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2017 Nut Race 5k
Overall Finish List
February 18, 2017
Columbia Track Club
Fifty-five men, women, and children braved 53 F. temperatures, sunny skies, and 5 mph wind to race 3 miles around the University of Missouri Reactor loop. The record low was -10F in 1930 and most of the Nut Races over the years have been brutally cold, hence the name. In fact, we used to give a coconut to the most scantily dressed runner, but had to stop doing that due to a few potentially lethal cases of frostbite. In fact, one guy acquired what amounted to a second degree burn over most of the front of his naked torso.

Alas, global warming made its presence known at this year’s race and we might actually be forced to change the name, if not the concept of the race, should next year bring similar weather. Surely, nuts are yummier than sunblock, but we are not in control here.

Many thanks are offered to Anne Hessler, Tom Allen, and Nancy Taube for timing and recording results. The runners are listed in order of finish with time and 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place within age groups 12 & under, 13-15, 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70+, males (M) and females (F). Times are minute:second,tenth (rounded up).

The overall female winner was Katie Hauser and Male winner was Ryan Hauser in 19:03.1 and 16:46.8 respectively.

--Dick Hessler and Randy Gay, co-race directors

1Ryan HauserM 30-3916:46
2Kevin MurphyM 20-2917:11
3Matthew HauserM 13-1518:15
4Marc KeysM 50-5918:33
5Todd ThompsonM50-5918:35
6Katie HauserF30-3919:03
7Andy EmersonM40-4919:36
8Tom MayM50-5919:48
9Laura HillardF30-3920:31
10Tony RigdonM40-4920:56
11John KorteM40-4920:59
12Erik StoneM30-3921:06
13Brad EarnestM21:43
14Kimberly EarnestF30-3921:50
15Philip SchaeferM60-6922:01
16Will ForsythM13-1522:18
17Benito MendezM22:45
18Kurt KennettM23:37
19Alan BenjaminM60-6923:53
20Lisa WellsF50-5923:58
21Hugh EmersonM24:15
22Josh DawesM20-2924:31
23Paul WadeM30-3924:31
24Stanley FredetteM20-2924:32
25Darren YoungM24:33
26Jerry EbbesmeyerM25:04
27Josiah KorteM 12&U25:21
28James HarringtonM25:35
29Matt RobeM26:06
30Landon WeaverM13-1526:33
31Zach WatringM16-1926:35
32Jessica KitchellF20-2927:03
33Rosie LenzF16-1927:34
34David WebberM60-6927:35
35Jill ShanfearF27:41
36Charlie KorteM 12&U27:55
37Randy DurkM28:07
38Jonathan EbbesmeyerM28:37
39Damian HeggerM28:55
40Karen SandersF20-2929:04
41Shawna VictorF29:07
42Karen EbbesmeyerF40-4929:40
43Cassie MahonF20-2930:39
44Elaine FosterF60-6931:58
45Bruce DunwiddieM32:27
46Margie BrimerF33:11
47Ryan BrimerM33:12
48Bailey BrimerF16-1933:42
49Lisa DunwiddieF13-1535:34
50Gina MoroniF36:54
51Hailey JamesF13-1539:40
52Brea JamesF50-5940:15
53Shari HamiltonF45:07
54Amanda DunwiddieF16-1945:18
55Alison MatusofskyF50-5950:21