Nancy Taube

Age: 42

5k 18:38 (First Night 5k 2001)
Joe Marks 5 Miler 32:02

WEEKLY MILEAGE: 12-15 miles

When Did You Start Running? Intermittently in high school & college; not seriously until a few years ago

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? I don't really have a role model or specific source of inspiration. That's because I began by running away -- to escape worries & stress. Nothing like a good run to put your cares behind you -- literally! It's pretty much been a solo pursuit for me, although I do run occasionally with my husband and my brother. During races, I'm most inspired by Dick Hessler, who paces me & never ceases to urge me on; and by Boots Gerhardt, who's still going strong into her 8th decade!

Personal Info and Interests: I am blessed with a wonderful family. My husband Tony, and 12 year old son, Joe, have supported me & cheered me on. We enjoy biking along the MKT when the weather cooperates.