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2013 Cheese & Sauerkraut 10M
Overall Finish List
December 7, 2013
Columbia Track Club
The temperature was 6 degrees F, sunny with a slight northerly breeze, and dry footing. Twenty-seven runners started and finished with Dan Edidin crossing the finish line as first male in a time of 1:03:06 and Katie Hauser finishing as first female in a time of 1:09:17. The cheese went to Becky Hennessy who was 2 seconds off her predicted time, barely beating Nancy Mette who was 3 short and Liz Lea who was 18 off. The sauerkraut was no contest, with Tony Taube who managed to put 13 minutes between his predicted and actual times.

Special thanks to Tom Allen and Randy Gay for their help with race management, and to Kathy Gay, Andy Emerson, and Katie Luettner for their tasty post-race snacks and wine. Also, thanks to Anne Hessler for purchasing the fancy cheese sampler and to Randy Gayís granddaughter, Sayler, for donating her home-grown 20-pound pumpkin that decorated the starting line and now sits proudly on a large oak stump outside Dick and Anne Hesslerís side door.
--Dick Hessler & Randy Gay, co-race directors

1Dan EdidinM451:03:061:06:00
2Tom AndersonM301:04:541:06:00
3Sam MostellerM451:09:161:16:00
4Katie HauserF321:09:171:13:00
5Josh FeldmanM381:10:101:13:00
6Andy EmersonM451:10:111:15:00
7Laura HillardF301:12:021:14:30
8Nancy TaubeF531:12:061:15:00
9Phil SchaeferM601:12:141:15:00
10Anatolie JuncuM451:13:501:20:00
11Brock BigardM361:13:511:15:00
12Mark VellekM531:21:181:18:00
13Nick ThurwangerM331:22:281:20:00
14Cody CunninghamM271:23:321:26:00
15Lisa WellsF501:23:431:25:00
16Mary Ellen BradshawF421:25:501:30:00
17Hugh EmersonM561:30:501:25:00
18Katie LuettnerF361:37:201:40:00
19Steve KullmanM531:37:241:32:02
20Craig WardM601:37:331:40:40
21Tony TaubeM551:43:221:30:00
22Kim BoyersF401:43:251:47:32
23Liz LeaF351:43:261:43:08
24Jamie SzaboF361:48:181:50:31
25George SzaboM321:48:191:50:31
26Becky HennessyF511:50:021:50:00
27Nancy MetteF581:50:031:50:00