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2014 Parley P. Pratt Memorial 4M
Overall Finish List
July 4, 2014
Over 400 came to run and walk for liberty. This year was the 20th anniversary of the Parley P. Pratt Memorial Freedom Event, held on Friday, July 4th at the Twin Lakes Recreational Area Pavilion in Columbia. It was also the 175th anniversary since Parley P. Pratt, a leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, escaped from the Boone County Jail after being falsely charged and imprisoned.

The weather was perfect this year, with morning lows in the upper 50s. The event began with an invocation, a flag ceremony and the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by honoring military veterans in attendance, a message of freedom by Army Major Joseph Toepke, and the historical story of Pratt. Next participants did either a one or four mile run or walk. Children running the one mile received a replica of the liberty flag Pratt hung out of the Boone County Jail on the 4th back in 1839. Pancakes and watermelon followed for all. The event was sponsored by the Columbia congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Overall 1st place female winner in the 4 mile was Janelle Harrison with a time of 24:47. Overall first place male winner was Atlee Lambright with a time of 22:32.
--Newell Kitchen, race director

PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeGenderTime
1Atlee Lambright32M22:32
2Marc Keys51M22:52
3Travis Line16M23:08
4Dan Edidin45M23:11
5Colin McDonald23M24:06
6Andy Emerson45M24:08
7Brendan Fish16M24:09
8Jacob Line18M24:45
9Janelle Harrison26F24:47
10Grant Sykuta16M25:29
11Brandon Young14M25:33
12Ethan Line14M25:57
13Preston Willey16M26:00
14Sam Mosteller46M26:02
15Jose Mendez34M26:18
16Jorge Lugo45M26:20
17Sankalp Shiva28M26:28
18Parley Jenkins16M26:37
19Garvin Line51M26:48
20Jadon Kilpack15M28:19
21Chelsea Olson28F28:34
22John Korte41M28:35
23Elder Smith20M28:36
24Emily Harl16F28:42
25Kurt Kennett46M28:44
26Andrew Grabau39M29:13
27Benito Mendez40M29:45
28Norman Cox48M29:47
29Jacob Sykuta13M29:59
30Michael Brassoa22M30:02
31Matt Rold39M30:04
32Megan Goyette16F30:32
33Lisa Willey42F30:40
34Todd Willey52M30:41
35Jason Huether31M30:43
36Butch Mcfetters51M30:53
37Markas Heinrich19M30:58
38Vincent Palmer18M31:02
39Kris Marin32M31:07
40Jason Hundell39M31:33
41Micah Roberts18M31:50
42Bruce Dunwiddie37M32:05
43Daniel Shannon27M32:10
44James Harvey49M32:29
45David Jamison27M32:33
46Joseph Hole16M32:35
47Joe Shurtz31M32:43
48Samuel Gurivsey17M32:50
49Max Drown40M33:00
50Bob Moore54M33:19
51Mina Hayes36F33:21
52David Reid37M33:23
53Mike Bray21M33:27
54Ye Yuan32M33:41
55Jonathan Lancaster16M33:59
56Brian Jamison37M34:00
57Brandon Arnold32M34:21
58Jamie Quade49M34:50
59Lee Riley41M35:23
60Sara Brown42F35:30
61Dwain Roberts54M35:38
62Ali Hartmann14F36:19
63Jueng Zhang27M36:28
64Elder Robertson19M36:38
65Jingwen Kang21F36:41
66Michael Smith43M36:46
67Elizabeth Kelly27F36:58
68Tyler Dettmar10M37:16
69Sang McCall33F37:23
70Jessica Pinkston35F37:41
71Lindsay Butcher29F37:42
72Bob Beard54M37:43
73Andrew Hampton8M37:43
74Hannah Holzum29F37:46
75Katie Proctor34F37:47
76Luis Occena54M38:34
77Philip Batson30M38:45
78Liz Aber26F38:45
79Jessica Deleen29F38:46
80Ashley Hampton34F39:12
81Mendez Luiz33M39:15
82Elder Hendrickson18M39:45
83Candy Gabel56F39:59
84Xin Tory26F40:07
85Clayton Cheney54M41:24
86Marc Lundstrom38M41:25
87Cole Moore20M41:26
88Amy Lynn Smith42F42:04
89Jason Kilpack39M42:05
90Jennifer Goyne43F43:14
91Eileen Tye34F43:15
92Sister Sabey21F43:21
93Kyla Shurtz24F43:39
94Ben Shurtz26M43:40
95Konrad Willey15M43:42
96Kaylin Bean25F43:46
97Mac Bean24M43:47
98Susan Des Camps38F44:08
99George Szabo32M44:29
100Jamie Szabo36F44:30
101Suzan Holman58F44:41
102Erin Chatterton20F44:57
103Ben Batson65M45:15
104Sierah Buckler10F46:41
105Morriah Buckler28F46:42
106Andrea Allen67F47:15
107Monica Moore21F47:45
108David Bergin58M47:59
109Terrell Vanzant17M48:49
110Annalise Willey10F49:00
111Lincoln Waston14M49:56
112Mirca Wasdon44M50:10
113Toni Dunwiddie38F50:51
114Shenhua Sinkler33F51:00
115Alama Tia38F51:04
116Linlin Ma Ma24F51:07
117Erin Occena21F51:12
118Nancy Fritsch75F51:13
119Kathleen Occena51F51:14
120Amy Gundy48F51:15
121Rhonda Young49F51:36
122Sister Ash22F52:05
123Lori Ann Maples17F52:12
124Tina Murphy38F52:13
125Janet Brandt62F52:40
126Joe Duncan80M52:41
127Laura Wells73F52:42
128Christi Bergin56F53:40
129Sarah Lucas9F53:57
130David Lucas36M53:58
131Jiang Hong50F54:50
132Tamara Oberbeck60F55:33
133Brad Cunningham50M56:11
134Sue Cunningham49F56:12
135Amanda Dunwiddie16F56:13
136Lisa Dunwiddie11F56:14
137Samantha Hartman4F58:48
138Joe Hartman42M58:49
139Noma Devonlea57F59:23
140Sheridan Buckler9F1:02:29
141Stephanie Hester49F1:02:30
142Nicole Roach16F1:02:52
143Jacob Brown31M1:03:31
144Brittany Brown27F1:03:33
145Gerald Neuffer92M1:03:53
146Elizabeth Roach30F1:04:23
147Jesse Bartenbruch28F1:05:05
148Velvet Hasner35F1:06:44
149James Bennett15M1:06:56
150Diana Hartmann40F1:07:13
151Linda Bennett15F1:09:36
152Michael Bennet44M1:09:38
153Rose Ryan52F1:10:20
154Patrick Fowler54F1:10:21
155Nicolette Kumar40F1:16:09
156Christine Robovsky40F1:16:11
157Patrick Gatica18M1:31:28
158Kassidy Jacobson18F1:31:29
Additional age class winners were as follows: 
	10 and under	11-13		14-16		17-19		19-34		 35-49		50-65		65+
female 	Sarah Buckler	Lisa Dunwiddie	Emily Harl	Lori Ann Maples	Janelle Harrison Lisa Willey	Candy Gabel	Andrea Allen
male	Tyler Dettmar	Jacob Sykuta	Travis Line	Jacob Line	Atlee Lambright	 Dan Edidin	Marc Keys	Ben Batson