Richard Nistendirk

Richard Nistendirk Age: 67

Weekly mileage: 30 miles

Personal best: KC Marathon 1999: 3:30:59

When did you start running? I started walking at age 47. After 3 years walking I started to jog a little. My first race was St. Pat's at age 51. I had a time of 24 minutes. I gradually cut my time down to 20-21 minutes. I really did not keep race records before 1999.

Most memorable run? The Kansas City Marathon. We had rain at the start, snow for the last 13 miles, and tears at the finish line.

Favorite place to run? The Katy Trail. It runs right through our farm. It's a great place to run. No cars. I just walk out the door.

Who would you like to thank? I would like to thank my wife Leona. She attended 32 races with me last year. She pinned on race bib numbers and held my warmup clothes during races.