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5 K Nut Race
Reactor Park, 9:00 a.m. Feb. 3, 2007
Temp: 8 degrees F, Wind 15 MPH, Sunny
Thirty certifiably insane runners toed the starting line, got the gun, and took off heading south on the 5 K loop course. A half mile later, cold reality set in when they headed north up the hill on Providence Road and the wind, Mariah, took over for the next half mile. Over three + loops, the lead went back and forth between Matt Dreier and Marc Keys with Dreier slowly pulling away for an 8 second gap and the win in 17:25. The youngest runner, John Moreton age 12, ran a great race, winning his age group and finishing 23rd overall in 26:23. The senior runner, Jim O’Dell, won his age group (60+) in 32:04, a particularly impressive showing given Jim’s recent return to racing after a considerable layoff. Allison Hodgson and Jaira Grathwohl battled for first overall woman with Alison winning in 21:17 for 10th overall. The record temperature is –1 F, so we did not set any new records in that department this race.

A very special thanks to Tom Allen, Joe Duncan, Anne Hessler, Dan Hooley, Linda Lafontaine, and Jim Linville for helping with the race management. The weather and what must have been a 25-year old Top Flight note pad that literally shredded in the wind, separating some names from ages made timing and scoring a real challenge, but the team functioned flawlessly.

Dick Hessler, Race Director
PlaceNameTimeAge Group AwardSex
1Matt Dreier17:25-M
2Marc Keys17:33*M
3Tony Rigdon19:24*M
4Darrin Young19:26+M
5Steve Stonecipher-Fisher19:40*M
6Jose' Miranda19:49*M
7Andy Emerson19:55*M
8Phil Schaefer19:57+M
9Tom May20:29+M
10Alison Hodgson21:17-F
11Brett Barton21:33+M
12Paul Wagner21:41+M
13Scott Brawner22:03+M
14Kurt Kennett22:16+M
15Jaira Grathwohl22:24+F
16Fred Schmidt23:18*M
17James Harrington23:31+M
18Joe Love23:33+M
19Hugh Emerson23:59+M
20Lisa Wells24:30*F
21Steve Kullman24:58+M
22Bryan Norton26:07+M
23John Moreton26:23*M
24Berkley Hudson26:27*M
25Rod Stevens27:15+M
26Terry Stock27:36+M
27Ann Moreton28:38+F
28Jim O'Dell32:04*M
29Sara Justice32:38*F
- won big jug of peanuts -- overall winner (by sex)
* won jar of peanuts -- first place in age/sex group
+ won bag of peanut M&Ms -- (everyone else)