Rod Stevens

Age: 37

5k (20 years ago) 18:45
5k (last two years) 24:13
10k 51:39
Half Marathon 2:02:39
Marathon 4:22:38 (St Louis 2003)

Weekly Mileage: 25

When Did You Start Running? I ran Cross Country in high school from 1980-83. After that, I stopped running for 19 years until January 2002.

What Is Your Favorite Workout? I enjoy the CTC Saturday morning 10 mile group runs. There are usually 5 to 10 other runners and it's so much easier to run long distances when you're running with friends. I also enjoy running at the Hickman High School track on Tuesday mornings. I noticed an immediate improvement in my running times after I began speed workouts on the track and that makes getting up so early worthwhile.

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? The runners with whom I have run on Saturday mornings during the past 1 years have influenced me the most; they include Tina Bridges, Angela Passanise, Dave Coogan, Kurt Kennett, and others. Their experiences and advice have been invaluable in my marathon training.

Personal Info and Interests: My wife and I moved to Columbia from St. Louis in 1996 when I accepted a position with a Columbia law firm. We have two kids, ages 3 and 1. In January 2002, I decided to pursue running again to improve my physical shape. I started with 5K races and after a few races I decided to run a marathon. I have since completed five marathons, including the Heart of America marathon twice. My current goal is to compete in triathlons next Spring.