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2014 Runners Choice 20k
Overall Finish List
January 25, 2014
It was the second year that Team Earnest directed Runner's Choice. With the crazy cold we've had this year and a low of -1 predicted in just 48 hours, we were happy to begin the race in the low 40s. A strong northern wind made the first 5K tough for runners but they enjoyed a nice tailwind (and many had negative splits) on the way back. Dan Edidin won the 10K in 37:28 and Lisa Wells was the first female in 48:18. The 20K was dominated by Kirksville runners. Royce Kallerud, from Kirksville, was the first person to cross the finish line is 1:23:23 and a pair of Kirksville women runners (Jackie Hood and Marci Skemp) crossed the finish line together in 1:49:02. Each winner got a water bottle donated by Tryathletics and a $5 bill inside. We had 32 10K runners and 12 20K runners. A special thanks to our volunteers: CTC president, Beth Luebbering, Nancy and Tony Taube, Tina Putnam, Anatolie and Elena Juncu, Mark Lee, Janelle Patterson and Andrew Taegel. Thanks to everyone that came out and ran.
--Kimberly and Brad Earnest, race director
1Royce KallerudKirksville MO45M1:23:23
2Tom MayColumbia MO47M1:23:43
3Philip SchaeferColumbia MO60M1:29:31
4Steve Stonecipher-FisherColumbia MO57M1:31:23
5Brent MotterKansas City MO56M1:35:18
6Andy EmersonColumbia MO45M1:38:12
7Kurt KennettColumbia MO46M1:44:03
8Jackie HoodKirksville MO26F1:49:02
9Marci SkempKirksville MO25F1:49:02
10Bruce DunwiddieBlue Springs MO36M1:59:26
11Jamie SzaboColumbia MO36F2:18:18
12George SzaboColumbia MO32M2:18:19