbia MO48240 21 M 40-4426:565:23/K
248Angela GarrettColumbia MO70732 7 F 30-3426:575:23/K
249Elizibeth MeyrColumbia MO80825 10 F 25-2927:005:24/K
250Ben MamounColumbia MO80934 21 M 30-3427:015:24/K
251Mike McKownColumbia MO5354 13 M 50-5427:015:24/K
252Brett DwyerBoonville MO47335 20 M 35-3927:025:24/K
253Elizabeth HendricksonColumbia MO85535 7 F 35-3927:045:25/K
254Amy SpindlerColumbia MO85131 8 F 30-3427:065:25/K
255Kenneth McAnallyColumbia MO75425 24 M 25-2927:075:25/K
256Susan SalzerColumbia MO43954 1 F 50-5427:075:25/K
257Casey FickColumbia MO47125 25 M 25-2927:085:26/K
258Bill WrightMarshall MO20266 3 M 60-6927:095:26/K
259Katie SeyerColumbia MO65514 4 F 10-1427:105:26/K
260Michael GoldmanAshland MO38056 8 M 55-5927:115:26/K
261Mary HooleyColumbia MO55857 1 F 55-5927:125:26/K
262Don BallengerColumbia MO28765 4 M 60-6927:135:27/K
263Harbaksh SanghaColumbia MO68736 21 M 35-3927:145:27/K
264Scott SandstedtColumbia MO41732 22 M 30-3427:155:27/K
265Jaxon KincaidColumbia MO49533 9 F 30-3427:165:27/K
266Michael BecktellColumbia MO48951 14 M 50-5427:175:27/K
267Katie ShiklesColumbia MO65814 5 F 10-1427:185:28/K
268Jeff BridgesColumbia MO49634 23 M 30-3427:195:28/K
269Phil SarffColumbia MO53431 24 M 30-3427:205:28/K
270Rosie StauderColumbia MO40542 5 F 40-4427:215:28/K
271Philip DooleyColumbia MO71448 23 M 45-4927:225:28/K
272Ellen FriedmanColumbia MO32827 11 F 25-2927:245:29/K
273Peggy HornerColumbia MO28249 7 F 45-4927:255:29/K
274Justin MidyettColumbia MO86332 25 M 30-3427:285:30/K
275Brian GarrettColumbia MO86241 22 M 40-4427:285:30/K
276Isaac BradshawColumbia MO14610 15 M 10-1427:315:30/K
277Terry RolanColumbia MO2548 24 M 45-4927:335:31/K
278Mary ScottRocheport MO9149 8 F 45-4927:345:31/K
279Doug LeyshockColumbia MO79149 25 M 45-4927:385:32/K
280Elizabeth GiulianoFulton MO6138 8 F 35-3927:395:32/K
281Mindy TravisKearney NE54128 12 F 25-2927:405:32/K
282Brian TravisKearney NE54230 26 M 30-3427:415:32/K
283Amy BraudisColumbia MO74726 13 F 25-2927:415:32/K
284Dearld SniderColumbia MO7034 27 M 30-3427:425:32/K
285Kara BrownColumbia MO34920 11 F 20-2427:435:33/K
286Sam MulhollandColumbia MO42212 16 M 10-1427:435:33/K
287Tori SummersMarshall MO19741 6 F 40-4427:445:33/K
288Amy DavisColumbia MO77731 10 F 30-3427:455:33/K
289Pete PinkertonColumbia MO81432 28 M 30-3427:465:33/K
290Terry RobertsColumbia MO81028 26 M 25-2927:475:33/K
291Charla HeckerLiberty MO61632 11 F 30-3427:505:34/K
292Bethany NaughtonHartsburg MO61532 12 F 30-3427:515:34/K
293Ronny RichardsonColumbia MO14238 22 M 35-3927:525:34/K
294Catherine MartinColumbia MO33333 13 F 30-3427:545:35/K
295Larry BurrHallsville MO79945 26 M 45-4927:555:35/K
296Paula WilsonColumbia MO57945 9 F 45-4927:565:35/K
297Tracy ThompsonMarshall MO21436 9 F 35-3927:585:36/K
298Amber ShelbyColumbia MO36221 12 F 20-2427:595:36/K
299Jim O'DellFayette MO16563 5 M 60-6928:005:36/K
300Shannon DietzelColumbia MO84235 10 F 35-3928:005:36/K
301Sally LindsayEolia MO80452 2 F 50-5428:015:36/K
302Kara StowersMacOn MO81328 14 F 25-2928:065:37/K
303David KingMarshall MO16853 15 M 50-5428:075:37/K
304Jodi BalesColumbia MO56840 7 F 40-4428:075:37/K
305Terry RobbColumbia MO82752 16 M 50-5428:085:38/K
306Liesje MyersColumbia MO40339 11 F 35-3928:085:38/K
307Graham RatermannColumbia MO5019 2 M 0- 928:095:38/K
308Linda HarrisColumbia MO37950 3 F 50-5428:105:38/K
309Bill BalesColumbia MO56946 27 M 45-4928:105:38/K
310Zachary OsbornColumbia MO7230 29 M 30-3428:115:38/K
311Susan AngelhowMarshall MO19938 12 F 35-3928:145:39/K
312Jennifer WelshColumbia MO45536 13 F 35-3928:155:39/K
313Carolyn RoofColumbia MO33949 10 F 45-4928:175:39/K
314Emily ThrasherColumbia MO78124 13 F 20-2428:175:39/K
315John LyskowskiJefferson City MO75955 9 M 55-5928:185:40/K
316Elise MeyerColumbia MO82213 6 F 10-1428:195:40/K
317Vickie LyskowskiColumbia MO52429 15 F 25-2928:195:40/K
318Peter LyskowskiColumbia MO52330 30 M 30-3428:205:40/K
319Gary DeitzelColumbia MO84510 17 M 10-1428:205:40/K
320Christopher AshAshland MO35131 31 M 30-3428:205:40/K
321Rebecca HenegarColumbia MO63816 25 F 15-1928:215:40/K
322Robin GammonColumbia MO58224 14 F 20-2428:215:40/K
323Rebekah BrownColumbia MO49136 14 F 35-3928:225:40/K
324Heather DaleColumbia MO63715 26 F 15-1928:225:40/K
325Marie OlsonColumbia MO35228 16 F 25-2928:235:41/K
326Amanda SelfJonesburg MO46922 15 F 20-2428:235:41/K
327Steven TaylorColumbia MO19123 31 M 20-2428:245:41/K
328Kent TaylorColumbia MO19050 17 M 50-5428:245:41/K
329Tim McCullochMexico MO25052 18 M 50-5428:295:42/K
330Shawna VictorColumbia MO13528 17 F 25-2928:295:42/K
331Fran BrownColumbia MO6241 8 F 40-4428:305:42/K
332Rick WiseColumbia MO70442 23 M 40-4428:315:42/K
333Tony AliotoColumbia MO51556 10 M 55-5928:325:42/K
334Alexis PayneColumbia MO70331 14 F 30-3428:325:42/K
335Cecily HaubnerHarrisburg MO5718 27 F 15-1928:335:43/K
336Todd JarvisColumbia MO11227 27 M 25-2928:335:43/K
337Marie KerlFulton MO6045 11 F 45-4928:345:43/K
338Tina EhrhardtColumbia MO15339 15 F 35-3928:355:43/K
339Stephanie WolgatColumbia MO56721 16 F 20-2428:365:43/K
340Hallie FranceColumbia MO51820 17 F 20-2428:375:43/K
341Kimberly AldersonColumbia MO62235 16 F 35-3928:385:44/K
342Bimmy ShuklaColumbia MO1624 32 M 20-2428:425:44/K
343George MazurakColumbia MO39253 19 M 50-5428:425:44/K
344Ethan KellyBrunswick ME82622 33 M 20-2428:435:45/K
345Kelsey ReimlerColumbia MO66315 28 F 15-1928:445:45/K
346Beau ReiskeColumbia MO68015 29 F 15-1928:455:45/K
347Kayla HauckColumbia MO65614 7 F 10-1428:455:45/K
348Harold DeckerdColumbia MO8751 20 M 50-5428:465:45/K
349Christina LoehnigColumbia MO44320 18 F 20-2428:465:45/K
350Pam MulhollandColumbia MO42136 17 F 35-3928:465:45/K
351Beth HartleyColumbia MO43240 9 F 40-4428:475:45/K
352Eric PhelpsColumbia MO39736 23 M 35-3928:485:46/K
353Cheryl SilversteinColumbia MO25524 19 F 20-2428:495:46/K
354Paul MaxwellColumbia MO40149 28 M 45-4928:525:46/K
355Amanda HeerenColumbia MO4626 18 F 25-2928:535:47/K
356Matt HeerenColumbia MO4729 28 M 25-2928:535:47/K
357Gary KleinColumbia MO72744 24 M 40-4428:545:47/K
358Anna AliotoColumbia MO51613 8 F 10-1428:545:47/K
359Lyndsey HodgesColumbia MO61024 20 F 20-2428:555:47/K
360Thomas ReillyColumbia MO59841 25 M 40-4428:565:47/K
361Paulette ThorneColumbia MO64625 19 F 25-2928:575:47/K
362Heidi RiedelColumbia MO64723 21 F 20-2428:585:48/K
363Caitlin DulleColumbia MO85814 9 F 10-1428:595:48/K
364Lauren OrschelnColumbia MO86115 30 F 15-1929:005:48/K
365Melissa FreemanColumbia MO61731 15 F 30-3429:005:48/K
366Kelley GreenColumbia MO36825 20 F 25-2929:025:48/K
367Andrea CanagasabyColumbia MO36725 21 F 25-2929:045:49/K
368Kyle FarmerColumbia MO70928 29 M 25-2929:095:50/K
369Joshua HevelColumbia MO11428 30 M 25-2929:105:50/K
370Gwenna PetersColumbia MO8149 12 F 45-4929:125:50/K
371Stephanie DarrColumbia MO31525 22 F 25-2929:145:51/K
372Beth BillingtonLeslie MO57641 10 F 40-4429:185:52/K
373Craig DatzColumbia MO32444 26 M 40-4429:225:52/K
374Kenneth SurdinColumbia MO6838 24 M 35-3929:275:53/K
375Ellen MathenyColumbia MO53118 31 F 15-1929:285:54/K
376Zac FruitsColumbia MO53020 34 M 20-2429:295:54/K
377Erik GrossmannColumbia MO16237 25 M 35-3929:305:54/K
378Beth MaddoxColumbia MO41424 22 F 20-2429:315:54/K
379Reagan MaddoxColumbia MO41322 23 F 20-2429:315:54/K
380Megan KellyHartsburg MO46312 10 F 10-1429:325:54/K
381Jill MackeyColumbia MO8050 4 F 50-5429:335:55/K
382Nancy GayColumbia MO24349 13 F 45-4929:355:55/K
383Sharon BachmanColumbia MO73034 16 F 30-3429:365:55/K
384James SchadtColumbia MO22860 6 M 60-6929:385:56/K
385Luke WaltersColumbia MO52711 18 M 10-1429:395:56/K
386Julia ChavezColumbia MO28911 11 F 10-1429:395:56/K
387Michael DieffenbacherColumbia MO75525 31 M 25-2929:405:56/K
388Jackie VerdunColumbia MO32038 18 F 35-3929:425:56/K
389Lezlie NorrisColumbia MO30231 17 F 30-3429:435:57/K
390Emily SmithColumbia MO47825 23 F 25-2929:445:57/K
391Marcia KottemannColumbia MO54923 24 F 20-2429:485:58/K
392Katherine CasperColumbia MO3123 25 F 20-2429:495:58/K
393Ashley ScrogginsColumbia MO3222 26 F 20-2429:495:58/K
394Kristyn SandersColumbia MO936 19 F 35-3929:505:58/K
395Joe MeyerColumbia MO81944 27 M 40-4429:505:58/K
396Adrian AngColumbia MO12133 32 M 30-3429:515:58/K
397Bill BrennanAshland MO44550 21 M 50-5429:535:59/K
398Marta SimpsonColumbia MO27522 27 F 20-2429:545:59/K
399Liz BryanRocheport MO17435 20 F 35-3929:545:59/K
400Mindy BriscoeCairo MO62318 32 F 15-1929:565:59/K
401Lindsey HicksTarkio MO60319 33 F 15-1929:596:00/K
402Anthony AmosColumbia MO14457 11 M 55-5929:596:00/K
403Cheryl LobbColumbia MO7745 14 F 45-4930:006:00/K
404Nikki KeasColumbia MO52225 24 F 25-2930:016:00/K
405Jan IveyColumbia MO5647 15 F 45-4930:016:00/K
406Kenny BaderColumbia MO17345 29 M 45-4930:046:01/K
407Michelle KliethermesLinn MO21740 11 F 40-4430:066:01/K
408Margie BunchLoose Creek MO2042 12 F 40-4430:076:01/K
409Michelle MotleyRocheport MO21547 16 F 45-4930:086:02/K
410Troy MuellerColumbia MO81233 33 M 30-3430:096:02/K
411Christopher RadcliffeColumbia MO45629 32 M 25-2930:106:02/K
412Coty SchriemanConcordia MO30134 34 M 30-3430:126:02/K
413Katherine CraneColumbia MO66515 34 F 15-1930:156:03/K
414Cindy DeBlauwHartsburg MO46242 13 F 40-4430:176:03/K
415Lauren LangColumbia MO72021 28 F 20-2430:186:04/K
416Brian PaveyColumbia MO55033 35 M 30-3430:206:04/K
417Abbie HodillLees Summit MO13826 25 F 25-2930:226:04/K
418Jordyn SharpColumbia MO51118 35 F 15-1930:236:05/K
419Lyndsay WiseColumbia MO44128 26 F 25-2930:256:05/K
420Casey SachtlebenColumbia MO51223 29 F 20-2430:256:05/K
421Jenna Van DorenColumbia MO40723 30 F 20-2430:266:05/K
422Tara GarciaColumbia MO37230 18 F 30-3430:266:05/K
423John YonkerColumbia MO38560 7 M 60-6930:286:06/K
424Luciana BarchesiColumbia MO59923 31 F 20-2430:306:06/K
425Becky LlorensColumbia MO28050 5 F 50-5430:316:06/K
426Adam DavisColumbia MO32730 36 M 30-3430:326:06/K
427Scott SmithColumbia MO73935 26 M 35-3930:336:07/K
428Michele BowerColumbia MO5534 19 F 30-3430:336:07/K
429Elizabeth ConrowFayette MO21828 27 F 25-2930:346:07/K
430Randy HodillColumbia MO4052 22 M 50-5430:356:07/K
431Marcela ChavezColumbia MO28843 14 F 40-4430:376:07/K
432Katherine RudstromColumbia MO54827 28 F 25-2930:386:08/K
433Jessica MalterBoonville MO86625 29 F 25-2930:406:08/K
434Candace ReedColumbia MO25124 32 F 20-2430:416:08/K
435Andrea MorseColumbia MO41826 30 F 25-2930:426:08/K
436Doug HamiltonColumbia MO44729 33 M 25-2930:436:09/K
437Emily HamiltonColumbia MO44828 31 F 25-2930:446:09/K
438George SwisherColumbia MO78935 27 M 35-3930:456:09/K
439Andrew BeckettColumbia MO17715 9 M 15-1930:456:09/K
440Karen YoungColumbia MO14833 20 F 30-3430:466:09/K
441Adam LigonColumbia MO29720 35 M 20-2430:476:09/K
442Diane MountjoyColumbia MO43551 6 F 50-5430:486:10/K
443Miranda BambergColumbia MO82314 12 F 10-1430:496:10/K
444Robby SchmidtColumbia MO5439 3 M 0- 930:506:10/K
445Bonnie BakerColumbia MO46145 17 F 45-4930:556:11/K
446Preston SightsColumbia MO59749 30 M 45-4930:566:11/K
447Joe DuncanColumbia MO23172 1 M 70-9930:586:12/K
448Jeff BrothertonLees Summit MO28428 34 M 25-2931:006:12/K
449Barney SwordColumbia MO69375 2 M 70-9931:016:12/K
450Karen ReiderColumbia MO30045 18 F 45-4931:026:12/K
451Chrissy McCartneyColumbia MO84734 21 F 30-3431:056:13/K
452Laura WellsColumbia MO266 1 F 60-6931:076:13/K
453Marisa SherboColumbia MO15627 32 F 25-2931:086:14/K
454Joey KoettingColumbia MO32210 19 M 10-1431:106:14/K
455Cory KetchumColumbia MO86710 20 M 10-1431:126:14/K
456Lindsey FriedbergFairfax VA69225 33 F 25-2931:136:15/K
457Meggan CowanColumbia MO69127 34 F 25-2931:146:15/K
458Nancy ShawColumbia MO24444 15 F 40-4431:166:15/K
459Rachel RobisonMoberly MO51933 22 F 30-3431:166:15/K
460Adrienne FickColumbia MO47025 35 F 25-2931:186:16/K
461Denise SwensonRocheport MO28354 7 F 50-5431:196:16/K
462Darran AlbertyRocheport MO52133 37 M 30-3431:196:16/K
463Kristin SwensonKansas City MO28525 36 F 25-2931:216:16/K
464Karen SchmidtColumbia MO54443 16 F 40-4431:226:16/K
465Vanna TeschnerColumbia MO78754 8 F 50-5431:226:16/K
466Mark DietzelColumbia MO84338 28 M 35-3931:246:17/K
467Andrea DietzelColumbia MO84412 13 F 10-1431:256:17/K
468Laura NorenColumbia MO76851 9 F 50-5431:326:18/K
469Sami BaugherColumbia MO3219 4 M 0- 931:346:19/K
470Patrick KingColumbia MO32310 21 M 10-1431:356:19/K
471Alex JonesColumbia MO4679 5 M 0- 931:366:19/K
472Natalie StarkColumbia MO36937 21 F 35-3931:376:19/K
473Jessica CooperColumbia MO18420 33 F 20-2431:526:22/K
474Zach HollidayColumbia MO18920 36 M 20-2431:536:23/K
475Melody AdamsColumbia MO62620 34 F 20-2431:546:23/K
476Leslie HustonMarshall MO31037 22 F 35-3931:556:23/K
477Jennifer LuthColumbia MO84128 37 F 25-2931:566:23/K
478Jeff BlumerColumbia MO49729 35 M 25-2931:576:23/K
479Morgan TylerColumbia MO12326 38 F 25-2931:576:23/K
480John ZanolColumbia MO62447 31 M 45-4932:006:24/K
481Shannon DonohueColumbia MO71821 35 F 20-2432:016:24/K
482Myoung KaylenColumbia MO54740 17 F 40-4432:026:24/K
483Jess NewkirkColumbia MO37561 8 M 60-6932:036:25/K
484Teri ChristiansenColumbia MO17032 23 F 30-3432:036:25/K
485Christina MorianJefferson City MO15746 19 F 45-4932:056:25/K
486Katy Burch-HudsonColumbia MO34214 14 F 10-1432:076:25/K
487Elizabeth Burch-HudsonColumbia MO34310 15 F 10-1432:076:25/K
488Aubrie CornellColumbia MO2111 16 F 10-1432:086:26/K
489Georgia MorehouseColumbia MO373 1 F 70-9932:096:26/K
490Melanie PenceColumbia MO80730 24 F 30-3432:106:26/K
491Gene DevoreColumbia MO26734 38 M 30-3432:136:27/K
492Stephanie CrooksColumbia MO10425 39 F 25-2932:146:27/K
493Meg GrayColumbia MO18644 18 F 40-4432:176:27/K
494Janet BrandtColumbia MO555 2 F 55-5932:216:28/K
495Nancy FossColumbia MO59346 20 F 45-4932:276:29/K
496Mary NewmanColumbia MO39122 36 F 20-2432:286:30/K
497Kourtney LanceColumbia MO70821 37 F 20-2432:296:30/K
498Sonny ConrowFayette MO21929 36 M 25-2932:306:30/K
499Angela GabaMarshall MO20035 23 F 35-3932:306:30/K
500Jennifer ThompsonMarshall MO19833 25 F 30-3432:316:30/K
501Brandy TaylorColumbia MO10625 40 F 25-2932:336:31/K
502Jed TaylorColumbia MO10727 37 M 25-2932:346:31/K
503Jason BradshawColumbia MO77634 39 M 30-3432:366:31/K
504Kelly PrestonColumbia MO11613 17 F 10-1432:396:32/K
505Sarah JanicekColumbia MO58329 41 F 25-2932:406:32/K
506Dan DashoColumbia MO47956 12 M 55-5932:436:33/K
507Zoe McDermitColumbia MO3511 18 F 10-1432:536:35/K
508Judi McDermitColumbia MO3441 19 F 40-4432:546:35/K
509Christa LeakeColumbia MO39620 38 F 20-2432:576:35/K
510Kaitlin KuhlColumbia MO39521 39 F 20-2432:586:36/K
511Dan ObrechtColumbia MO47641 28 M 40-4432:596:36/K
512Craig LyckeColumbia MO53233 40 M 30-3433:006:36/K
513Jay KacenaColumbia MO78053 23 M 50-5433:016:36/K
514Amy McKenzieColumbia MO5230 26 F 30-3433:036:37/K
515Candance GabelBoonville MO15548 21 F 45-4933:046:37/K
516Kelli SchmidtColumbia MO65416 36 F 15-1933:056:37/K
517Kelsey KonrardyColumbia MO66115 37 F 15-1933:076:37/K
518Whitney ZitschColumbia MO67117 38 F 15-1933:096:38/K
519Lauren KellyColumbia MO66717 39 F 15-1933:146:39/K
520Amber SniderColumbia MO6934 27 F 30-3433:156:39/K
521Jalonna EnosColumbia MO73623 40 F 20-2433:166:39/K
522Mark DoddsColumbia MO73729 38 M 25-2933:176:39/K
523Pamela CrowleyFulton MO29945 22 F 45-4933:196:40/K
524Mark SmithFulton MO27946 32 M 45-4933:206:40/K
525Nancy ShiklesColumbia MO83944 20 F 40-4433:206:40/K
526Paula WhiteColumbia MO76634 28 F 30-3433:216:40/K
527Rachel KingColumbia MO26027 42 F 25-2933:226:40/K
528Nancy DietzColumbia MO23042 21 F 40-4433:236:41/K
529Dawn BrowningColumbia MO27423 41 F 20-2433:246:41/K
530Lindsay SummersColumbia MO26422 42 F 20-2433:256:41/K
531Nancy YaegerColumbia MO49235 24 F 35-3933:266:41/K
532Michelle TwittyColumbia MO46535 25 F 35-3933:276:41/K
533Jennifer HaysColumbia MO32926 43 F 25-2933:286:42/K
534Annette HumphreysColumbia MO62744 22 F 40-4433:296:42/K
535Karen RobertsColumbia MO4538 26 F 35-3933:336:43/K
536Lindsay GuthrieColumbia MO25222 43 F 20-2433:346:43/K
537Beth SteeleColumbia MO30643 23 F 40-4433:356:43/K
538Heidi WalterHartsburg MO30534 29 F 30-3433:366:43/K
539Bonnie ConleyColumbia MO42345 23 F 45-4933:426:44/K
540Powell YaegerColumbia MO49312 22 M 10-1433:436:45/K
541Judith LefevreColumbia MO83652 10 F 50-5433:446:45/K
542Michael LefevreColumbia MO83753 24 M 50-5433:446:45/K
543James KirkpatrickColumbia MO76235 29 M 35-3933:456:45/K
544Julie StansfieldColumbia MO25743 24 F 40-4433:476:45/K
545Sally BrunottColumbia MO21123 44 F 20-2433:476:45/K
546David CrossColumbia MO36653 25 M 50-5433:496:46/K
547Deborah HanuscinColumbia MO20333 30 F 30-3433:506:46/K
548Ella IngramTerre Haute IN68931 31 F 30-3433:516:46/K
549Christine StaelensColumbia MO29246 24 F 45-4933:536:47/K
550Terrie WoodsmallMarshall MO3656 3 F 55-5934:006:48/K
551Dana LivseyMalta Bend MO36153 11 F 50-5434:016:48/K
552Susan JansenMalta Bend MO31248 25 F 45-4934:136:51/K
553Joan AsbeeHartsburg MO20654 12 F 50-5434:156:51/K
554Mark StevensonColumbia MO4957 13 M 55-5934:306:54/K
555Spencer LinderColumbia MO50910 23 M 10-1434:316:54/K
556Leo EwingColumbia MO4279 6 M 0- 934:326:54/K
557Amy EwingColumbia MO42833 32 F 30-3434:336:55/K
558Kerri LinderColumbia MO50839 27 F 35-3934:466:57/K
559James LinvilleColumbia MO8851 26 M 50-5434:476:57/K
560Rebecca RoessletColumbia MO12034 33 F 30-3434:486:58/K
561Megan HoytColumbia MO2428 44 F 25-2934:496:58/K
562Bret LoudermilkColumbia MO1547 33 M 45-4934:506:58/K
563Julie MaledyFulton MO45448 26 F 45-4934:516:58/K
564Emily KuschelColumbia MO39427 45 F 25-2934:536:59/K
565Beth BrumbackColumbia MO39325 46 F 25-2934:546:59/K
566Craig SteinkampSaint Charles MO71923 37 M 20-2435:007:00/K
567Emily RiddleCentralia MO35729 47 F 25-2935:037:01/K
568Seth HenryCentralia MO35823 38 M 20-2435:047:01/K
569Tim PettyJefferson City MO37438 30 M 35-3935:097:02/K
570Kathryn SchmidtkeColumbia MO75234 34 F 30-3435:127:02/K
571Zach CroyFort Wayne IN82420 39 M 20-2435:137:03/K
572Sara McDanielFulton MO3826 48 F 25-2935:207:04/K
573Philip WoodColumbia MO31366 9 M 60-6935:237:05/K
574Paul RorvigColumbia MO80655 14 M 55-5935:257:05/K
575Vickie RorrigColumbia MO80550 13 F 50-5435:267:05/K
576Susie AdamsColumbia MO43841 25 F 40-4435:327:06/K
577Emily WrightColumbia MO64813 19 F 10-1435:327:06/K
578Stacie AndersonColumbia MO85935 28 F 35-3935:347:07/K
579Chandler AndersonColumbia MO86010 24 M 10-1435:357:07/K
580Emily J. SmithColumbia MO74113 20 F 10-1435:357:07/K
581Julia AlexanderColumbia MO16947 27 F 45-4935:367:07/K
582Della BellMoberly MO21637 29 F 35-3935:367:07/K
583Rachel TinsleyColumbia MO31631 35 F 30-3435:377:07/K
584Brian GordenColumbia MO57740 29 M 40-4435:377:07/K
585Brandt GordenColumbia MO57812 25 M 10-1435:377:07/K
586Molly DejongColumbia MO85411 21 F 10-1435:387:08/K
587Brianna DobbinsColumbia MO85210 22 F 10-1435:397:08/K
588Larry FickColumbia MO22165 10 M 60-6935:467:09/K
589Rebecca MillerColumbia MO56132 36 F 30-3435:527:10/K
590Leslie SchneiderColumbia MO18751 14 F 50-5435:547:11/K
591Keith HuetherColumbia MO27145 34 M 45-4935:567:11/K
592Connie EssColumbia MO65158 4 F 55-5936:027:12/K
593Jackie BearyColumbia MO62846 28 F 45-4936:037:13/K
594Brendan FishColumbia MO6299 7 M 0- 936:067:13/K
595William FishColumbia MO63046 35 M 45-4936:077:13/K
596Susan GreenfieldColumbia MO26642 26 F 40-4436:157:15/K
597Doug MertensColumbia MO60044 30 M 40-4436:287:18/K
598Emily MertensColumbia MO6029 1 F 0- 936:297:18/K
599Marvin Van LeerBeaufort MO14070 3 M 70-9936:327:18/K
600Marla WilcoxColumbia MO9552 15 F 50-5436:347:19/K
601Cara WeishaarColumbia MO26127 49 F 25-2936:357:19/K
602Michaela BrittColumbia MO5931 37 F 30-3436:477:21/K
603Valerie HarreColumbia MO58839 30 F 35-3936:527:22/K
604Destiny ThomasColumbia MO38729 50 F 25-2937:097:26/K
605Michelle CroweColumbia MO38632 38 F 30-3437:107:26/K
606Edward SchumacherColumbia MO1953 27 M 50-5437:117:26/K
607Sarah JusticeColumbia MO62130 39 F 30-3437:177:27/K
608John KitchensJefferson City MO83529 39 M 25-2937:207:28/K
609Nicole PaxtonBoonville MO41928 51 F 25-2937:217:28/K
610Raymond PaxtonBoonville MO42040 31 M 40-4437:227:28/K
611Elizabeth TomickiColumbia MO18169 2 F 60-6937:287:30/K
612Linda VogtFayette MO44659 5 F 55-5937:297:30/K
613Katherine CumminsColumbia MO84825 52 F 25-2937:367:31/K
614Armine AliotoColumbia MO51753 16 F 50-5437:367:31/K
615Ken HirlingerBoonville MO34856 15 M 55-5937:397:32/K
616Brandi ChickCentralia MO21032 40 F 30-3437:417:32/K
617Nancy GiofreFulton MO44244 27 F 40-4437:427:32/K
618Rebecca AllenColumbia MO7336 31 F 35-3938:047:37/K
619Andrea DiggsLawrence KS75829 53 F 25-2938:057:37/K
620Kabe MoenLawrence KS76126 40 M 25-2938:067:37/K
621Kelly CarneyColumbia MO1729 54 F 25-2938:117:38/K
622Elsie AllisonFulton MO35040 28 F 40-4438:147:39/K
623Barbara NixonRocheport MO1054 17 F 50-5438:167:39/K
624Marvin MorrisColumbia MO40245 36 M 45-4938:197:40/K
625Suzanne LenzBoonville MO19336 32 F 35-3938:257:41/K
626Andrea AllenColumbia MO160 3 F 60-6938:307:42/K
627Tom RatermannColumbia MO50043 32 M 40-4438:327:42/K
628Rebecca VenteicherColumbia MO48826 55 F 25-2938:337:43/K
629Sarah KammeyerColumbia MO79212 23 F 10-1438:347:43/K
630Aretta TerryFulton MO73225 56 F 25-2938:357:43/K
631Julie ClarkSaint Charles MO36033 41 F 30-3438:377:43/K
632Amy WilsonColumbia MO52836 33 F 35-3938:397:44/K
633Kate MessnerSaint Charles MO31826 57 F 25-2938:407:44/K
634Beth FarberColumbia MO77938 34 F 35-3938:407:44/K
635Karen BuyleTopeka KS81545 29 F 45-4938:417:44/K
636Erin LittleColumbia MO58625 58 F 25-2938:417:44/K
637Christine SedgwickColumbia MO8435 35 F 35-3938:487:46/K
638Leslye McCartyColumbia MO46036 36 F 35-3938:497:46/K
639Vera ReichlinColumbia MO10530 42 F 30-3438:517:46/K
640Don JohnsonCentralia MO4178 4 M 70-9938:557:47/K
641Jeanette ForbisColumbia MO10246 30 F 45-4938:577:47/K
642Kelly HoweColumbia MO11027 59 F 25-2939:027:48/K
643Chris HoweColumbia MO10927 41 M 25-2939:037:49/K
644Jon KruseColumbia MO37739 31 M 35-3939:047:49/K
645Rhonda YoungColumbia MO43641 29 F 40-4439:057:49/K
646Ogden ThomasColumbia MO82046 37 M 45-4939:127:50/K
647Jamie MeyerColumbia MO82130 43 F 30-3439:137:51/K
648Deanna PhillipsColumbia MO39044 30 F 40-4439:137:51/K
649Jennifer HarveyColumbia MO39831 44 F 30-3439:147:51/K
650Allison BrownColumbia MO13015 40 F 15-1939:397:56/K
651Alysson GilesColumbia MO7611 24 F 10-1439:407:56/K
652Elizabeth SuhlerColumbia MO71712 25 F 10-1439:407:56/K
653Gary GilesColumbia MO7562 11 M 60-6939:417:56/K
654Phillip VinyardColumbia MO10150 28 M 50-5439:427:56/K
655Vicki OttColumbia MO61153 18 F 50-5439:457:57/K
656Laura DetertColumbia MO12643 31 F 40-4439:497:58/K
657Pat KeasColumbia MO56547 31 F 45-4939:527:58/K
658Nancy SweezerCentralia MO5152 19 F 50-5439:537:59/K
659Alexis BrownBoonville MO6417 41 F 15-1939:567:59/K
660Steven OsterlindColumbia MO50260 12 M 60-6939:588:00/K
661Turner ReedColumbia MO20510 26 M 10-1440:008:00/K
662Amanda ReedColumbia MO20431 45 F 30-3440:028:00/K
663Linda HuetherColumbia MO27046 32 F 45-4940:038:01/K
664Jessica OtterbacherColumbia MO23829 60 F 25-2940:068:01/K
665Dustin DuffColumbia MO39910 27 M 10-1440:088:02/K
666David DuffColumbia MO40046 38 M 45-4940:098:02/K
667Tonia HarbourColumbia MO50334 46 F 30-3440:178:03/K
668Lewis MeadColumbia MO47276 5 M 70-9940:408:08/K
669Barry KauslerColumbia MO4445 33 F 45-4940:468:09/K
670Sheila KauslerColumbia MO4340 32 F 40-4440:528:10/K
671Michelle AholtColumbia MO74919 42 F 15-1941:038:13/K
672Anna ProvinColumbia MO76921 45 F 20-2441:058:13/K
673Larry GlabeColumbia MO10354 29 M 50-5441:068:13/K
674Scott BoydColumbia MO50445 39 M 45-4941:108:14/K
675Erin DanielsColumbia MO58927 61 F 25-2941:118:14/K
676Candice ErwinColumbia MO59026 62 F 25-2941:128:14/K
677Brenda ForseeColumbia MO24253 20 F 50-5441:138:15/K
678Leroy SharpColumbia MO53573 6 M 70-9941:178:15/K
679Marilyn McCrearyColumbia MO78861 4 F 60-6941:388:20/K
680Lauren MoyerColumbia MO72412 26 F 10-1441:538:23/K
681Kim MoyerColumbia MO72544 33 F 40-4441:548:23/K
682Rebecca PerkinsMarshall MO19640 34 F 40-4441:578:23/K
683Nikki HahnColumbia MO53828 63 F 25-2942:008:24/K
684Alex StarkColumbia MO3719 8 M 0- 942:068:25/K
685Joe BayerColumbia MO37039 32 M 35-3942:088:26/K
686Debra BuchmanColumbia MO75044 35 F 40-4442:248:29/K
687Susan FeltenPilot Grove MO75154 21 F 50-5442:258:29/K
688Ami Romero PerezColumbia MO80325 64 F 25-2943:018:36/K
689Sharon CornelisonColumbia MO48558 6 F 55-5943:048:37/K
690Patricia KelleyHolts Summit MO3936 37 F 35-3943:098:38/K
691Bill ClarkColumbia MO61352 30 M 50-5443:168:39/K
692Makayla SasseColumbia MO22512 27 F 10-1443:188:40/K
693Susan GlassColumbia MO22433 47 F 30-3443:198:40/K
694Phyllis WeterAshland MO17644 36 F 40-4443:208:40/K
695Anita PingelClark MO17548 34 F 45-4943:278:41/K
696Chris HughesColumbia MO56329 42 M 25-2943:448:45/K
697Mandy TrainerDerby KS86425 65 F 25-2943:478:45/K
698Beth RiggertColumbia MO74337 38 F 35-3943:498:46/K
699Gail TweeddaleColumbia MO55247 40 M 45-4943:518:46/K
700Cheryl NelsonAuxvasse MO33744 37 F 40-4443:528:46/K
701Susan WilliamsColumbia MO18053 22 F 50-5443:548:47/K
702Gina JohanningColumbia MO17941 38 F 40-4443:568:47/K
703Harriet YelonColumbia MO77553 23 F 50-5444:098:50/K
704Sara StoneColumbia MO13745 35 F 45-4944:228:52/K
705Lindsay KetchumColumbia MO22024 46 F 20-2444:268:53/K
706Dawson CroomColumbia MO5256 9 M 0- 944:518:58/K
707Scott CroomColumbia MO52633 41 M 30-3445:019:00/K
708Katie SinguefieldColumbia MO83026 66 F 25-2945:159:03/K
709Amber SparksColumbia MO78328 67 F 25-2945:169:03/K
710Breck FrerkingColumbia MO82926 68 F 25-2945:179:03/K
711Dennis FrerkingColumbia MO82858 16 M 55-5945:189:04/K
712Mickie TrimColumbia MO19534 48 F 30-3445:259:05/K
713Nikki ReynoldsColumbia MO19427 69 F 25-2945:259:05/K
714Pam GraceHolts Summit MO73141 39 F 40-4445:349:07/K
715Kimberly FiggColumbia MO24731 49 F 30-3445:469:09/K
716Meagan HevelColumbia MO5030 50 F 30-3445:479:09/K
717Cecilee BrownBoonville MO6620 47 F 20-2445:479:09/K
718Julie BrownBoonville MO6746 36 F 45-4945:489:10/K
719Sharon MillsMarshall MO69055 7 F 55-5945:589:12/K
720Brenda CoffmanMarshall MO3054 24 F 50-5446:009:12/K
721Amy SteffenColumbia MO24829 70 F 25-2946:089:14/K
722Stephanie FlaggColumbia MO55729 71 F 25-2946:209:16/K
723Kathy TateColumbia MO29438 39 F 35-3946:219:16/K
724Michelle DobbinsColumbia MO85340 40 F 40-4446:229:16/K
725Louese KirkHartsburg MO24057 8 F 55-5946:459:21/K
726Margaret O'TooleColumbia MO11125 72 F 25-2946:489:22/K
727Jana RickerColumbia MO52932 51 F 30-3446:509:22/K
728Anna WrightColumbia MO64910 28 F 10-1446:529:22/K
729Bethany AbelnColumbia MO73439 40 F 35-3946:539:23/K
730Kierston AbelnColumbia MO73511 29 F 10-1446:559:23/K
731Lanet WisnerCentralia MO83834 52 F 30-3446:589:24/K
732Theresa RohlfingFayette MO8653 25 F 50-5447:009:24/K
733Jacquelyn WardColumbia MO11931 53 F 30-3447:019:24/K
734Maggie YoestArmstrong MO47751 26 F 50-5447:039:25/K
735Milbre BurchColumbia MO34153 27 F 50-5447:059:25/K
736Mary WilsonMoberly MO45852 28 F 50-5447:079:25/K
737Mary M. NewbyHallsville MO14359 9 F 55-5947:279:29/K
738Christine LitwillerColumbia MO55349 37 F 45-4947:339:31/K
739Michelle CecilColumbia MO33149 38 F 45-4947:419:32/K
740Lily HubberCoralville IA48612 30 F 10-1447:499:34/K
741Kelsie MaledyFulton MO45315 43 F 15-1948:189:40/K
742Elisa FranklinColumbia MO56044 41 F 40-4448:199:40/K
743Laura DavisColumbia MO48032 54 F 30-3448:219:40/K
744Cinnamon HulettColumbia MO20936 41 F 35-3948:309:42/K
745Loren HulettColumbia MO20838 42 F 35-3948:319:42/K
746Jill HarperMarshall MO16622 48 F 20-2448:439:45/K
747Amy WalkerNew Bloomfield MO83420 49 F 20-2448:449:45/K
748Pamela KingMarshall MO16750 29 F 50-5448:459:45/K
749Lois AndersonColumbia MO30858 10 F 55-5948:469:45/K
750David CrooksColumbia MO30952 31 M 50-5448:479:45/K
751Andi BakerColumbia MO69420 50 F 20-2448:489:46/K
752Greg CuppColumbia MO8343 33 M 40-4448:489:46/K
753Brenda BakerColumbia MO69546 39 F 45-4948:499:46/K
754Angela LigonColumbia MO29640 42 F 40-4449:029:48/K
755Jeffery LigonColumbia MO29843 34 M 40-4449:049:49/K
756Sharon BolandColumbia MO3742 43 F 40-4449:359:55/K
757Paula HeavilandColumbia MO9746 40 F 45-4949:369:55/K
758Chris DiggsColumbia MO75747 41 F 45-4949:379:55/K
759Craig DiggsColumbia MO75651 32 M 50-5449:379:55/K
760Recille NorrisColumbia MO45028 73 F 25-2949:399:56/K
761Jill NayborsColumbia MO53329 74 F 25-2949:419:56/K
762Tiffany HughesColumbia MO56428 75 F 25-2949:429:56/K
763Joe FaberUnion MO79867 13 M 60-6949:549:59/K
764Mary LambersonColumbia MO7449 42 F 45-4949:569:59/K
765Julie IntveldColumbia MO9230 55 F 30-3449:579:59/K
766Marlee WalzColumbia MO12949 43 F 45-4950:4510:09/K
767Gretchen SchulzColumbia MO13341 44 F 40-4451:1410:15/K
768Julie DoughertyHigbee MO13140 45 F 40-4451:1510:15/K
769Lauren SchulzColumbia MO13210 31 F 10-1451:1510:15/K
770Robyn HopperMoberly MO63533 56 F 30-3451:4110:20/K
771Becky ByrdColumbia MO63433 57 F 30-3451:4210:20/K
772Dottie HeibelHallsville MO55465 5 F 60-6952:0310:25/K
773Rachel FeiColumbia MO14529 76 F 25-2952:2810:30/K
774Jennifer Keyzer-AndreColumbia MO32527 77 F 25-2952:3310:31/K
775Shawna MabeAshland MO23532 58 F 30-3452:5310:35/K
776Krista HughesColumbia MO23429 78 F 25-2952:5610:35/K
777Tiffany WalkerColumbia MO23929 79 F 25-2953:0710:37/K
778Gus AslanidisColumbia MO74627 43 M 25-2953:2810:42/K
779Sarah AslanidisColumbia MO74527 80 F 25-2953:3110:42/K
780Diane AndersonColumbia MO31760 6 F 60-6953:5910:48/K
781Diane SuhlerColumbia MO71658 11 F 55-5954:4610:57/K
782Kathleen KeaveneyColumbia MO46820 51 F 20-2454:4710:57/K
783Nick SuhlerColumbia MO71512 28 M 10-1455:0611:01/K
DNFSelman AkyolColumbia MO44943 M 40-44--
DNFBuddy AnlikerColumbia MO11539 M 35-39--
DNFDrew AtkinsColumbia MO6310 M 10-14--
DNFKimberly AustinColumbia MO24526 F 25-29--
DNFSandra BachrachColumbia MO72946 F 45-49--
DNFBrett BalesColumbia MO5719 M 0- 9--
DNFMark BanksColumbia MO7952 M 50-54--
DNFValerie BellColumbia MO2914 F 10-14--
DNFMelissa BlumCoralville IA48339 F 35-39--
DNFMike BrennanColumbia MO22948 M 45-49--
DNFMichael BrownBoonville MO6556 M 55-59--
DNFJeanette BrownColumbia MO24950 F 50-54--
DNFSue BullockColumbia MO41557 F 55-59--
DNFSamantha CameronColumbia MO15423 F 20-24--
DNFAnn CardettiColumbia MO17229 F 25-29--
DNFHannah CorbinColumbia MO43011 F 10-14--
DNFDavid CraneFulton MO27338 M 35-39--
DNFTheresa CuppColumbia MO8243 F 40-44--
DNFPhil DavisMoberly MO854 M 50-54--
DNFJulie FentonColumbia MO5829 F 25-29--
DNFMichael FlaggColumbia MO55636 M 35-39--
DNFBen ForbisColumbia MO77318 M 15-19--
DNFMary GarescheColumbia MO2621 F 20-24--
DNFChandler GreenwoodColumbia MO60611 F 10-14--
DNFAlex GreenwoodColumbia MO60713 F 10-14--
DNFAmy GreenwoodColumbia MO60937 F 35-39--
DNFDane GuentherColumbia MO59123 M 20-24--
DNFEd HansonColumbia MO2251 M 50-54--
DNFCara HarlanColumbia MO23619 F 15-19--
DNFEdward HarreColumbia MO58737 M 35-39--
DNFAmanda HollidayColumbia MO51022 F 20-24--
DNFPamela HuffstutterFayette MO34658 F 55-59--
DNFSarah HumpreyColumbia MO78514 F 10-14--
DNFJessi KeenoyColumbia MO72831 F 30-34--
DNFElaine KentCentralia MO64058 F 55-59--
DNFCurt KirtleyColumbia MO28151 M 50-54--
DNFTyler KolbColumbia MO60812 M 10-14--
DNFTabatha LancasterColumbia MO24626 F 25-29--
DNFAlice LandrumRocheport MO4856 F 55-59--
DNFJudy LaubeColumbia MO42446 F 45-49--
DNFCatherine LigonColumbia MO29522 F 20-24--
DNFCyndi McLaneColumbia MO49033 F 30-34--
DNFMatt MitchellColumbia MO16122 M 20-24--
DNFNancy MuellerColumbia MO24149 F 45-49--
DNFMary MurphyColumbia MO74248 F 45-49--
DNFWilliam NewbillColumbia MO76040 M 40-44--
DNFTerry NixonColumbia MO36559 M 55-59--
DNFKatherine OsbornColumbia MO7126 F 25-29--
DNFEunice PeartColumbia MO722 F 20-24--
DNFEmily PeelColumbia MO58014 F 10-14--
DNFJean PerryColumbia MO48750 F 50-54--
DNFKym PieperColumbia MO34038 F 35-39--
DNFKristen PochapskyColumbia MO54522 F 20-24--
DNFMichele PorterMarshall MO21344 F 40-44--
DNFCourtney PulleyColumbia MO79028 M 25-29--
DNFCarol RhodesColumbia MO2839 F 35-39--
DNFKayla RodesColumbia MO1414 F 10-14--
DNFLily SalzerColumbia MO44011 F 10-14--
DNFKristina SandstedtColumbia MO41631 F 30-34--
DNFVeer SanghaColumbia MO6887 M 0- 9--
DNFScott SchlagenhauffColumbia MO63145 M 45-49--
DNFAmy SergentColumbia MO47434 F 30-34--
DNFScott SergentColumbia MO47532 M 30-34--
DNFDonna SmithColumbia MO33651 F 50-54--
DNFAlex StaelensColumbia MO29315 M 15-19--
DNFAdam StansfieldColumbia MO25812 M 10-14--
DNFAmanda StockColumbia MO40926 F 25-29--
DNFKaren StuckmeyerSaint Louis MO42548 F 45-49--
DNFMarlena SzewczykColumbia MO66016 F 15-19--
DNFJessica TomberlinColumbia MO63221 F 20-24--
DNFBrennan Van MatreColumbia MO40829 M 25-29--
DNFBrielle VanmatreColumbia MO85624 F 20-24--
DNFColleen VitaleWentzville MO35428 F 25-29--
DNFJo Ann WaitColumbia MO49455 F 55-59--
DNFChris WeinreichColumbia MO85726 M 25-29--
DNFPaige WikleColumbia MO78614 F 10-14--
DNFJaye WilcoxColumbia MO9413 F 10-14--
DNFElizabeth WilhelmiColumbia MO59525 F 25-29--
DNFMarilynn YoungColumbia MO23759 F 55-59--
DNFHeather YoungColumbia MO30724 F 20-24--
DNFTerese ZidonColumbia MO55128 F 25-29--