Bill Stolz

Bill Stolz

Personal Records

This Century

5 miles31:202006
Marathon3:33Heart of America 2005

Age: 35

Weekly Mileage: 25-30

When did you start running? Started running competitively in 7th grade. However, really started running at 6-7 after my folks told me it was time to learn to ride a bike. We lived in a small town so I ran everywhere, to school, the store, the pool, etc... For the record, I did eventually learn to ride.

Running Accomplishments: Have completed the New York City, Cincinnati Flying Pig, Heart of America, and Bataan Memorial Death March (White Sands, NM) Marathons.

Who has influenced you most in running? My parents, both non-runners, who never missed a track or cross-country meet. Their support and encouragement has been amazing. Even today they still expect me to call home after every race.

What is your favorite training route? Out my front door early Saturday morning, rain or shine, to Bear Creek Trail. Most mornings I see more wildlife than humans while running along the creek.

Personal ino and interests: Grew up in Ohio and Vermont, and moved to Columbia in 1999 to work as an archivist. Met my wife, Hollis, a Columbia native, at the public library, and we have been married since 2001. She is always cheering me on at the finish line. When not running, I am traveling, reading, writing, or working in the yard.