Patrick Hanson


10 km 31:59 (Track) 31:51 (Road)
10 Mile 52:01 (Little Blue River Run)
˝ marathon 1:09:14 (Little Blue River Run)
marathon 2:33:06 (NAIA Nationals)
Weekly mileage: 90-110 miles

DOB: October 18th, 1984

“Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules, and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence: in other words it is war minus the shooting.”
-George Orwell
I found this quote once and it struck me as amazingly true. While not the most flattering of things for runner to say about sport, running is truly the most basic of things to do. It is primal and at one time needed for survival. Sometimes people ask why someone would ever want to run, the answer is: it’s natural.

When Did You Start Running? I started running in 2000 as a sophomore in High School. I quit the soccer team and decided I would give it a try, I liked it...

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running?  Leonard “Buddy” Edelen is my running hero, one of the most underrated runners in U.S. history; he was the first person to ever break 2:15 in the marathon. All of my coaches have influenced me beyond comprehension but Steve Stonecipher-Fischer and my first college coach Steve Lucito both had huge impacts on my ideas about training.

What Is Your Favorite Workout? I love to do 6xmile at either threshold or interval pace, something where on the last one you can really bust out and move. I think long tempos are the best workouts though, 15-16 miles at marathon pace with surges of a mile or so at threshold. They wear on you but nothing will get you in better shape, and with a 2 mile warm-up and a 2 mile cool-down you get 20 miles in; what is better then that?  

What Is Your Favorite Training Route?   I love running out at Gans Creek in Rock Bridge State Park, out on the bluffs. But I am also a big fan of getting out on gravel roads where you can just run along pastures and drift away.

Personal Info and Interests:  My life is pretty centered on running. I go to the University of Missouri and gave up my last two years of eligibility to train primarily for marathons and half-marathons. I live with two guys on the CTC team and train with them along with a host of other people. I work at Tryathletics and love hearing about people’s running.

My parents are probably my biggest supporters with my running. Whether it is driving next to me to give me water at Heart of America or lending me money so I can get to a race far away they are great and always there for me.