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2013 Runner's Choice 10k
Overall Finish List
January 12, 2013
Columbia Track Club
Team Earnest made its race director debut this year. The position was open at the CTC annual meeting in November and we jumped at the opportunity. Then we realized we'd be directing a race... that is long....in January… when it's cold…. We were fortunate, though, and the weather Gods decided to cooperate for our first year and the temps were in the low 40s at the start and the roads were free of snow and ice (which wouldn't be the case just 12 hours later when Columbia got hit with a small winter storm). Tim Langen was the first person across the finish line for the 10K in 37:04 and Laura Hillard was the first female in 41:56. They both won a nice Camelbak water bottle donated by Tryathletics with a little cash inside (a $5 bill). Josh Grotzinger was the first finisher in the 20K in 1:13 and Nancy Taube was the first female in 1:30:28. Both won a nice insulated Camelbak water bottle donated by Tryathletics with a $5 bill inside. We had 43 finishers in the 10K and 20 finishers in the 20K. A special thanks to Tony Taube, Jenny Clark and Paula Rawlings for helping us out at the finish line. And a special thanks to Joe Duncan, Tim Albers, Jason Hanft and Nancy Rezabek for keeping our runners safe on the course. Thanks to Tryathletics for donating the water bottles for our winners. Thank you to everyone that came out and ran.
--Kimberly and Brad Earnest, race directors
PlaceNameTimeHometownGenderAgeCTC member?
1Tim Langen37:04Columbia MOM44Y
2Marc Keys38:09Columbia MOM50Y
3Dan Edidin38:40Columbia MOM44Y
4Tony Rigdon40:29Columbia MOM39Y
5Scott Mantooth40:33Columbia MOM50Y
6Eric Armstrong41:04Independence MOM23N
7Laura Hillard41:56Columbia MOF29Y
8Steve Stonecipher-Fisher42:42Columbia MOM56Y
9Jorge Lugo44:08Columbia MOM44Y
10Keith Fernandez44:15Columbia MOM47N
11Casey Buckman44:22Columbia MOM33N
12Brent Cary45:06Marshall MOM49Y
13Tim Swinfard45:09Columbia MOM45N
14John Stone45:23Columbia MOM31N
15Christina Ramirez45:31Columbia MOF34Y
16Eli Hochstetler46:24Columbia MOM36Y
17Bryan Norton46:38Columbia MOM50Y
18Tyler Cary47:12Marshall MOM24Y
19Warren Hoover47:46Columbia MOM33N
20Steve Keithahn48:20Columbia MOM49Y
21Brian Tate48:56Columbia MOM38N
22Jon Rosen48:58Columbia MOM60Y
23Ben Geyer49:45Columbia MOM16N
24Bob Martin49:46Columbia MOM46Y
25Mary Ellen Bradshaw50:10Columbia MOF41Y
26Melissa Lawson50:21Columbia MOF44N
27Stacy Turpin51:11Columbia MOF34Y
28Emily Ridgeway53:25Columbia MOF19N
29James Harrington53:51Columbia MOM39Y
30Peggy Horner53:59Columbia MOF55Y
31Dean Wilkerson55:29Boonville MOM54Y
32Alex Tomicki57:09Columbia MOM17Y
33Marzena Tomicki57:09Columbia MOF43Y
34Tom Tomicki57:17Columbia MOM48Y
35Paula Rawlings57:41Columbia MOF48Y
36Heather Hunt57:41Columbia MOF31Y
37Alicia Ozenberger1:00:28Ashland MOF36N
38Leslie Goelz1:01:22Columbia MOF29N
39Jamie Szabo1:02:49Columbia MOF35Y
40George Szabo1:02:50Columbia MOM31Y
41Rod Stevens1:05:19Columbia MOM46Y
42Paula Easter1:23:55Columbia MOF58N
43Becky Mackey1:23:59New Bloomfield MOF36Y