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Chicagoan Greg Costello was in Kansas City for a business trip and decided to make a side trip to Sedalia in search of a tune-up race for his Olympic marathon trial attempt later in April. Greg won by one of the biggest margins in SHM history by besting the field by over six minutes in 1:10:52. Greg kept a steady pace and finished looking as though he had just come in from an easy morning run. Many-time Women’s winner Cindy Blakely-Cameron won by approximately the same margin as Greg with a resounding 1:25:38 finishing time. Cindy was coming off a previous weekend’s half marathon in Virginia Beach where she ran a 1:24.

We had one new record in age-group competition. Susan Robinette broke the 60+ Women’s record, which had stood for 12 years, with a fine 1:58:46. Ann Nelson became the first ever 70+ women’s finisher, and Ed Burnam became the oldest ever finisher at 86, beating the record he set of a year ago of 85.

Top Sedalia Finisher was Kevin Funk. He finished 22nd overall in 1:30:40

Kent & Robin Lang – race directors.
1Greg Costello Chicago IL 251:10:52
2Andy Koziatek Manchester 241:17:04
3Matt Dreier Columbia 311:19:52
4Chris Nichols Leawood KS 451:20:13
5Tod Billings Harrisonville 441:21:24
6John Tremblay Whiteman AFB 271:23:09
7Rob Marriott Spring Hill KS 371:23:28
8Rod Williams Warrensburg 441:23:47
9Ron Bodine Liberty 441:25:18
10Cindy Blakeley-Cameron Westwood KS 41 1:25:38F
11Don Fitzgerald Lenexa KS 521:26:00
12Terry Drake Olathe KS 481:26:34
13Andy Emerson Columbia 371:26:48
14Philip Schaefer Columbia 521:27:13
15Ken Beach Raytown 531:27:41
16Dmitry Voldman OVPK KS 521:27:51
17Kyle McDaniel Columbia 241:28:04
18Karl Brooks Lawrence KS 491:28:16
19Mike Denehy Columbia 301:29:31
20David Pulford Lenexa KS 391:29:48
21Chris Boos Prairie Village KS 321:30:21
22Kevin Funk Sedalia 381:30:40
23Jason Levine Sedalia 341:31:51
24Sarah Ashman Columbia 341:32:02F
25Jeff Behrens Gladstone 571:32:43
26Kurt Kennett Columbia 381:32:46
27Tom May Columbia 391:32:55
28Karla Lang Boonville 371:32:59F
29Ed Moody Overland PK KS 421:33:10
30Heidi Bryant Kansas City 301:33:41F
31David Bryant Kansas City 321:33:59
32Jim Lynde Overland PK KS 561:35:02
33Allan Benjamin Columbia 501:35:30
34Jim Papreck Marshall 331:35:34
35Stephen Aleman Springfield 521:36:15
36Dan Webster Olathe KS 481:38:38
37Elizabeth Anderson Columbia 201:38:47F
38Kevin Almquist Omaha NE 311:39:35
39Jaclyn Goble Knob Noster 251:39:55F
40Kenneth Vega Gladstone 231:40:37
41Hugh Emerson Columbia 481:41:47
42Larry Rink Overland PK KS 571:41:58
43Larry Everly Independence 561:42:07
44Kathleen Johnson Shawnee KS 491:42:34F
45Sonna Basler Macon 291:42:40F
46Michael Chaffee Leawood KS 611:42:46
47Troy Blunt Warrensburg 381:42:55
48Stephen DeVito Warrensburg 251:43:16
49Richard Wootton Overland PK KS 671:43:19
50Garth Smith Overland PK KS 641:43:47
51Ed Rollins Columbia 471:44:34
52Rob Myers Belton 361:44:39
53Rick Schlesselman Mora 411:45:06
54Tim Arnold Macon 361:45:32
55Michael Robins St. Joseph 501:45:33
56Tim Waid Columbia 431:46:09
57Jesse Palchick Warrensburg 241:46:14
58Noel Capps Kansas City 381:46:57
59John Meehan Sedalia 521:48:04
60Marilyn Lappin Prairie Village KS 421:48:45F
61Steve Huff St. Joseph 581:49:32
62Nick Fine Sedalia 201:50:14
63Amanda Hicks Columbia 221:50:36F
64Carl Brown Jefferson City 511:50:41
65Dennis Hendren LaPlata 571:50:54
66Craig Plaster Moberly 491:51:03
67Justin Lynch Kansas City 441:51:27
68Andrea Brack Overland PK KS 451:51:40F
69Tami Martin Kansas City 441:51:41F
70Gregory Dolak Knob Noster 271:53:40
71Richard Nistendirk Hartsburg 661:54:20
72Sheryl Crawford Blue Springs 481:55:12F
73Don Roth Prairie Village KS 671:55:16
74Willie Fritz Warrensburg 451:55:46
75Chris Steinbrunn Hopkins MN 361:56:51
76Jeff Wells Columbia 471:57:05
77Bryan Norton Columbia 441:57:35
78Doug VanAuken Prairie Vill. KS 65 1:58:08
79Susan Robinette Shawnee KS 611:58:46F
80Herb Brown Independence 681:58:47
81Kent Mitchell Lenexa KS 721:58:55
82Jason Lake Warrensburg 341:59:25
83Beth Morrison St. Peters 311:59:57F
84Kelly Stripling Kansas City 372:00:27F
85Jocelyn Southerland Warrensburg 312:00:58F
86Jill Aleman Springfield 472:01:27F
87Peggy Horner Columbia 482:02:56F
88Jordan Alexander Columbia 402:03:00
89Lisa McComas Marshall 412:03:14F
90Tracy Lock Carrollton 362:03:20F
91Bill Wright Marshall 652:03:35
92Bryce Heitman St. Louis 302:03:50
93Mary Olsen Knob Noster 242:04:29F
94Elizabeth Shull Kansas City 422:04:41F
95Lisa Wells Columbia 422:04:47F
96Pat Cook Warrensburg 542:05:55F
97Bridget Evans Laclede 482:06:08F
98Lisa Wright Columbia 392:06:58F
99Lou Joline Blue Springs 732:07:37
100Elaine Foster Jefferson City 542:08:15F
101Blair Benedict Lenexa KS 452:08:45
102Donna Romans Kansas City 582:09:55F
103Darice Kiefer Sedalia 242:10:19F
104Steven Harvey Clinton 442:10:27
105Frank Weinhold Topeka KS 682:11:03
106Kelly Roberts Brookfield 492:12:06F
107Jill Luckert Brookfield 412:12:07F
108Brian Lappin Prairie Village KS 422:12:23
109Sandi Weston Kansas City 532:12:24F
110Tracy Thompson Marshall 352:14:00F
111Tammy Scheible Kansas City 412:14:06F
112Jim Ellis Sedalia 612:15:08
113Tonia Schlecht Kirksville 292:18:31F
114Sheila Flickinger LaPlata 422:18:32F
115Linda Reckart Kansas City 602:18:50F
116Sunny Younger Fulton 302:22:24F
117Rhonda Moore Columbia 502:23:39F
118Patricia Hegger-Ferguson Sedalia 382:24:46F
119Sandy Smith Macon 402:26:47F
120Olive Platt Macon 452:26:48F
121Kelly Trowbridge Prairie Vill KS 342:29:01F
122Christina Morian Jefferson City 452:35:02F
123Mary Albrecht Center ND 492:37:31F
124Valerie Rimmer Marshall 402:46:34F
125Carolyn Enyeart Kansas City 552:45:56F
126Richard Pratz Preston 132:46:57
127Carolyn Mitchell Lenexa KS 692:47:48F
128Susan Lake Warrensburg 332:10:54F
129Deloyn Huffman Gardne KS 712:20:58
130Ann Nelson Westwood Hills KS 702:23:34F
131Diana Bahr Leavenworth KS 592:23:44F
132Ed Burnham Kansas City 863:29:43

2006 Sedalia Half Marathon
Age Group Winners

19>Richard Pratz2:46:57
20-24Andy Koziatek1:17:04Elizabeth Anderson1:38:47
Kyle McDaniel1:28:04Amanda Hicks1:50:36
Kenneth Vega1:40:37Mary Olsen2:04:29
25-29Greg Costello1:10:52Jaclyn Goble1:39:55
John Tremblay1:23:09Sonna Basler1:42:40
Stephen DeVito1:43:16Tonia Schlecht2:18:31
30-34Matt Dreier1:19:52Sarah Ashman1:32:02
Mike Denehy1:29:31Heidi Bryant1:33:41
Chris Boos1:30:21Beth Morrison1:59:57
35-39Rob Marriott1:23:28Karla Lang1:32:59
Andy Emerson1:26:48Kelly Stripling2:00:27
David Pulford1:29:48Tracy Lock2:03:20
40-44Tod Billings1:21:24Cindy Blakeley-Cameron1:25:38
Rod Williams1:23:47Marilyn Lappin1:48:45
Ron Bodine1:25:18Tami Martin1:51:41
45-49Chris Nichols1:20:13Kathleen Johnson1:42:34
Terry Drake1:26:34Andrea Brack1:51:40
Karl Brooks1:28:16Sheryl Crawford1:55:12
50-54Don Fitzgerald1:26:00Pat Cook2:05:55
Philip Schaefer1:27:13Elaine Foster2:08:15
Ken Beach1:27:41Sandi Weston2:12:24
55-59Jeff Behrens1:32:43Donna Romans2:09:55
Jim Lynde1:35:02Carolyn Enyeart2:46:56
Larry Rink1:41:58Diana Bahr2:23:44
60-64Michael Chaffee1:42:46Susan Robinette1:58:46
Garth Smith1:43:47Linda Reckart2:18:50
Jim Ellis2:15:08
65-69Richard Wootton1:43:19Carolyn Mitchell2:47:48
Richard Nistendirk1:54:20
Don Roth1:55:16
70-74Kent Mitchell1:58:55Ann Nelson2:23:34
Lou Joline2:07:37
Deloyn Huffman2:20:58
80+Ed Burnham3:29:43