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Great Sandbagger

On a cloudy humid morning a faithful twelve participated in the 29th annual Great Sandbagger. The previous year's winner was unavailable to present the trophy to the current Great Sandbagger Jennifer Polniak. Jennifer finished a healthy three minutes twenty-six seconds below her predicted time for the five+ mile course. She was being closely chased by Elaine Foster. Jennifer's name will be immortalized on the trophy. We expect her to keep the trophy in a prominent place.  The majority of the field ran faster than predicted on the relatively flat Strawn Road course. The race length was shortened this year on concern about traffic safety. If anyone has suggestions for another course, please let me know.

Race Results: 5+ Miles      
                      Over/Under     Actual
Jennifer Polniak        -3:26        41:34
Elaine Foster           -3:19        42:41
Curt Kempf              -1:55        34:05
Art Bentley             -1:46        33:36
Adam Saba               -1:24        33:36
Jay Hasheider           -0:55        37:55
Karen Derrick           -0:14        40:46
Bill Schrage            -0:02        37:28
Lisa Wells              -0:01        37:59
Lisa Burger             +0:21        41:02
Jim O'Dell              +0:32        40:52
Joe Duncan              +0:45        40:45

                         Run a good race-Roger Turnbough