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2011 Mustang Stampede 5k
Overall Finish List
April 30, 2011
Boyce & Bynum Pathology Labs/Walmart/CTC
   April 30, 2011 brought great weather and record participation in the second annual Mustang 5K Stampede held at Blue Ridge Elementary School. 95 runners and walkers participated in the 5K and more than 30 people completed the Fun Run. All the students and teachers who started the 5K finished it. Nineteen students and sixteen teachers ran and/or walked the 5K course. Most of the students are members of a running club that meets before school three days each week. Their training is really paying off.
   In an incredible display of running endurance, many of the 5K student runners jumped into the Fun Run and started an all-out sprint less than half an hour after completing the 5K race. These students posted four miles of running on race morning. Especially notable were the performances of Holden Petri, Jonathan Ferrell, Landon Petri, Brayden Flatt, and Jilian Kaster.
   Also notable were the performances of teachers Nancy Coonrod, Marie Spence, and Elizabeth Boehmer. In addition, Blue Ridge parent Jim Hafley finished second overall.
   Dan Edidin easily won the menís race. He commented that he was thrilled to win and earn his 100 serial competition points. He also said that he enjoyed the course, especially the part on the park sidewalk that wound through the woods. Dan stated that it reminded him of running cross country.
   Mary Ellen Bradshaw, always a serial competition top ten placer, defended her title as she won the womenís race for the second year in a row.
   The proceeds were split between the Blue Ridge Wild Mustangs Relay for Life team which benefits the American Cancer Society and the Blue Ridge PTA which benefits Blue Ridge Students.
   Thanks to Mary and Curtis Flatt, Michelle Jesse, Becki Reissing, and all of the staff and parent volunteers. Thanks to Boyce & Bynum Pathology Labs and Walmart for their continued sponsorship of the event. Thanks also to the Jumpstart and Fiji volunteers. A big thank you to the Columbia Track Club and to Tom Allen, Bill Stolz, Fabiola and Joe Lopez, Julee Tyler, Tryathletics and Steve Stonecipher-Fisher and Patrick Hanson. Participants commented that the arch they ran through at the finish line was awesome!
   Thanks to all who participated. We hope to see you again next year. --Kevin Tyler, race director
PlaceNameAgeSexTime (mm:ss)hundredths
1Dan Edidin42M18:3064
2Jim Hafley42M21:4639
3Alen Petty Jr45M21:5025
4Bryan Norton49M23:0440
5Mary Ellen Bradshaw39F23:4162
6Butch McFetters48M23:5791
7Andrew Taegel29M24:0567
8Darla Atkins44F24:0624
9Steve Nitkowski49M24:5971
10Carrie Freeman44F25:0272
11Holden Petri9M25:0614
12Jonathan Ferrell11M25:0968
13Nancy Truesdell Coonrod51F25:3255
14Michael Walther53M26:2901
15Blair Cochran25F26:5781
16Landon Petri7M27:1948
17Brad Sprague46M27:2364
18Richard Nistendirk71M27:3988
19Wendi Wood39F27:5910
20Brayden Flatt8M28:2980
21Marie Spence36F28:3034
22Sarah Leonberger24F28:3121
23Peter Blow26M28:3251
24Tim Krueger25M28:3539
25Kristina Murphy21F28:3986
26Tyler Simmons24M28:5787
27Elizabeth Boehmer24F28:5904
28Abby Nutter11F29:1777
29Brian Nutter39M29:1882
30Addison Sprague12M29:3393
31Jilian Kaster11F29:4739
32Joe Duncan76M30:2147
33Paul Cohle55M30:2237
34Alison Caselman20F31:1189
35James Frazier21M31:1234
36Paul Linneman58M31:1728
37Brandon Williams10M32:0593
38Kathryn Perez33F32:4729
39Kraig Spence39M33:0542
40Emily Johnson32F33:0941
41Jane Longbine46F33:3366
42Rebecca Bevel Smith30F33:5293
43Seth Hein27M34:0107
44Lawrence Carter12M34:0654
45Kelsey Helmka21F34:1765
46Caleb Reissing10M34:2787
47Graciela Lozano31F34:2937
48Kim Frazee61M34:4982
49Julie Dunkin34F35:0560
50Myra Kaster8F36:2088
51Wesley Brooks9M37:0282
52Carolyn Brooks36F37:0434
53Kristine Hayes37F37:3786
54Kathy Courtois41F38:2111
55Nathan Wright28M38:2967
56Tad Reissing35M39:3747
57Jenny Berghorn31F39:4957
58Kay Sprague42F39:5835
59Brynn Sprague9F40:1006
60Andrew Reissing10M40:4464
61Malik Day10M40:4976
62Jessica Lozano13F40:5574
63Jessica Jamena26F40:5770
64Scott Smith34M41:0132
65Janice Jacobson52F41:3059
66Edward Schumacher57M41:3434
67Karla Lopez9F41:5907
68Jennifer Lozano9F41:5956
69Roxanne Slates41F42:5292
70Sean Yockey11M43:4415
71Brenna Young11F47:0004
72Isaiah Dodson8M47:0276
73Meghann Young18F47:0644
74Jaylen Juhl10F48:1722
75Allie Pigg10F48:1804
76Erica Borcherding36F48:3059
77Lauren Sicht16F48:3140
78Jenna Forbis25F48:5251
79Shannon Yockey8F50:0173
80Jill Edwards29F50:0307
81Amanda Wright29F50:1005
82Beth Briggs50F50:3273
83JR Ragland47M50:3401
84Kat Koenig15F50:5743
85Andrew Pennington27M50:5805
86Allie Pennington28F50:5939
87Erin Rose27F51:0012
88Erin Marbaker27F51:0145
89Linda Koenig47F51:0263
90Jill Clark52F52:2423
91Andrea Allen64F54:5903
92Lisa Thornton43F55:2742
93Robyn Lock47F55:4652
94Jessica Krueger25F56:3742
95Kelly Hein29F56:4226