Matt Dreier

Personal Records

5k 16:46
10k 35:45
Half Marathon 1:19:52
Marathon 2:59:19 (Heart of America 2005)
Age: 32

Weekly Mileage: 60-70 miles

When Did you start running? I started running in 2001 at the age of 26. I got inspired after watching a friend do the 2000 Show Me State Games Triathlon and decided I wanted to do one as well, despite having absolutely no experience in swimming, cycling or running. One triathlon turned into more than 20 over the next 3 years and I fell in love with the sport, especially the running. I've cut back on triathlons in the last three years to focus mainly on running.

Running Accomplishments: Competing with the CTC Cross Country Team at Club Nationals in 2005 and 2006, three straight Heart of America Finishes (the last two in sub-3 hours), finishing an Ironman in 2002.

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? I've met so many amazing people through running and triathlon. Alison Hodgson and Michele McFadden were the first runners I trained with regularly, and I had to work very hard to try and keep up with those girls! Most recently, IÕve been training with Brian Evans and Marc Keys and they really push me to be faster. Steve Stonecipher-Fisher has been a great mentor and source of running knowledge, not to mention an awesome boss!

What Is Your Favorite Workout? 5 x 1000 meters on the MU Track and fartleks at Rock Bridge State Park

What Is Your Favorite Training Route? I love running through campus and downtown on a Sunday morning when the roads are completely empty. I also enjoy anything off-road, especially the grass routes at Grindstone and Rock Bridge parks.

Personal Info and Interests: I've lived in Columbia most of my life, have a wonderful family and love spending time with my 3-year-old niece. I still enjoy riding my bike when IÕm not too worn out from running and have done RAGBRAI every year since 2003. I work at Tryathletics and always enjoy talking running and cycling with my customers.