Lynda Wright

Age: 42

No personal records known

When Did You Start Running? I ran in high school and college for fun and fitness. I began competing in a few 5ks in college and have competed in a few races a year since then.

What are Some of Your Accomplishments? I try very hard to set an example for my three young kids to lead an active lifestyle into adulthood.

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? Every mother with children who runs regularly influences me. When I meet them I realize that they are able to find time to run and compete, and I get motivated to stay running. In the past two years I have met Amy Gundy, Chris Darter who ran a marathon last year, and Rosalie McDonald who is now training for a marathon. These women are great moms and great runners!

Personal Info and Interests: My husband Jim and I are full-time real estate appraisers with our own firm in Columbia. We have three children: Garrett 10, Hope 6, and Lindsey 4 who are all involved in many different sports including the CTC Colts.