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2012 Nut Race 5k
Overall Finish List
February 4, 2012
Columbia Track Club
On the Wednesday before last year’s Nut Race, Columbia got around 15 inches of snow on top of an existing couple of inches, and then the temperature dropped into the low single digits F. We had another inch of snow early Saturday morning that left the already loaded road quite slippery.

This year was vastly different with no snow and 41 degrees F. Maybe we should call it the Nice Race if Mother Nature continues in this vein next year.

In any case, 43 people signed up and 42 finished. The overall female winner was Katie Hauser (18:17), and the overall male winner was Christian Reed (16:29). Each won a very large bag of peanut M&Ms. In fact, all first, second, and third place awards this year consisted of various package sizes and varieties of M&Ms. Everyone else got a consolation prize of a packet of peanuts.

CTC couldn’t function without people like Tom Allen, Tony Taube, and Lisa Wells who timed and scored results. I can’t thank them enough.
--Dick Hessler, race director

PlaceNameCitySexAgeGroup PlaceTime
1Christian ReedColumbia MOM441M16:29
2Tim LangenColumbia MOM431M 40-4916:53
3Kevin StoneColumbia MOM271M 20-2916:55
4Marc KeysColumbia MOM492M 40-4917:21
5Bill StoltzColumbia MOM403M 40-4917:46
6Katie HauserColumbia MOF301F18:17
7Erik StoneFulton MOM272M 20-2918:40
8Tony RigdonColumbia MOM381M 30-3919:27
9Nancy TaubeColumbia MOF511F 50-5919:37
10John WeghorstHolts Summit MOM561M 50-5919:37
11Steve KeithahnColumbia MOM484M 40-4919:51
12Andy EmersonColumbia MOM435M 40-4919:56
13Phil SchaeferColumbia MOM582M 50-5920:05
14Laura HillardColumbia MOF281F 20-2920:26
15Nick ThurwangerColumbia MOM312M 30-3920:55
16Bryan NortonColumbia MOM503M 50-5921:09
17Tim WaidColumbia MOM496M 40-4921:13
18Kimberly EarnestColumbia MOF311F 30-3921:37
19Christina RamirezF332F 30-3921:51
20Tony TurleyIndependence MOM273M 20-2921:58
21Dan SitarColumbia MOM417M 40-4921:59
22Rudy KelleyM641M 60-6922:09
23James HarringtonColumbia MOM383M 30-3922:43
24Hugh EmersonColumbia MOM544M 50-5922:44
25Jimmy O’LoughlinSaint Louis MOM294M 20-2923:27
26David DinglerColumbia MOM595M 50-5923:34
27Bren BremerColumbia MOM151M 15 & under23:51
28Kathy OccenaColumbia MOF481F 40-4923:52
29Mary Ellen BradshawColumbia MOF402F 40-4923:58
30Mike BakerIndependence MOM622M 60-6924:37
31J.A. JohnmeyerFayette MOM556M 50-5924:53
32Lucy UrlacherColumbia MOF552F 50-5925:14
33Steve KullmanColumbia MOM517M 50-5926:32
34David WebberColumbia MOM603M 60-6926:50
35Dana KeeFranklin MOM458M 40-4927:31
36Richard NistendirkHartsburg MOM711M 70+27:59
37Luis OccenaColumbia MOM528M 50-5928:04
38Summer AllenColumbia MOF621F 60-6929:24
39Joe DuncanColumbia MOM772M 70+30:11
40Rod StevensColumbia MOM459M 40-4930:58
41Sharon NewmanColumbia MOF393F 30-3935:11
42J. B. WaggonerFayette MOM4310M 40-4935:13
DNFTom MayColumbia MOM45