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2011 Capitol to Courthouse 39.3 miles
Overall Finish List
October 22, 2011
Challenges by Choice
The First Capitol to Courthouse Ultra Marathon and Relay started at the State Capitol in Jefferson City and finished at the Boone County Court House in Columbia. The temperature at the start was 43 degrees, and the high was 66 degrees. The skies were partly cloudy, and the wind was minimal. Overall, the weather was almost perfect. All 8 individual runners completed the entire 39.3 miles, and it is noteworthy that none had ever tackled more than 26.2 miles prior to this Ultra. The male course record is now 6 hours, 39 seconds set by Michael Andreani. The male masters record was set by Mark Boucher in 7:57:18. The female course record and masters mark were both set by Mary Ellen Bradshaw in 7:08:27. The "CTC Guys" placed 1st of 12 teams in 3:57:18. The 2nd place team "In Good Company" was the first Coed team, finishing in 4:11:38. "Happy Hour" finished in 6th place and was the first all-female team. The race was held as a fundraiser for the American Heart Association and raised almost $2,000 that was split between the Jefferson City and Columbia Chapters. Dana Kee was recognized with the "Most Generous Donation" award. The second annual race will reverse the course and be named the "Courthouse to Capitol Ultra Marathon and Relay" and is scheduled for 20 Oct 2012. Please check challengesbychoice.com for future updates.
--Darrin Young, race director
1CTC GuysMales3:57:18Male Team winner
2In Good CompanyMixed4:11:38Coed Team winner
4Road WarriorsMales5:00:45
5Lunatics OneMales5:08:37
6Happy HourFemales5:14:25Female Team winner
7Bat S@#T CraziesMixed5:16:02
8Emerson GuysMales5:20:01Masters Team winner
10Two Good LegsMixed5:47:05
11Michael AndreaniM6:00:39Male Individual winner
12Noah's ArkMixed6:10:03
13Trinity MomsFemales6:33:10
14Eric KimlingerM6:35:41
15Mary Ellen BradshawF7:08:27Female Individual winner
16Mark BoucherM7:57:18
17Eric MothersbaughM8:04:33
18Dana KeyM8:13:54Fundraising winner
19Heather WagnerF8:28:15
20Shane EppingM8:29:49
Team Rosters
CTC Guys
Bill StolzM
Tony RigdonM
Marc KeysM
Erik StoneM
Kevin StoneM
In Good Company
Joe CompanyM
Amy CompanyF
Brad EarnestM
Kim EarnestF
Nancy TaubeF
Ryan HauserM
Katie HauserF
Tom MayM
John GeorgeM
Zach GeorgeM
Emily GeorgeF
Nick SchrimpfM
Road Warriors
Brian SchulteM
Garrette HawkinsM
Lunatics One
Dale WillisM1:42:41
Mike AcockM1:43:00
Steve ThompsonM1:42:00
Happy Hour
Christina RamirezF
Tamara HancockF
Penny CoderF
Bat S@#T Crazies
Mitch RademanM
Cole BerhorstM
Casey BaumhoerF
Ashley PrengerF
Sarah KramerF
Emerson Guys
Hugh EmersonM3:22:16Capitol to Easley
Andy EmersonM1:57:45Easley to Courthouse
Michael MawM
David WinarskiM
Kelli WinarskiF
Dan SzyM
Dusti SzyF
Chad HicksM
Kevin StarkM
Pam ZimmerleF
Christina CrawfordF
Two Good Legs
Dan HeavilandM5:47:05ran 18.75 miles, biked 20.55
Jenny ClarkF5:47:05ran 20.55 miles, biked 18.75
Noah's Ark
Terry ChapmanF
Greg ChapmanM
Zach ChapmanM
Tom KubasM
Alyssa TaylorF
Kendall FossF
Amber BaughmanF
Trinity Moms
Debbie RoslanF
Stephanie PatrickF
Amy PavelyF
Jennifer ZimmermanF
Rachel MarionF
Kerri MorrisF
Jennifer GoingF
Jodi BatesF
Stacey DelongF
Cindy HardinF
Jennie VogtF
Jennifer NicklasF
Sarah ReidF