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CIGs* 4 mile run (or 1.4 mile walk)
May 6, 2006
Columbia Track Club
Volunteers: Thanks to: Lauren Elliott and Linda Lafontaine for helping Jeremy Stanek and me plan the event. Linda Lafontaine, Cami Ronchetto and Lisa Dillon for helping with registration. Tracy with Peers Against Secondhand Smoke, Lisa Wells and Jeremy Stanek for being road marshals. Tom Allen for doing the timing for me, and Lisa Wells and Jennifer Napier for helping him with it. Crystal Curry for watching the kids. Several of the participants ended up being very helpful too! Jim Linville, race director
Time Name R/W City/St Gender Age Status Award**
20.55 Patrick Hanson R Columbia, MO M 21 NON-S 1st R M Overall NON-S
24.01 Gary Lile R Jefferson City, MO M 47 NON-S 2nd R M Overall NON-S
24.21 Darrin Calvin W Columbia, MO M 39 NON-S 1st W M 36-40
24.22 Ray Linville W Columbia, MO M 26 EX-S 1st W M 26-30
24.22 Jenny Linville W Columbia, MO F 25 NON-S 1st W F 21-25
24.24 E. Ann Hosmer W Hartsburg, MO F 58 NON-S 1st W F 56-60
25.56 Bryan Lewis R New Orleans, LA M 30 NON-S 1st R M 26-30
27.46 Nate Smith R Columbia, MO M 23 NON-S 1st R M 21-25
29.33 Neville Davis R Hartsburg, MO M 55 NON-S 1st R M 51-55
32.28 Bryan Norton R Columbia, MO M 44 EX-S 1st R M Overall EX-S
32.49 Jim Meyer R Columbia, MO M 37 NON-S 1st R M 36-40
35.54 Richard Doisy R Columbia, MO M 46 EX-S 2nd R M Overall EX-S
37.21 Joe Duncan R Columbia, MO M 71 NON-S 1st R M 60+
37.33 Holly Peterson R Columbia, MO F 25 NON-S 1st R F Overall NON-S
37.43 Mike Morris R Littlefield, TX M 50 NON-S 1st R M 46-50
37.47 Andrea L. Allen R Columbia, MO F 59 NON-S 2nd R F Overall NON-S
39.38 Sheri Ludlum R Columbia, MO F 24 NON-S 1st R F 21-25
39.39 Jamie Klein R Columbia, MO M 25 NON-S 2nd R M 21-25
40.40 Lisa Meyer R Columbia, MO F 37 NON-S 1st R F 36-40
40.48 Cynthia Shelby R Columbia, MO F 33 NON-S 1st R F 31-35
41.39 Adam Davis R Jefferson City, MO M 29 NON-S 2nd R M 26-30
47.21 Sarah Justice R Columbia, MO F 29 EX-S 1st R F Overall EX-S

*Chemical Injury Games

**R = runner, W = walker, M = male, F = female