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2013 Parley Pratt 4M
Overall Finish List
July 4, 2013
Columbia Track Club/LDS Church
Recording problems resulted in some likely discrepancies between recorded times and actual times, especially from finishers over 30 minutes. We have tried to reconcile the results as best as possible. In most cases the difference should be less than a minute. If your posted time does not seem correct, our apologies. We will try to rectify this for next year’s event.
--Newell Kitchen, race director
1Andy KoziatekBallwin MO31M21:55
2Travis LineColumbia MO15M23:08
3Tom MayColumbia MO46M23:11
4Chris MiluSt Louis MO23M23:25
5Quinn MillerColumbia MO15M23:32
6Scott MantoothColumbia MO51M23:34
7Dan EdidinColumbia MO44M23:37
8Colin McDonaldColumbia MO22M23:48
9Chad PenningtonFrankford IL21M23:55
10Tony RigdonColumbia MO40M24:21
11Jacob LineColumbia MO17M24:23
12Bryan AshtonColumbia MO26M24:42
13Andy EmersonColumbia MO44M24:49
14Andy PeleColumbia MO46M25:05
15Sam BaumerColumbia MO14M25:06
16Josh BaumerColumbia MO17M25:07
17Kory McDonaldColumbia MO19M25:17
18Trevor GriswaldColumbia MO22M25:26
19Sam MostellerColumbia MO45M25:36
20Liz ReilaColumbia MOF25:40
21Kaitlyn FischerPevely18F25:41
22Sarah JacobsonColumbia MO18F25:41
23Ali RussColumbia MO21F25:42
24Jack GabelColumbia MO15M25:50
25Matt MayColumbia MO15M25:53
26Maggie AngstColumbia MO18F25:55
27Brianna WesterveltColumbia MO20F26:04
28Phil SchaeferColumbia MO59M26:06
29Steve KeithahnColumbia MO50M26:24
30Samuel GurnseyColumbia MO16M26:24
31Devin McCallColumbia MO31M26:30
32Garvin LineColumbia MO50M26:56
33Nancy TaubeColumbia MO53F26:59
34Kurt KennettColumbia MO45M27:00
35Nick ThurwangerColumbia MO32M27:12
36Charles GanColumbia MO17M27:12
37Kyle RileyColumbia MO37M27:16
38Michael BrasseyColumbia MO21M27:36
39Kevin TylerCentralia MO57M27:53
40Megan BechtoldColumbia MOF28:08
41Ashley ErmerColumbia MO22F28:16
42Emily HarlColumbia MO15F28:34
43Ethan LineColumbia MO13M28:51
44Joanna ZhangColumbia MO17F28:59
45Christina RamirezColumbia MO34F29:18
46Scott PhelpsMesa25M29:21
47Joel HerethColumbia MO16M29:39
48Hugh EmersonColumbia MO55M29:48
49Vincent PalmerColumbia MO17M29:59
50Maddie MayColumbia MO17F30:19
51Shiva SankalpColumbia MO27M30:47
52Ryan QuadeColumbia MO13M31:02
53Mary Ellen BradshawColumbia MO41F31:19
54Lisa ReidColumbia MO33F31:24
55Christian PinkstonColumbia MO36M31:29
56Shaun OlsenJackson36M31:33
57Harvey JamesColumbia MO48M31:39
58Mond BraklineRocheport MOM31:44
59Dean HainsworthColumbia MO51M31:48
60Markas HeinricColumbia MO18M31:53
61Clayton CheneyColumbia MO53M32:02
62Bruce DunwiddieBlue Springs MO36M32:03
63Sierra GrimmColumbia MO17F32:06
64David ReidColumbia MOM32:10
65Jimmy O'LaughlinColumbia MO30M32:12
66Kathleen OccenaColumbia MO50F32:20
67Tony TaubeColumbia MO54M32:30
68Norman CoxCentralia MO47M32:33
69Ron WagnerColumbia MO57M32:54
70Benjamin LeighColumbia MO15M33:02
71Suzette VosColumbia MO52F33:08
72Marc LundstromColumbia MO37M33:50
73Max DrownColumbia MO41M33:55
74Kerry McDonaldColumbia MO47M33:55
75Hunter BesseyColumbia MO15M33:56
76Drew BrownColumbia MO34M33:59
77Ed RollinsColumbia MO54M33:59
78Brandon ArnoldColumbia MO31M34:01
79Eric BesseyColumbia MO44M34:07
80Scott TrumanColumbia MO39M34:13
81Dean WilkersonBoonville MO54M34:19
82Chris ShoafColumbia MO33M34:28
83Rosalie McDonaldColumbia MO47F34:33
84Sarah LandrethColumbia MOM34:36
85Mark PackardColumbia MO32M34:47
86Tyler DettmarColumbia MO9M34:48
87Kirk PintoColumbia MO26M35:27
88Will CobellColumbia MO34M35:32
89Vincent ElfrinkColumbia MO12M35:45
90Katherine BarrettColumbia MO53F35:45
91Michele BaumerColumbia MO51F35:54
92Rachael DoubledeeColumbia MO23F35:58
93Caroline StevensColumbia MO13F36:10
94Brian JamisonSt Charles MO36M36:26
95Stephen HamptonColumbia MO36M36:28
96Chad GoochColumbia MO37M36:31
97Luis OccenaColumbia MO54M36:56
98Jacob BrownColumbia MO30M37:20
99Heather HuntColumbia MO32F37:32
100Natalie BellColumbia MO26F37:37
101Charles NelsonJefferson City MO15M38:14
102Evan OlsonColumbia MO30M38:22
103Shaun MackelprangJefferson City MO41M38:33
104Amanda FosterColumbia MO25F38:42
105Russell AllenColumbia MO29M38:42
106Stephen DrownColumbia MO14M38:45
107Phillip MoeselColumbia MO29M39:02
108Doug MoeselColumbia MO53M39:06
109Brenda MantoothColumbia MO49F39:32
110Undeay ButcherColumbia MO25F39:51
111Hannah HolzumColumbia MO28F39:52
112Dionni HingsonColumbia MO22F40:01
113Courtney KingColumbia MO15F40:52
114Michelle KingColumbia MO17F40:52
115Rod StevensColumbia MO47M40:53
116Jamie SzaboColumbia MO35F40:59
117George SzaboColumbia MO32M40:59
118Amanda CollierBlue Springs MO15F41:09
119Kelly McDonaldColumbia MO15F41:11
120Madeline HavlColumbia MO16F41:11
121Tawnya MeansHigh Springs40F41:14
122Tyler MeansHigh Springs9M41:16
123Lee RileyColumbia MO40M41:45
124Caleb RileyColumbia MO12M41:48
125Jordan JensenColumbia MO29F42:04
126Bruce BarrettColumbia MO57M42:28
127Price RobinsonColumbia MO12M42:44
128Janet BrandyColumbia MO61F42:47
129Kristen LeeColumbia MO29F43:06
130Cory LeeColumbia MO29M43:12
131Kristen PintoColumbia MO28F43:39
132Brenie HerethColumbia MO50F43:40
133Emily JamisonSt Charles MO32F43:43
134Brandi HerrmanColumbia MO33F43:47
135Dave SillColumbia MO35M44:04
136Paula BarrettColumbia MO54F44:39
137Christina HendryAuxvasse MO23F45:18
138Michael WilkersonNew Castle KY31M46:00
139Nora DrownColumbia MO38F46:04
140Alanna TiaColumbia MO37F46:06
141Lori CummingsColumbia MO47F46:12
142Jacob TaylorColumbia MO26M46:13
143Rebecca TaylorColumbia MO22F47:18
144Nancy FritschColumbia MO74F47:32
145Laura WellsColumbia MO72F48:01
146Jamie MoakeColumbia MO34F48:29
147Tim MoakeColumbia MO34M48:31
148Andrea AllenColumbia MO66F49:48
149Nancy PinkstonSprindfield MO43F50:45
150James BerginKansas City MO28M50:52
151Ava McKameyColumbia MO9F53:00
152Kate McKameyColumbia MO34F53:04
153Jim LinvilleColumbia MO57M53:41
154Michael ShoafColumbia MO13M54:02
155Laura ElfrinkColumbia MO14F54:27
156Lisa DunwiddieBlue Springs MO10F54:35
157Lincoln WasdenColumbia MO13M56:04
158Mitch WasdenColumbia MO43M56:05
159Ethan SchwabAshland MO12M56:06
160David SchwabAshland MO9M57:34
161Doug HoleeAshland MO55M57:35
162Samantha HartmannColumbia MO3F57:58
163Joe HartmannColumbia MO42M1:02:19
164Toni DunwiddieBlue Springs MO37F1:03:29
165Sophia ElfrinkColumbia MO9F1:03:41
166Philip JulianGoldsboro NC63M1:03:54
167Rebekah MackelprangJefferson City MO10F1:04:17
168Sarah MackelprangJefferson City MO11F1:04:42
169Samuel MackelprangJefferson City MO6M1:04:45
170Deanna PhillipsColumbia MO50F1:05:02
171Raina ReyerColumbia MO36F1:05:02
172Tania LeighColumbia MO41F1:05:48
173Erin LafondColumbia MO49F1:05:49
174Annette ValascoColumbia MO48F1:06:08
175Gerald NeufferColumbia MO91M1:06:09
176Neuffer DaleAshburn62M1:06:09
177Linda ChastonSomersworth NH54F1:06:10
178Ali HartmannColumbia MO13F1:06:11
179Marybeth BohnColumbia MO50F1:06:15
180Velvet HasnerColumbia MO34F1:06:51
181Sharon BrooksColumbia MO55F1:06:53
182Sonya McQuittyColumbia MO34F1:07:44
183Dianna HartmannColumbia MO39F1:09:51