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2011 Nut Race 5k
Overall Finish List
February 5, 2011
Columbia Track Club
Thirty-one certified nuts showed up and raced in spite of an inch or so of new snow that had fallen in the wee hours before the 9:00 a.m. start of the race. While the poor footing left runners spinning their feet a bit, some with machine screws inserted into the soles of their shoes and others with Yaktrax getting better traction, at least the absence of wind, the presence of the sun, and the relatively balmy 23 degrees at the start made for a really good race experience. The various nut awards to the first female, male, the top 3 age group winners, and consolation nuts capped off a fine competition.

Kimberly Earnest was the first female finisher in 22:52 and Tony Rigdon was first male in 19:19. We were happy to host Laura Willenbring, Xan Kellogg, Janelle Harrison, Olivia Harrison, and Mary Peterson from the M.U. Running Club as well as three under 18 runners, Trenton Reed, Bren Bremer, and Alex Chavez.

Many thanks to Anne Hessler and James Harrington who gave up part of their Saturday morning to help manage the race. --Dick Hessler, race director

PlaceName CityAgeGroup placeOfficial Time
1Tony RigdonColumbia37Overall M19:19
2Marc KeysColumbia481 M 40-4919:25
3Bill StolzColumbia3x1 M 30-3919:40
4Dan EdidinColumbia422 M 40-4921:16
5Tom MayColumbia443 M 40-4921:35
6Andy EmersonColumbia424 M 40-4921:50
7Phil SchaeferColumbia571 M 50-5922:06
8Tim Swinfard4x5 M 40-4922:11
9Brendan CaryHarrisburg312 M 30-3922:41
10Kimberly EarnestColumbia30Overall F22:52
11Janelle Harrison2x1 F 20-2923:06
12Oscar ChavezColumbia476 M 40-4923:11
13Hugh EmersonColumbia532 M 50-5923:31
14Kurt KennettColumbia437 M 40-4923:55
15Laura Willenbring1x1 F 0-1924:10
16Sam MostellerColumbia428 M 40-4924:40
17Xan Kellogg1x2 F 0-1925:00
18Bryan NortonColumbia499 M 40-4925:21
19Lisa WellsColumbia471 F 40-4925:43
20Mary Peterson4x2 F 40-4925:53
21Bren BremerColumbia141 M 0-1925:59
22Olivia HarrisonColumbia2x3 F 20-2926:06
23Mary Ellen Bradshaw391 F 30-3926:13
24J.A. Johnmeyer543 M 50-5926:22
25Alex ChavezColumbia162 M 0-1929:26
26Steve KullmanColumbia504 M 50-5930:31
27Erin McGahaSedalia382 F 30-3931:07
28Joe Duncan761 M 70+32:19
29Jim O'DellFayette671 M 60-6932:49
30Trenton ReedColumbia93 M 0-1933:00
31Amanda Garrison ReedColumbia353 F 30-3933:01
32Sharon NewmanColumbia3x4 F 30-3936:27