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2008 Great Sandbagger 10K
Overall Finish List
August 2, 2008
Columbia Track Club
This was the 37th Annual Great Sandbagger Race (it started out as a 6-miler, but soon became a 10K) and the "Monster" (trophy) is beginning to show its age. Two years ago Oscar Chavez won the creature; the Chavez family gave it much tender loving care only to have Ann Moreton take it away last year. Therefore, the Chavez family plotted and schemed and decided to send Alex on a mission to bring it back. And so he did by saying he would run some 7 minutes slower than he actually did. True sandbagging!

A break in the hot weather was welcome, although, at 7:00 am it was still close to 70 & humid, but there was a cloud cover.

Thanks to Linda Lafontaine, Jeff Wells and James Harrington for their assistance.
--Joe Duncan, race director

Sandbag/Real Time PLNAMEAGEGenderClock TimePredicted TimeHandicapActual TimeOFF
1 (17th)Alex Chavez14M1:00:0367:003:0057:039:57
2 (12th)Chris Bowling39M1:06:2054:0016:0050:203:40
3 (8th)John Palmer31M1:06:2248:0022:0044:223:38
4 (9th)Kurt Kennett40M1:08:3047:0023:0045:301:30
5 (13th)Lisa Wells44F1:08:3554:0016:0052:351:25
6 (14th)Jacob Keener14M1:08:3754:0016:0052:371:23
7 (3rd)Dan Lopez20M1:09:0440:3029:3039:360:54
8 (5th)Phil Schaefer54M1:09:1943:0027:0042:190:41
9 (4th)Andy Emerson39M1:09:3041:1528:4540:450:30
10 (20thT)Brandon Shipman21M1:09:5062:008:0061:500:10
11 (20thT)Amando Pezzollo23F1:09:5062:008:0061:500:10
12 (23rd)Cary Calkins (best predictor)38M1:10:0265:005:0065:020:02
13 (1st)Matt Dreier33M1:10:1638:0032:0038:160:16
14 (6th)Dan Sitar37M1:10:2043:0027:0043:200:20
15 (11th)Hugh Emerson50M1:10:2749:0021:0049:270:27
16 (7th)Marianne Stone29F1:10:2943:0027:0043:290:29
17 (2nd)Marc Keys45M1:10:4038:0032:0038:400:40
18 (19th)Berkley Hudson56M1:10:5360:0010:0060:530:53
19 (28th)Alicia Lange38F1:10:5570:000:0070:550:55
20 (10th)Oscar Chavez44M1:11:5545:0025:0046:551:55
21 (18th)Ann Moreton49F1:12:0757:0013:0059:072:07
22 (16th)Joe Lopez55M1:12:2652:1217:4854:382:26
23 (24thT)Fabiola Lopez50F1:12:3362:307:3065:032:33
24 (24thT)Meghan McMullah28F1:12:3362:307:3065:032:33
25 (22nd)Nancy Yaeger36F1:12:5160:0010:0062:512:51
26 (26thT)Bruce Ramshaw45M1:15:2660:0010:0065:263:26
27 (26thT)Alison Troutwine27F1:15:2660:0010:0065:265:26
28 (15th)Mike Acock36M1:15:3747:3022:3053:075:37
Sandbagger is defined as worst predictor UNDER predicted time.