Steve Kullman


5 km 22:45 (St. Pat’s)
10 km 47:51 (Jay Dix)
20 km 1:53:47 (Rock Bridge Revenge)
˝ marathon 1:49:34 (Hospital Hill)
marathon 4:09:29 (HOA)
50 km 6:59:30 (Quivering Quads)

weekly mileage: 25 – 35 miles

DOB March 1960

It doesn’t matter how far you run or how fast you do it. The most important thing is how long you are off the couch.

That was the first training advice I listened to and it is still important but now I run for fun. Fun through companionship, competition, personal challenges, and new experiences. Fun because it has improved the quality of my entire life, not just the hours I run. Fun being a handful of “elite” runners “going long” in a light drizzle. And for those first 40 indescribable seconds after crossing the finish line, the nirvana of adrenaline, exhaustion, and accomplishment.

When Did You Start Running? I started running in 1997 to get in shape to mountain bike. Then I started to notice that mountain biking was interfering with my running schedule.

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running?  The Saturday morning group.   Running with friends every Saturday morning, through weather, injuries, careers, and races.   As unusual as it sounds to non-runners running 10 miles every Saturday morning has become a very normal thing to me.

What Is Your Favorite Workout? I do not have a favorite “workout.”  Remember, I run for fun.  I have done the Tues/Thurs morning runs, Wednesday night track nights, Saturday morning Columns Run, Tuesday morning spin class, M,W, & F swim sessions, Tuesday Night CBC Hammerfest, Sunday yoga, and many others.   My favorite has to be the variety.   You will never catch me running 8 x 400’s every Wednesday at 5:00 pm.   That is not the type of person I am.   I should rephrase that.   You may catch me because I don’t run 8 x 400’s but that is not a reason I will change.  

What Is Your Favorite Training Route?   Once again “training” is not my primary focus.  Variety, new experiences, and challenges are.  I like running Chapel Hill, end to end and back.   I always feel refreshed after running at Rock Bridge.   I love running the stairs at Ha Ha Tonka State Park into the coolness of the spring.   The Saturday morning Columns Run is an interesting course.  And I have a route out the MKT, across the UMC Rec and Grindstone trails to Old 63 then north to Paris Road and back Williams St., through Stephens College and downtown.   I like running late nights through fields of mist and feeling the stress fade away.

Personal Info and Interests:  A related interest is my involvement with the City of Columbia Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission.   I am trying to help Columbia build a network of alternate transportation facilities (Pednet) for walkers, runners, and cyclists.   I am also a member of Mid Missouri Road Runners, the Columbia Multisport Club, and participate in triathlons.

I am married to Randa and we live downtown with our son Zane.  My daughter Erin is a sophomore at Rock Bridge High School and my daughter Kelley is at Mizzou.