Matthew Laye

Personal Records:

Mile 4:17 Team Time Trial 2003
3K 8:38 Dual meet v UC-Berkley
5K 14:51 Woody Wilson Invite 2004
10K 31:19 Chili Pepper XC Meet 2003
1/2 Marathon 1:09:26 Midland Lutheran Half Marathon
Marathon 2:37:45 Twin Cities Marathon 2005
Weekly mileage: 70 - 90 miles
DOB: 3/21/81
Running is not a sport; it is a lifestyle.

My high school coach first told me this, and I find it very true. When you are serious about running, you find that it becomes a lifestyle. Going out on your daily run is as normal as eating breakfast or going to work; it is just something that you do every day.

When Did You Start Running? I started running in 1996 for my freshman year of high school, where I posted times of 2:12, 4:52, and 10:45 for the 800, 1600, and 3200 respectively. Since my sophomore year, track running is the only sport that I have competed in.

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? Many people have been influential in my running, and I certainly look up to a number of great runners past and present. However, if I would pick one running role model, it would probably be Nate Bowen, an alumnus of Davis who graduated before I was on the team and qualified for the Olympic Trials in the marathon, because he has shown me how to balance having fun while maintaining a competitive edge in this sport. My high school coach has influenced me the most, providing advice throughout my high school, college, and into my post-collegiate career. His love for the sport is contagious to all who run for him.

What Is Your Favorite Workout? I love the unplanned workout -- one that happens when you are out for a run and then gradually drop down the pace while feeling good the entire time. It is this workout that allows you to feel that "runner's high" (which is seldom achieved when you are looking for it; instead, it happens spontaneously in the middle of what might be a recovery run, long run, or just a daily jaunt).

What Is Your Favorite Training Route? I like running in Rock Bridge State Park. Typically, the route will include all the main portions of the trail, resulting in about 10-12 miles. The time just flies when running single track through the woods.

Personal Info and Interests: I grew up in Livermore, CA, which is in the Bay Area. I graduated from UC-Davis with a degree in exercise biology in December of 03 and started working on my PhD in physiology in the fall of 04 at the University of Missouri. My research is centered on the importance of exercise to healthy living. I hope to eventually be a teacher and coach at a smaller college. My retired parents still live in Livermore when they are not traveling the world, and I have a sister who is a junior at Cal State - Chico.