Melissa Pagan

Age: 21

400m 66 seconds
800m 2:34
1500m 5:20
5k 20:45

WEEKLY MILEAGE: off-season: 30 miles per week, in-season: 40-55 miles per week

When Did You Start Running? 5th grade CCS track

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? The Hessler family has influenced my running the most as they encouraged me to run. One of my running role models is Jackie Joyner-Kersee due to her ability to compete well while having asthma. I, too, have asthma and have enjoyed watching her excel while dealing with asthma.

Did You Run In College Or High School? I ran for Hickman High School. I was a four year varsity runner in Track and Cross Country. At Hickman I went to state in 1995 in cross country. I am a member of the team holding the record in the 4 X 1600m along with Rachel Williams, Angie Haddock, and Melissa Scrabel. I currently run for St. Ambrose University on the track and cross country teams. At St. Ambrose I hold the record in the steeple chase and am a member of the 4 X 800 meter relay record holding team. In addition, I was named an NAIA Academic All-American during the 1999 cross country season.

What Is Your Favorite Workout? Indian runs of any distance

What Is Your Favorite Training Route In Columbia? Rock Bridge park

Personal Info and Interests: Recently I have taken up pole vaulting and have been competing for St. Ambrose. I vaulted a personal best of 8 feet 6 inches this year before breaking my foot right before Easter.
Note: Melissa’s mom reported last August Melissa competed in the State Games of America in St. Louis. She won her age group in the 5k. Having previously qualified as a medal winner in the Show-Me Games in 1998, Melissa competed last August in the first National State Games held. There were 17 states participating, and Melissa proudly wore her CTC Colts singlet. The results will stand for two years as national records. Melissa’s mom also reports the 2000 Show-Me Games medal qualifiers may be eligible to participate in the Games of America in 2001.