2010 Nut Race 5K
Overall Finish List
February 6, 2010
Columbia Track Club
Columbia had a "snow episode" the day before the race and the usual alarmists were predicting that we would have 4 inches of snow on the ground by Sat. morning. Well, Saturday morning rolled in and the racecourse was completely clear with the temperature hovering around freezing and a 5-10 mph wind out of the north. We had good conditions for racing, no question, especially when you hark back to a couple of races with snow on the course and temperatures below zero F. Forty-two runners and two walkers* took full advantage of the fine weather with Ryan Hauser and Kimberly Earnest first overall for the men and women. It was good to host Bren Bremer and Josh Caldwell, 13 and 14 respectively, and Dana Ivanova, 17, who hails from Slovakia.

Special thanks to Anne Hessler, Bill Stolz, Alex Chavez, Tom Allen, Dan Hooley, and Nancy Rezabek for their help with race management and eatables.

--Dick Hessler, race director

1Ryan Hauser17:071M
2Joe Company17:471M30-39
3Tony Rigdon18:302M30-39
4Andy Emerson18:501M40-49
5Stephen Bourgeois18:512M40-49
6Andy Starostka19:033M40-49
7Eric Stone19:321M19-29
8Phil Schaefer19:391M50-59
9Steve Stonecipher-Fisher19:522M50-59
10Kurt Kennett20:22
11Nate Smith20:322M19-29
12Kimberly Earnest20:421F
13Whitney Spivey21:011F19-29
14Oscar Chavez21:02
15Steve Keithahn22:02
16Dana Ivanova22:051F13-18
17Louis Reilly22:283M19-29
18Hugh Emerson22:293M50-59
19Steven Hemmann22:33
20Tom Brinker23:19
21Joe Lopez23:44
22Fabiola Lopez23:541F50-59
23Bryan Norton24:04
24Mary Ellen Bradshaw24:061F30-39
25Bren Bremer24:151M13-19
26Scott Kane24:20
27J.A. Johnmeyer24:31
28Chris Rogers25:12
29Rachel Henderson25:312F19-29
30Richard Nistendirk25:491M60-69
31Erin McGaha25:552F30-39
32Terry Stock26:27
33Kathy Occena26:471F40-49
34Amy Hinton27:333F19-29
35Maria Nelson28:00
36Luis Occena29:08
37Jim O?Dell30:072M60-69
38Josh Caldwell31:202M13-19
39Sharon Newman31:243F30-39
40Shawna Victor32:14
41Megan Hoyt32:14
42Nancy Giofra33:282F40-49
*Andrea Allen and Nancy Rezabek walked the course.