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2009 Rock Bridge Revenge trail races
Overall Finish List
October 10, 2009
Columbia Track Club
Big thanks to Uprise runners for running or helping yesterday at the trail run...James who ended up being Jeff's right hand man for everything, Dan for photos, Kathy for being on the course, Andy, Hugh, Kurt, for making time at the finish line go fast for me and Elaine (who was my left hand), and Kate for staying until the end to cheer for our last 50K person who came through in 8:34. It was a long day but we think overall everyone enjoyed the race. I would highly recommend Joe Greaves and Mark Vellek from CMC who provided chili hot dogs and potatoes. Also, Tom Allen from CTC for helping with timing and trusting me with the equipment. We won't tell who hit the wrong button and stopped the clock!
--Lisa Wells, assistant to the race director

This was the first ultra trail race in Columbia, the number of participants far exceeded expectations, as many came from St. Louis and Kansas City for the 25K and 50K races.

Cash prizes were $50 for top male and female in the 50K, and $25 for top male and female in the 25K.

Prize winners in the 50K were Andy Pele of Columbia and Suzanne Kenyon of St. Louis.

Harley Johnson of Urbana IL and Susie Booth of St. Peters won the 25K prizes.

A 7-mile fun run was also held and won by Ryan Hauser of Columbia, first female was Sarah Hirner of Columbia.

Each participant received a Nathan handheld water bottle carrier, and the 25 and 50K finishers received a RBR logo beer glass.

Race sponsors were B&B Bagel, Moserís Discount Foods, Panera Bread, Nathan, State Farm, and Tryathletics. Post-race chili, hotdogs, and potatoes were prepared by Joe Greaves and Mark Vellek. Aid station volunteers were from Friends of Rock Bridge and Park Superintendent Jim Gast. We were able to make a $500 donation to Friends for park projects. Course volunteers were Kathy Lee and Mary Ellen Bradshaw, finish line support was Elaine Stoll, Lisa Wells, Kate Floros and Tom Allen, and race photographer was Dan Heaviland. James Harrington helped with course marking and tear down, aid station set up, clean up, and tear down.

Big thanks to everyone who helped make the race a success and see you next year!

--Jeff Wells, race director

1Ryan HauserColumbia MO24128M49:587 mi
2Tom HallColumbia MO24037M52:367 mi
3Lance BollingerColumbia MO23426M54:427 mi.
4Tony Rigdon IIIColumbia MO22136M1:00:217 mi
5Joseph WallendorfTebbets MO24261M1:00:587 mi
6Kevin TylerCentralia MO20853M1:05:427 mi
7Mike DenehyColumbia MO24333M1:07:587 mi
8Nate SmithColumbia MO22826M1:07:597 mi
9Oscar ChavezColumbia MO21845M1:08:067 mi
10Chris FischerColumbia MO23640M1:08:077 mi
11Tom TomickiColumbia MO11045M1:08:227 mi
12Sarah HirnerColumbia MO21119F1:09:587 mi
13Mike GogelColumbia MO23941M1:11:227 mi
14Brian NoakesColumbia MO22022M1:11:357 mi
15Todd FullerColumbia MO22941M1:12:467 mi
16Scott ShadeColumbia MO23542M1:13:077 mi
17Joseph SpicerIndependence MO22318M1:14:067 mi
18Scott KaneAshland MO24643M1:16:187 mi
19Jennifer ReisdorfColumbia MO23137F1:16:447 mi
20William VerbargColumbia MO20625M1:16:497 mi
21Rachel BlomquistColumbia MO23031F1:17:167 mi
22Zim SchwartzRocheport MO24442F1:19:097 mi
23Richard Nistendirkhartsburg MO21469M1:24:027 mi
24John HayColumbia MO23739M1:24:507 mi
25Shanelle CarolanColumbia MO23823F1:31:157 mi
26Luis OccenaColumbia MO21550M1:31:387 mi
27Kathleen OccenaColumbia MO21646F1:31:397 mi
28Holly DelgmanColumbia MO20728F1:32:267 mi
29Laurie DiggesColumbia MO21049F1:32:287 mi
30Beth Krentznaperville IL22249F1:35:057 mi
31Diana McFarlandColumbia MO21318F1:38:197 mi
32Dan KammerichBoonville MO24548M1:39:397 mi
33Alexa NewkirkColumbia MO23310F1:41:227 mi
34Brad NewkirkColumbia MO23231M1:41:247 mi
35Jerry Schermercolumbia MO20350M1:46:147 mi
36Emma SchermerColumbia MO20421F1:46:147 mi
37Rhonda ShermanGrandview MO20243F2:00:387 mi
38Nicolette KumarColumbia MO21936F2:00:547 mi
39Christina MorianJefferson City MO20948F2:09:447 mi
40Faith ShermanFreeman MO20143F2:12:067 mi
41Jennifer LunaColumbia MO22749F2:14:207 mi
42Paul HoffmanColumbia MO22654M2:14:217 mi
Renee BoulicaultColumbia MO21241FDNF?7 mi
Paul Humphreycolumbia MO21749MDNF?7 mi
Lynda WrightColumbia MO22448FDNF?7 mi
Steve Schermer 205DNS7 mi
Ted Zderic 225DNS7 mi
1Harley JohnsonUrbana IL236M1:50:1425K
2Greg BlomquistColumbia MO11231M2:03:0025K
3Matt WidzerColumbia MO11136M2:16:2125K
4Andy EmersonColumbia MO10640M2:22:2325K
5Susie BoothSt. Peters MO10244F2:30:2925K
6Kurt KennettColumbia MO10941M2:31:2425K
7Matt KitziColumbia MO10334M2:32:4025K
8Sherri SchultzChesterfield MO10140F2:36:4425K
9Greg CampbellColumbia MO11849M2:41:5825K
10Joe PiperColumbia MO11549M2:41:5925K
11Jason SaragusaKansas City KS11433M2:46:2525K
12Brent YoungColumbia MO11648M3:09:1225K
13Tiffin EtterColumbia MO11342F3:09:4225K
14Steven KingKansas city KS1235M3:20:2325K
15Mark BoucherLees Summit MO10850M3:31:5725K
16Mandi MurdickSt. Louis MO11732F3:53:2425K
17Charles StroudSt. Louis MO766M4:50:0825K
Chris IrvinColumbia MO10425MDNF?25K
Jack GalbraithColumbia MO10530MDNF?25K
Sarah GrosseColumbia MO10721FDNF?25K
1Andrew PeleColumbia MO1042M4:48:3950K
2Tommy Doiasst. louis MO538M5:01:2750K
3Gregory MurdickSt. Louis MO133M5:26:2750K
4Greg LaumanValley Park MO841M5:38:2250K
5Steve McKeePacific MO340M5:45:3950K
6Mike TrippColumbia MO950M5:50:2450K
7Joel SartwellColumbia MO1349M6:29:3850K
8Bryan NortonColumbia MO1147M6:38:5050K
9Suzanne KenyonSt. Louis MO643F7:09:1250K
10Noelle Morgan-ChilcoatSt. Louis MO438F7:13:1350K
11Debbie CollettaSt Charles MO1452F8:34:3750K