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2017 Cheese & Sauerkraut 10M
Overall Finish List
December 2, 2017
Columbia Track Club
This year we had most certainly the best weather and post-race food in the long history of the race. The mild weather conditions might have played a role in the unusual circumstance of every competitor for the cheese (best estimated time) and Sauerkraut (worse estimated time) ran faster than his/her predicted time. Hugh Emerson beat Josh Garrison by just 16 seconds to win the cheese while Andy Emerson fought off Koni Daws for the sauerkraut by running 18 + minutes faster than his predicted time.

Randy Gay provided water and co-race direction. Thom Allen calculated the results, Dick Hessler timed, and Tony Taube, Randy Gay, and Nancy Rezabek handled scoring duties. Becky Hennessy provided cupcakes,  Katie Juettner the Cliff Bars,  Andy Emerson brought peanut butter bars, and Nancy Rezabek made Rice Krispie treats, pumpkin cookies, and reuben sandwiches.

--Dick Hessler and Randy Gay, co-race directors

Sorted by actual time
1Sankalp ShivaM1:07:131:14:006:47
2Katie HauserF1:07:271:10:002:33
3Andy EmersonM1:08:201:26:3018:10
4Jesse HirnerM1:09:201:25:0015:40
5Jason GrantM1:14:031:22:058:02
6Ben EiffertM1:15:131:23:208:07
7Philip SchaeferM1:16:191:20:003:41
8Erin SchliepF1:16:191:20:003:41
9Nancy TaubeF1:16:191:20:003:41
10Mary Ellen BradshawF1:19:271:21:001:33
11Kristin EiffertF1:19:461:25:005:14
12Benito MendezM1:21:141:18:073:07
13Eli HochstetlerM1:24:121:20:004:12
14Steve FriedmanM1:24:391:27:372:58
15Beth KellyF1:24:391:28:003:21
16Allan BenjaminM1:25:431:30:004:17
17Mindy BurkhardtF1:26:041:33:047:00
18Josh GarrisonM1:26:051:25:180:47
19Kathy OccenaF1:27:481:34:006:12
20Matt RoldM1:28:151:24:004:15
21Hugh EmersonM1:28:291:29:000:31
22Matt RobeM1:31:341:29:002:34
23Eileen AveryF1:32:341:30:002:34
24Randall SiddensM1:34:401:33:301:10
25Paula RawlingsF1:37:261:41:103:44
26Becky HennessyF1:39:081:42:123:04
27Michele BaumerF1:39:191:42:203:01
28Luis OccenaM1:45:011:50:004:59
29Koni DawsF2:01:391:45:0016:39
30Vicki HodderF2:02:161:57:005:16
Sorted by accuracy of prediction
1Hugh EmersonM1:28:291:29:000:31
2Josh GarrisonM1:26:051:25:180:47
3Randall SiddensM1:34:401:33:301:10
4Mary Ellen BradshawF1:19:271:21:001:33
5Katie HauserF1:07:271:10:002:33
6Matt RobeM1:31:341:29:002:34
7Eileen AveryF1:32:341:30:002:34
8Steve FriedmanM1:24:391:27:372:58
9Michele BaumerF1:39:191:42:203:01
10Becky HennessyF1:39:081:42:123:04
11Benito MendezM1:21:141:18:073:07
12Beth KellyF1:24:391:28:003:21
13Philip SchaeferM1:16:191:20:003:41
14Erin SchliepF1:16:191:20:003:41
15Nancy TaubeF1:16:191:20:003:41
16Paula RawlingsF1:37:261:41:103:44
17Eli HochstetlerM1:24:121:20:004:12
18Matt RoldM1:28:151:24:004:15
19Allan BenjaminM1:25:431:30:004:17
20Luis OccenaM1:45:011:50:004:59
21Kristin EiffertF1:19:461:25:005:14
22Vicki HodderF2:02:161:57:005:16
23Kathy OccenaF1:27:481:34:000:00
24Sankalp ShivaM1:07:131:14:006:47
25Mindy BurkhardtF1:26:041:33:047:00
26Jason GrantM1:14:031:22:058:02
27Ben EiffertM1:15:131:23:208:07
28Jesse HirnerM1:09:201:25:0015:40
29Koni DawsF2:01:391:45:0016:39
30Andy EmersonM1:08:201:26:3018:10