2000 Nut Race - 5K


Reactor Park 5K Loop
9 a.m. Start
Thirty hardy runners showed up to run on what turned out to be a picture-perfect weather 
day for a 5 K race here in the winter. The temperature at the start was 18 or 19 F, the 
sun was shining, and the slightest of breezes cooled the runners on their way north up 
the hill. The race started at the top of the hill on the northwest corner of the Reactor 
Park road, went down the hill, crossed old Providence Road to new Providence Road, went 
up the hill, turned left to rejoin the Reactor Park road and back to the start. The loop 
is less than one mile so the runners crossed the first mile mark 250 or so paces on down 
the hill from the start line. On the third time past the starting line, the runners 
continued down the hill, around the corner where the Reactor road intersects old 
Providence Road, and then ran straight to the finish line in front of the drive to 
the Red Cross building.  I'm sure that most of the runners were grateful that they 
did not have to go up the hill again.  The course is deceptively fast with one half 
of each loop down, one half up, and the finish lower than the start.
Sure enough, like every one of the past Nut Races, the racers found ample 
opportunity to floor it and see what the shoes would do. Trooper Gary Gundy showed 
up toward the end of the race, but didn't issue any tickets for speeding.  I think 
he realized that the runners were motivated by nothing more than peanuts.
The women's division was very competitive.  In the 35-39 age group.Nancy Taube 
won the women's division overall and that age group as well with Wells, Walker, and Kerl 
pushing her.  Kelly Knaebel had the 10 -14 group all to herself.  Nevertheless, she ran
a PR and finished 7th overall. The 30-34 age group was won by Polniak, 2nd overall, 
Gundy 2nd, and Lewis 3rd.  Anne Janku was alone in the 40-49 group, and she ran very 
fast to finish 4th overall.  On the men's side, Bourgeois led until the top of the 
last downhill where Johnson, who had been a step behind all the way, jumped Stephen.
He opened up a 10 meter lead immediately, but Stephen closed over the last 300 meters. 
Johnson won, Bourgeois was second just 4/10s of a second off, Keys just 10 seconds
behind him, and Stonecipher-Fisher one second behind for 4th.  Stonecipher-Fisher won 
the 40-49 age group with Gerald Holtmeyer 2nd just 19 seconds behind.  Dane Holtmeyer 
won the 10-14 age group with brother Travis winning the 15-19 age group. Clay Farris
won the 30-34, Johnson the 35-39, and Jim O'Dell won the 50+ group.  Thanks to Don 
Knaebel for helping at the finish line.							
                                   		óRace Director Dick Hessler

1. Dwayne Johnson  (37) 17:28.4
2. Stephen Bourgeois (36) 17:28.8
3. Marc Keys (37) 17:38.1
4. Steve Stonecipher-Fisher (43) 17:39.2
5. Gerald Holtmeyer (40) 17:58.7
6. John Wegholst (44) 18:04.1
7. Travis Holtmeyer (15) 19:01.2
8. Clay Farris (31) 19:59.6
9. Curt Kempf (35) 20:15.2
10. Dan Hooley (49) 20:22.8
11. Rich Reisdorf (31) 21:29.4
12. Drew Hensley (16) 21:57.4
13. Dane Holtmeyer (14) 22:10.2
14. Kurt Kennett (32) 22:19.3
15. Tim Holland (31) 22:21.9
16. Jim O'Dell (56) 23:48.7
17. Robert McGowan (33) 23:52.6
18. John Fougere (34) 24:39.4
19. Jim Peregoy (34) 25:15.1
20. Davis Webber (48) 25:19.0
21. Greg Walker (36) 31:55.8
1. Nancy Taube (39 yrs) 21:32.6
2. Jennifer Polniak (32)  22:32.4
3. Lisa Wells (36)  22:38.9
4. Anne Janku (43) 23:13.9
5. Amy Gundy (34) 24:43.5
6. Dannelle Walker (36) 25:14.0
7. Kelly Knaebel (10) 26:41.9
8. Marie Kerl (38) 27:01.8
9. Teiir Lewis (30) 33:17.9