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2011 Runner's Choice 20k
Overall Finish List
January 15, 2011
Columbia Track Club
On a clear and beautiful winter morning, 41 runners, one more than last year and probably a new record, met to run the first CTC race of 2011. At 8:00 the temperature was 27°, almost no wind, and some ice and snow on the road.

Marc Keys took second place in 2007, 2008, and 2009 in the men's 10 km race. But with Matt Dreier (first place in 2007 and 2008) in New Mexico and Pat Hanson (first in 2009) and Bill Stolz (first in 2010) volunteering, Marc was full of doubts: who will be second, who will be third? Or maybe he didn't care, as he took a commanding lead, winning decisively the men's 10 km race by more than a minute, running faster than his three previous appearances at this race. Peggy Horner won the women's 10K after placing third in 2009.

At 7:00, Andy Starostka was the first runner to register for the race. He was probably eager to start, for he won the men's 20 km race running almost 4 minutes faster than last year, when he finished in 5th place. His 10 km split was fast enough to be among the leaders of the 10 km race. Haley Schwarz took the first place in the women's 20 km race, followed a second later by Jordan DeRose, who probably was not aware that she was that close to taking home the coveted can of Danish cookies.

As always, the volunteers should take the credit for another successful race. Many thanks to Joe Duncan, who valiantly endured the elements at the 5K turn around; Pat Hanson, who set up the clock and provided invaluable advice; Bill Stolz, who carried stuff around, timed runners, and is an all around great guy; Michael McGaha, from Sedalia, who took photographs; and Alejandro Chávez, who manned the registration table, entered times, and carried heavy stuff around. Thanks also to Hugh Emerson for bringing coffee.

--Oscar Chávez, race director

PlaceRunnerHometownDistanceAgeSexTime10K split
1Andy StarostkaColumbia MO20 km43M1:22:370:39:41
2Phil SchaeferColumbia MO20 km57M1:25:410:42:52
3Josh FeldmanColumbia MO20 km35M1:28:580:44:17
4Steve Stonecipher-FisherColumbia MO20 km54M1:29:520:44:19
5Kurt KennettColumbia MO20 km43M1:32:550:46:32
6Andy EmersonColumbia MO20 km42M1:33:560:46:25
7Dan HeavilandColumbia MO20 km49M1:34:340:47:10
8Tom TomickiColumbia MO20 km47M1:35:270:47:04
9Brendan CaryHarrisburg MO20 km31M1:35:540:48:45
10Hugh EmersonColumbia MO20 km53M1:40:480:48:31
11Haley SchwarzColumbia MO20 km30F1:43:040:51:40
12Jordan DeRoseColumbia MO20 km34F1:43:050:51:14
13Mary Ellen BradshawColumbia MO20 km39F1:44:500:52:21
14Lisa WellsColumbia MO20 km47F1:46:570:52:51
15Fabiola LopezColumbia MO20 km52F1:47:320:53:19
16Kathy OccenaColumbia MO20 km47F1:48:250:53:23
17Tim WaidColumbia MO20 km48M1:52:560:57:14
18Erin OccenaColumbia MO20 km17F1:54:080:53:56
19Jeremy WhistanceColumbia MO20 km34M1:55:300:57:35
20James HarringtonColumbia MO20 km34M1:56:140:56:53
21Erin McGahaSedalia MO20 km38F2:02:030:58:39
22Lance ShafferJefferson City MO20 km44M2:02:101:00:24
23Charity SummersColumbia MO20 km32F2:05:101:01:22
24Steve KullmanColumbia MO20 km50M2:06:061:00:14
25Bruce DunwiddieBlue Springs MO20 km33M2:12:500:59:20
26Toni DunwiddieBlue Springs MO20 km35F2:33:401:16:06