2007 Jingle Bell Run 5K
Overall Finish List
December 1, 2007
Arthritis Foundation / Columbia Track Club
Columbia Track Club’s Matt Dreier sets course record on new USATF certified 5K, code # MO06006BG. Matt ran 17:51, well ahead of second overall contender Jose Miranda, who finished in 18:20. Rebecca Boggs, from Onsted, Michigan, was the first female, finishing in 20:51. The bad weather curse of years gone by lingered still. The cold wind blew and the icy rain poured down upon runners and course volunteers from beginning to end. Eternal timer Tom Allen tenderly protected the timing equipment with clear plastic, but had near frostbite on his chronomix clicking finger. Congrats to all 177 of the 282 registered who actually ran/walked the 5K. Columbia Track Club members captured most of the age group awards. Special thanks to Teletubby impersonator Nate Smith, who road his tandem bike with an invisible friend to lead Matt and the pack through the slippery 5K course. Many thanks to volunteers Steve Stonecipher Fisher, Randy Gay, Tom Allen, Nancy Rezabek, Darlene Londeree, Michele McFadden, Jeanine Pagan, Eric Bunch, Matt Laye, Ted Zderic, Pat Hanson and all others my memory has failed to bring forth. The event raised $9000 for the Arthritis Foundation.
--Linda LaFontaine, race director
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTimePace
1Matt DreierColumbia MO39532 1 M 30-3417:515:45/M
2Jose MirandaColumbia MO16424 1 M 20-2418:205:55/M
3Lance BollingerColumbia MO40224 2 M 20-2418:245:56/M
4William StolzColumbia MO25736 1 M 35-3918:366:00/M
5Tom MayColumbia MO26241 1 M 40-4418:576:07/M
6Philip SchaeferColumbia MO35454 1 M 50-5419:246:15/M
7Alex NailColumbia MO40515 1 M 15-1919:266:16/M
8Darrin YoungColumbia MO35341 2 M 40-4419:436:22/M
9Brian KlippensteinBowie MD39844 3 M 40-4420:056:29/M
10Andy EmersonColumbia MO14539 2 M 35-3920:156:32/M
11Clint SmithColumbia MO26033 2 M 30-3420:166:32/M
12Oscar ChavezColumbia MO38243 4 M 40-4420:286:36/M
13Brett BartonColumbia MO25035 3 M 35-3920:516:44/M
14Rebecca BoggsOnsted MI41231 1 F 30-3420:526:44/M
15Kevin TylerCentralia MO38851 2 M 50-5421:276:55/M
16Mitchell WeableColumbia MO39614 1 M 0-1421:296:56/M
17Destiny ThomasColumbia MO24830 2 F 30-3421:366:58/M
18Jaira GrathwohlColumbia MO35529 1 F 25-2921:457:01/M
19Cary FullerColumbia MO42222 1 F 20-2422:007:06/M
20Hugh EmersonColumbia MO14350 3 M 50-5422:137:10/M
21Alen Petty Jr.Columbia MO20341 5 M 40-4422:217:13/M
22Shannon KirkColumbia MO39738 4 M 35-3922:337:16/M
23Mark LeeSturgeon MO19251 4 M 50-5422:417:19/M
24Jenny CoonFulton MO28535 1 F 35-3922:477:21/M
25Carolyn WalzColumbia MO41331 3 F 30-3422:537:23/M
26Dan HeavilandColumbia MO17746 1 M 45-4923:047:26/M
27Michael WheatleyColumbia MO23933 3 M 30-3423:077:27/M
28Angie BinderColumbia MO40022 2 F 20-2423:147:30/M
29Tom JensenColumbia MO42338 5 M 35-3923:377:37/M
30Charlie CarsonColumbia MO41115 2 M 15-1923:467:40/M
31Lou TedeschiHartsburg MO39360 1 M 60-6423:497:41/M
32Mary NemecColumbia MO25847 1 F 45-4923:537:42/M
33Marc ScholesHartsburg MO16556 1 M 55-5923:547:43/M
34Del LobbColumbia MO21146 2 M 45-4923:557:43/M
35Steve KullmanColumbia MO41047 3 M 45-4923:587:44/M
36Shauna TaylorFayette MO34534 4 F 30-3424:017:45/M
37Katherine LeeSturgeon MO19347 2 F 45-4924:037:45/M
38Steven Boyer JrColumbia MO18520 3 M 20-2424:267:53/M
39Thomas LamoreuxKansas City MO22627 1 M 25-2924:297:54/M
40Jason Van EatonColumbia MO39936 6 M 35-3924:337:55/M
41Shannon BrunsColumbia MO18630 5 F 30-3424:387:57/M
42Sienna TriceRocheport MO37712 1 F 0-1424:488:00/M
43Eric PriaulxSaint Peters MO33721 4 M 20-2424:528:01/M
44Alex ChavezColumbia MO38313 2 M 0-1425:298:13/M
45Richard NistendirkHartsburg MO24667 1 M 65-6925:558:22/M
46Debbie TedeschiHartsburg MO39450 1 F 50-5426:068:25/M
47Katie EssingColumbia MO30133 6 F 30-3426:288:32/M
48Ransom StampsColumbia MO27013 3 M 0-1426:378:35/M
49Jansen SmithColumbia MO34413 4 M 0-1426:398:36/M
50Steve KoenigColumbia MO37624 5 M 20-2426:408:36/M
51Kenneth HammannColumbia MO14460 2 M 60-6426:418:36/M
52Brandon BoyerColumbia MO18421 6 M 20-2426:428:37/M
53Jim O'DellFayette MO25363 3 M 60-6426:448:37/M
54Travis RitterColumbia MO23528 2 M 25-2926:578:42/M
55Mike NemecColumbia MO25913 5 M 0-1427:258:51/M
56Paige LuebbertFulton MO31715 1 F 15-1927:408:55/M
57Marc KirchhoffColumbia MO28252 5 M 50-5428:019:02/M
58Jenny EsseColumbia MO22223 3 F 20-2428:149:06/M
59Alex KeneippColumbia MO37911 6 M 0-1428:219:09/M
60Shelly HerstLake Ozark MO30736 2 F 35-3928:269:10/M
61Chros McDougallColumbia MO38622 7 M 20-2428:289:11/M
62Megan McDonnellColumbia MO38520 4 F 20-2428:299:11/M
63Jessica LinnemanColumbia MO38723 5 F 20-2428:309:12/M
64Jay AugoffColumbia MO41956 7 M 55-5928:409:15/M
65Trevor ReevesColumbia MO23423 8 M 20-2428:559:20/M
66Samantha CameronColumbia MO14224 9 M 20-2428:569:20/M
67Jean PoeppelmeierColumbia MO36427 2 F 25-2929:019:22/M
68Catherine VetterStrafford MO34721 6 F 20-2429:039:22/M
69Courtney EllisColumbia MO39224 7 F 20-2429:189:27/M
70David NelsonColumbia MO32821 10 M 20-2429:199:27/M
71Natalie StarkColumbia MO40337 3 F 35-3929:229:28/M
72Judy ScherinerColumbia MO40856 1 F 55-5929:239:29/M
73Chancie ParkerColumbia MO23225 3 F 25-2929:289:30/M
74Robert KoenigColumbia MO37556 2 M 55-5929:319:31/M
75Carolyn RoofColumbia MO26150 2 F 50-5429:349:32/M
76Lyndsey HodgesColumbia MO25124 8 F 20-2429:359:33/M
77Chuck ArcherColumbia MO29044 6 M 40-4429:369:33/M
78Chris EllColumbia MO39110 8 M 0-1429:469:36/M
79Tracy EllColumbia MO40636 7 M 35-3929:489:37/M
80Tina EhrhardtColumbia MO35640 1 F 40-4429:549:39/M
81Becky LlorensColumbia MO28450 3 F 50-5429:549:39/M
82Elizabeth MartinEvanston IL32226 4 F 25-2930:019:41/M
83D'Arcy CraneJefferson City MO24732 7 F 30-3430:029:41/M
84Brad MeisterColumbia MO26812 9 M 0-1430:129:45/M
85Mary StillColumbia MO42053 4 F 50-5430:159:45/M
86Travis DixonJefferson City MO29828 3 M 25-2930:299:50/M
87Victor ValervilleColumbia MO41521 11 M 20-2430:339:51/M
88Timothy OsbornColumbia MO23128 4 M 25-2930:359:52/M
89Margaret LangeColumbia MO15726 5 F 25-2930:369:52/M
90Ann KoenigColumbia MO22534 8 F 30-3430:549:58/M
91Jessi HallColumbia MO22327 6 F 25-2930:549:58/M
92Chris PoeppelmeierColumbia MO36329 5 M 25-2931:0110:00/M
93Karen ReiderColumbia MO24445 3 F 45-4931:4810:15/M
94Barney SwordColumbia MO28076 1 M 70-9931:5510:18/M
95Russ StillColumbia MO42161 4 M 60-6432:0510:21/M
96Linda MurdockMarshall MO20654 5 F 50-5432:1010:23/M
97Debbie FarnanColumbia MO36537 4 F 35-3932:2810:28/M
98Kelly SabulskyColumbia MO34245 4 F 45-4932:3610:31/M
99Jill LuebbertFulton MO31842 2 F 40-4432:3710:31/M
100Tiffany LeeColumbia MO22722 9 F 20-2432:3710:31/M
101Christina MorianJefferson City MO25446 5 F 45-4932:4010:32/M
102Dustin MicheleColumbia MO40129 6 M 25-2932:4110:33/M
103Lisa PriaulxSaint Peters MO33617 2 F 15-1932:4210:33/M
104Brad SerfasColumbia MO17242 7 M 40-4432:4210:33/M
105Lauren SerfasColumbia MO1769 2 F 0-1432:4310:33/M
106Ryan SerfasColumbia MO17511 10 M 0-1432:4410:34/M
107Andrew SerfasColumbia MO17412 11 M 0-1432:4410:34/M
108Stephanie Reid-ArndtColumbia MO39036 5 F 35-3932:4910:35/M
109Susan NagelColumbia MO19038 6 F 35-3932:5010:35/M
110Chris AlvaradoColumbia MO28752 6 M 50-5432:5810:38/M
111Katie SerfasColumbia MO17339 7 F 35-3933:1110:42/M
112Elaine AsmusAshland MO19838 8 F 35-3933:3010:48/M
113Amy MillsHartsburg MO19532 9 F 30-3433:3010:48/M
114Mary NewmanColumbia MO32922 10 F 20-2433:4110:52/M
115Nancy ShawColumbia MO20544 3 F 40-4433:4310:53/M
116Beth BrumbackColumbia MO20225 7 F 25-2933:5610:57/M
117Fred GreenColumbia MO16155 3 M 55-5934:0110:58/M
118Jordan ProvinceColumbia MO33922 12 M 20-2434:0210:59/M
119Emily KuschelColumbia MO20028 8 F 25-2934:0310:59/M
120Meg HarneyColumbia MO30624 11 F 20-2434:1111:02/M
121Christine MaldonadoColumbia MO22825 9 F 25-2934:1211:02/M
122Meg GrayColumbia MO40445 6 F 45-4934:3111:08/M
123Bryan ForwardColumbia MO26913 12 M 0-1435:0311:18/M
124Jon KruseColumbia MO28339 8 M 35-3935:1311:22/M
125Bryan FreedColumbia MO15031 4 M 30-3435:2311:25/M
126Keri JonesColumbia MO18939 9 F 35-3935:3211:28/M
127Kim RogersColumbia MO19136 10 F 35-3935:3611:29/M
128Breezy TorresIndependence MO34619 3 F 15-1935:3811:30/M
129Tanya AlbertyRocheport MO18233 10 F 30-3435:4111:31/M
130Linda PriaulxSaint Peters MO33451 6 F 50-5436:2611:45/M
131Rebecca CaudleColumbia MO26324 12 F 20-2436:4311:51/M
132Jennifer HaysColumbia MO22427 10 F 25-2936:4511:51/M
133Teresa KloppeNew Haven MO40749 7 F 45-4937:4812:12/M
134Jana MonzykNew Haven MO23047 8 F 45-4937:4912:12/M
135Linda VogtFayette MO18060 1 F 60-6438:2112:22/M
136Erin FlenerHartford KY30221 13 F 20-2439:0012:35/M
137Debbie ScholesHartsburg MO16659 2 F 55-5939:1212:39/M
138Griffin HerstLake Ozark MO3103 13 M 0-1439:2012:41/M
139Micol WalshColumbia MO17951 7 F 50-5439:2512:43/M
140Brie KirchhoffColumbia MO28114 3 F 0-1439:2812:44/M
141Ashtyn McDannoldColumbia MO40914 4 F 0-1439:2912:44/M
142Karen RobertsColumbia MO23639 11 F 35-3939:3012:45/M
143Lise NyropHallsville MO35847 9 F 45-4939:5712:53/M
144Chris HerstLake Ozark MO30836 9 M 35-3940:0012:54/M
145Gavin HerstLake Ozark MO3099 5 F 0-1440:0612:56/M
146Kelly LanceyColumbia MO37438 12 F 35-3940:0712:56/M
147Stephen LanceyColumbia MO27313 14 M 0-1440:4013:07/M
148Laura Winkelman35120 14 F 20-2440:4213:08/M
149Gary PriaulxSaint Peters MO33554 7 M 50-5440:5613:12/M
150Allison BrownColumbia MO20415 4 F 15-1940:5713:13/M
151Melissa WhiteColumbia MO24121 15 F 20-2441:0613:15/M
152Gail WhiteColumbia MO24051 8 F 50-5441:1213:17/M
153April PoffColumbia MO23328 11 F 25-2941:1313:18/M
154Stephanie DariNorth Fort Myers FL41425 6 F 25-2943:1313:56/M
155Sara Mahler31924 16 F 20-2443:1413:57/M
156Eric Mahler32025 7 M 25-2943:1913:58/M
157Jessica MaunColumbia MO27212 7 F 0-1443:2013:59/M
158Fadre MaunColumbia MO27139 13 F 35-3943:3314:03/M
159Nikki HahnColumbia MO14829 12 F 25-2943:5214:09/M
160Recille NorrisColumbia MO16829 13 F 25-2944:4914:27/M
161Kendra PriceColumbia MO33810 8 F 0-1444:5014:28/M
162Kathy EdesColumbia MO30053 9 F 50-5447:4815:25/M
163Brenda MarshmanMarshall MO20145 10 F 45-4947:5115:26/M
164Valerie FreedColumbia MO14931 11 F 30-3448:5515:47/M
165Azia GaryColumbia MO3039 15 M 0-1448:5815:48/M
166Dru WilliamsColumbia MO35010 16 M 0-1449:0415:50/M
167Carrie ShryockColumbia MO19728 14 F 25-2949:4116:02/M
168Paula HeavilandColumbia MO15647 11 F 45-4949:4316:02/M
169Sharon BolandColumbia MO15543 4 F 40-4451:1316:31/M
170Jessica LozanoColumbia MO31610 9 F 0-1451:1416:32/M
171Sapphyre AndrewsColumbia MO28910 10 F 0-1451:2916:36/M
172Rhonda HafnerColumbia MO19939 14 F 35-3951:3016:37/M
173Jenescia MayfieldColumbia MO3239 11 F 0-1451:3216:37/M
174Beth PickardColumbia MO19628 15 F 25-2953:3217:16/M
175Cindy BoyerColumbia MO18347 12 F 45-4958:2018:49/M
176Neda ShryockColumbia MO23757 3 F 55-5958:2818:52/M
177Chris GunnColumbia MO30411 17 M 0-1458:3518:54/M
DNFSusie AdamsColumbia MO20742 F 40-44-
DNFWhitney AdamsColumbia MO20818 F 15-19-
DNFKeytonna AguileriaColumbia MO28610 F 0-14-
DNFAndrea AllenColumbia MO18161 F 60-64-
DNFBibiana AlvarezColumbia MO2889 F 0-14-
DNFMary AnkeneyColumbia MO21947 F 45-49-
DNFArthur AnkeneyColumbia MO22017 M 15-19-
DNFAlejandro ArzateColumbia MO29110 M 0-14-
DNFBeatriz BaldovinosColumbia MO29210 F 0-14-
DNFJennifer BarthColumbia MO22133 F 30-34-
DNFLaurie BehrendsHallsville MO37140 F 40-44-
DNFDenise BehrendsHallsville MO37239 F 35-39-
DNFDale BehrendsHallsville MO37341 M 40-44-
DNFPaula BequetteHallsville MO37038 F 35-39-
DNFBecky BondColumbia MO29343 F 40-44-
DNFKathy BradleyColumbia MO21449 F 45-49-
DNFJanet BrandtColumbia MO20956 F 55-59-
DNFDreisha BrownColumbia MO29410 F 0-14-
DNFDavid BrubakerColumbia MO26612 M 0-14-
DNFDeja BurgessColumbia MO29511 F 0-14-
DNFBrooke CarpenterColumbia MO41626 F 25-29-
DNFKim CatheyColumbia MO15245 F 45-49-
DNFLauryn CatheyColumbia MO16017 F 15-19-
DNFD'Andres CaveColumbia MO29611 M 0-14-
DNFTheo ChomaColumbia MO36812 M 0-14-
DNFTed ChomaColumbia MO36945 M 45-49-
DNFJack ClarkColumbia MO26513 M 0-14-
DNFSara CrowderColumbia MO29743 F 40-44-
DNFMichelle CroweColumbia MO24933 F 30-34-
DNFJulie CullersColumbia MO41745 F 45-49-
DNFErin DanielsColumbia MO27527 F 25-29-
DNFSarah DietzColumbia MO17036 F 35-39-
DNFGinny DodamColumbia MO15349 F 45-49-
DNFJessica DoremaColumbia MO29911 F 0-14-
DNFJoe DuncanColumbia MO21573 M 70-99-
DNFNicole ErwinColumbia MO27726 F 25-29-
DNFJeanette ForbisColumbia MO18746 F 45-49-
DNFMiles GashColumbia MO35712 M 0-14-
DNFSusan GlassColumbia MO24334 F 30-34-
DNFTodd GoodmonNew Franklin MO19440 M 40-44-
DNFCarol GreenColumbia MO16255 F 55-59-
DNFMarie GutierrezColumbia MO18841 F 40-44-
DNFSadee HaaheimColumbia MO30511 M 0-14-
DNFKeith HermanColumbia MO17839 M 35-39-
DNFEvan HindersonColumbia MO27413 M 0-14-
DNFKaren HinesColumbia MO31135 F 35-39-
DNFSara JaegerColumbia MO27623 F 20-24-
DNFJamoriquai JenningsColumbia MO31210 M 0-14-
DNFKhadijah JenningsColumbia MO31310 F 0-14-
DNFJenilee JewertColumbia MO31425 F 25-29-
DNFDon JohnsonCentralia MO21679 M 70-99-
DNFLinda KarlColumbia MO16745 F 45-49-
DNFDebbra KeenerHallsville MO17135 F 35-39-
DNFTyrese LiddellColumbia MO31510 M 0-14-
DNFCheryl LobbColumbia MO21046 F 45-49-
DNFRachel MallettColumbia MO32129 F 25-29-
DNFAlexis MapleColumbia MO22927 F 25-29-
DNFJayna MaxwellColumbia MO21248 F 45-49-
DNFPaul MaxwellColumbia MO21349 M 45-49-
DNFLeslye McCartyColumbia MO27837 F 35-39-
DNFJames McClairColumbia MO3249 M 0-14-
DNFShampayne McClairColumbia MO32511 F 0-14-
DNFMike McKownColumbia MO16355 M 55-59-
DNFDaniel MezaColumbia MO32610 M 0-14-
DNFDonna MoessnerColumbia MO38455 F 55-59-
DNFChelsey MorganColumbia MO32720 F 20-24-
DNFHaley MyersColumbia MO36214 F 0-14-
DNFAshley OrtizColumbia MO33010 F 0-14-
DNFJames ParsonsColumbia MO33140 M 40-44-
DNFJennifer PenaCatonsville MD33227 F 25-29-
DNFMichelle PestlinColumbia MO38127 F 25-29-
DNFBeth PowellColumbia MO26733 F 30-34-
DNFKirk PowellColumbia MO33331 M 30-34-
DNFTrai RichardsonColumbia MO3409 M 0-14-
DNFJohn RussellColumbia MO34126 M 25-29-
DNFKristyn SandersColumbia MO25537 F 35-39-
DNFAubrey SandersColumbia MO2566 F 0-14-
DNFJames SchadtColumbia MO21761 M 60-64-
DNFLinda SchadtColumbia MO21861 F 60-64-
DNFAnastasia SchmaltzColumbia MO38917 F 15-19-
DNFJessica SeesColumbia MO41816 F 15-19-
DNFRochelle ShermanColumbia MO37855 F 55-59-
DNFYusuf ShouneColumbia MO34311 M 0-14-
DNFDeb ShowersFulton MO25254 F 50-54-
DNFKrista SprengColumbia MO23823 F 20-24-
DNFAshley SteinlageColumbia MO14637 F 35-39-
DNFBecca StockColumbia MO27930 F 30-34-
DNFSteven TaylorColumbia MO36623 M 20-24-
DNFKent TaylorColumbia MO36751 M 50-54-
DNFJackie ThompsonColumbia MO15848 F 45-49-
DNFRob ThompsonColumbia MO15949 M 45-49-
DNFAngie TurnerHallsville MO24538 F 35-39-
DNFSusan VossJefferson City MO14736 F 35-39-
DNFLeandre WarfieldColumbia MO34811 M 0-14-
DNFStephanie WhitneyMarshall MO16934 F 30-34-
DNFStephen WhitneyColumbia MO24240 M 40-44-
DNFCheyenne WilliamsColumbia MO34910 F 0-14-
DNFKatie WilliamsColumbia MO38026 F 25-29-
DNFRobin WilsonRocheport MO15136 F 35-39-
DNFMary Anne WolfmeyerColumbia MO15433 F 30-34-
DNFThomas WoodColumbia MO3594 M 0-14-
DNFLori WoodColumbia MO36046 F 45-49-
DNFJohn WoodColumbia MO36149 M 45-49-
DNFAmir WoodsColumbia MO35211 M 0-14-