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2015 Malted Mile 1M
Overall Finish List
September 12, 2015
Columbia Track Club
Columbia Track Club had its first ever Malted Mile on September 12. The weather couldn't have been better for our inaugural event! The race was held on Strawn Road here in Columbia, and it was a great morning for running and family fun. The race was a benefit for the Columbia Chapter of Special Olympics, and with the help of all our wonderful sponsors, race participants, and volunteers, we were able to raise over $700 for the Special Olympics Athletes in Columbia. Our platinum sponsors this year were 9th Street Public House and MoX. Each race participant received a Malted Mile pint glass and t-shirt for participating. This year we had 5 divisions including an Elite Men's division, Elite Women's division, Open Men's Division, Open Women's Division, and Kids Run/Family Fun Walk. We started the morning off with a packed Men's Open division with a lot of local favorites including the happy familiar faces we see each and every day at Tryathletics! The winner of the open division was Kevin Murphy with a time of 5:01.3. He was followed up by Lelande Rehard who rana time of 5:13.7 while pushing his adorable baby in a stroller. In 3rd place we had Dan Edidin with a time of 5:16.3. We had 18 men in the men's open division including two that had just run HOA only 5 days before (Andy Emerson and Sankalp Shiva). Our open women's division was a smaller group but just as impressive of a race as the men's division. Laura Hillard won with a time of 5:49.7; in second place was Mary Ellen Bradshaw with a time of 7:34.6, followed by Katherine Lee with a time of 7:57.2. The family fun walk/kids run followed the open division, and it was great to see all ages participating in this event. We had babies in strollers, toddlers running and walking, parents trying to keep up with the kids (or coaxing them along) and grandparents out for a great morning of fitness. After completing their race the kids got to play with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. The final race of the morning was an outstanding Elite race. The men and women competed together for a blazingly fast race. Our winner this year was Sam Dickerson with an amazing time of 4:18.2, followed closely by Danny Thater with a time of 4:20.5, and in 3rd place Hayden Legg with a time of 4:25.2. The women battled it out with men and ran an incredible race as well. Our winner was pro Lennie Waite with an oustanding time of 4:54.0 followed by our own local amazing talent Katie Hauser who ran an impressive time of 5:26.5. Thanks to Scott Macpherson who did the recruiting for our elite race! The Mizzou Gymnastic Team volunteered and proved to be both amazing volunteers and cheerleaders on the course. After the race everyone was able to enjoy food provided by our other wonderful sponsors which included Harold's Doughnuts, Jimmy John's Subs, HyVee (West Broadway), and Lucky's Market. In addition we had additional support from Tryathletics who donated our open men's and women's prizes, and Redwood Financial LLC who helped with advertising this event. In the evening we were able to gather and celebrate at 9th Street Public House where we received discounts on drinks provided by our platinum sponsor and enjoyed delicious Pizza from Pizza Tree and Italian Village. It was a great day of running, food, drinks, and family fun! We plan to make this an annual event, so if you missed out this year don't worry -- next year we plan on making it even bigger and better!!!
--Beth Luebbering, race director
PlaceNameBib #Time
Men's Elite Race
1Sam Dickerson504:18.2
2Danny Thater1004:20.5
3Hayden Legg404:25.2
4Benn Goodman604:29.1
5Mark Sheridan804:29.9
6Max Storms304:31.4
7Robbie Knorr904:32.6
Women's Elite Race
1Lennie Waite204:54.0
2Katie Hauser3805:26.5
Men's Open Division
1Kevin Murphy2405:01.3
2Lelande Rehard3105:13.7
3Dan Edidin3705:16.3
4Bobby Hanson2105:18.8
5Sankalp Shiva2305:38.0
6Andy Emerson3205:38.3
7Daniel Lindamen2705:49.9
8Jose Mendez2805:51.1
9Eli Marchbanks1305:52.1
10AJ Miller1605:55.0
11Nate Smith4305:56.5
12Mike Tripp2006:06.6
13David Rehard3006:11.3
14Benito Mendez2906:15.7
15Kyle Nelson2606:47.5
16Kevin Tyler1406:49.3
17Joe Duncan2209:07.7
18Bill Velleman3512:32.3
Women's Open Division
1Laura Hillard4405:49.7
2Mary Ellen Bradshaw1507:34.6
3Katherine Lee2507:57.2
4Kris Velleman3612:32.0
5Leann Rehard4019:43.6
6Anna McDaniel1729:11.0
Family Fun Run/Walk
1Steve McIntyre4708:17.1
2Jackie Pearce4808:17.2
3Cam Pearce4615:26.2
4Gail Pearce4515:26.3
5Brian Luebbering4016:40.0
6Katie Luebbering4116:40.1
7Larry Hawthorne1217:31.2
8Jolene Hawthorne1117:31.5
9Ellen Williamson3418:32.6
10Jeanine Pagan3318:33.0
11Rena Tratchel1918:33.6
12Denise McDaniel1819:08.0
13Haley Boyd3919:08.7