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2014 Great Sandbagger 10k
Overall Finish List
August 2, 2014
Columbia Track Club
In 2013 Angela Wagner sandbagged herself to victory in this legendary race much to her chagrin when she learned what she had done, that is, gaining the privilege of giving room and board to the grotesque "The Thing." Angela is now Angela Kennedy having recently married a fellow named Kennedy. It is said that the presence of The Thing in Angela's family presented a certain dilemma. Why could it (the sex of this creature has not yet been determined) not come to the reception? Angela insisted it was a member of her family and was entitled to stand up with the bridesmaids or groomsmen. After all it had the golden wings (albeit somewhat tarnished) of an angel. A compromise was made; the thing could come but Angela had to promise not to come to this year's event for fear of bringing it back home. Most of those at the reception failed to notice The Thing back in a corner standing silently, putting its blessing on the marriage. Can any of us say that a marriage so blessed cannot last forever? Angela didn't come to the race. She couldn't even face Andy Emerson when she brought The Thing to him in a rented trailer not wanting him to bear witness to her tears.

By the way, there was a race. Results below. Thanks to Nancy Rezabek, Randy Gay, Tom Allen, Christy Swartz (recruited on the spot) and Linda LaFontaine, at the turn-around, for their help and to Andy for giving The Thing a ride without having to wrench it from the arms of Angela.

Now it is Bob Martin's baby. We will see in 2015 the results of his tender, loving care.

--Joe Duncan, race director

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FinishNameAgeSexFinish TimePredictionHandicapActual TimeOffPlace
1Bob MartinM1:06:4152:0020:0046:41-5:196
2Shiva Sankalp28M1:08:041:00:0012:0056:04-3:5612
3Tom May47M1:08:5742:3029:3039:27-3:03*1
4Jose Mendez34M1:09:3045:1526:4542:45-2:305
5Andy Emerson45M1:10:0442:0030:0040:04-1:563
6Dan Edidin46M1:11:2840:0032:0039:28-:322
7James Harrington41M1:11:431:02:159:451:01:58-:1719
8Lisa Wells50F1:11:4953:0019:0052:49-:1111
9Katie Hauser31F1:12:2940:0032:0040:29+:294
10Kurt Kennett46M1:12:5146:4525:1547:36+:518
11Jamie Szabo36F1:12:541:10:002:001:10:54+:5420
12George SzaboM1:12:551:10:002:001:10:55+:5521
13Richard Swartz45M1:13:1546:0026:0047:15+1:157
14Allene GremaudF1:13:1855:0017:0056:18+1:1814
15Berkley HudsonM1:13:2357:0015:0058:23+1:2316
16Nick ThurwangerM1:14:0048:0024:0050:00+2:0010
17Amanda Birkemeier27F1:14:2155:0017:0057:21+2:2115
18Matt Rold39M1:15:0846:3025:3049:38+3:089
19Julie Kesterton37F1:15:321:00:0014:001:01:32+1:32*17
20Jake Kesterton36M1:15:321:00:0014:001:01:32+1:32*17
21Toni Dunwiddie38F1:15:521:12:0001:15:52+3:5222
22Bruce Dunwiddie37M1:16:1452:0020:0056:14+4:1413
sort by place
PlaceNameAgeSexFinish TimePredictionHandicapActual TimeOffFinish
1Tom May47M1:08:5742:3029:3039:27-3:03*3
2Dan Edidin46M1:11:2840:0032:0039:28-:326
3Andy Emerson45M1:10:0442:0030:0040:04-1:565
4Katie Hauser31F1:12:2940:0032:0040:29+:299
5Jose Mendez34M1:09:3045:1526:4542:45-2:304
6Bob MartinM1:06:4152:0020:0046:41-5:191
7Richard Swartz45M1:13:1546:0026:0047:15+1:1513
8Kurt Kennett46M1:12:5146:4525:1547:36+:5110
9Matt Rold39M1:15:0846:3025:3049:38+3:0818
10Nick ThurwangerM1:14:0048:0024:0050:00+2:0016
11Lisa Wells50F1:11:4953:0019:0052:49-:118
12Shiva Sankalp28M1:08:041:00:0012:0056:04-3:562
13Bruce Dunwiddie37M1:16:1452:0020:0056:14+4:1422
14Allene GremaudF1:13:1855:0017:0056:18+1:1814
15Amanda Birkemeier27F1:14:2155:0017:0057:21+2:2117
16Berkley HudsonM1:13:2357:0015:0058:23+1:2315
17Julie Kesterton37F1:15:321:00:0014:001:01:32+1:32*19
17Jake Kesterton36M1:15:321:00:0014:001:01:32+1:32*20
19James Harrington41M1:11:431:02:159:451:01:58-:177
20Jamie Szabo36F1:12:541:10:002:001:10:54+:5411
21George SzaboM1:12:551:10:002:001:10:55+:5512
22Toni Dunwiddie38F1:15:521:12:0001:15:52+3:5221