Joe and Daniel Lopez

Age: 48 and 13

Joe - 22:46 2001 Homecoming 5K
Daniel - 22:17 2001 Homecoming 5K
We both trained hard for weeks for this event

Weekly Mileage: about 8 miles

When Did You Start Running?Joe: My first race was an 880 race in grade school in Illinois. Later I ran cross country for Wagner High School at Clark Air Force Base, Philippine Islands. My most memorable race was a 1968 3K race in Manila in the blistering heat. I still keep the plaque on our bookshelf.

Daniel: During 5th grade, I ran before going to my violin classes to see how I liked running; I eventually got hooked and now I run 5K races and run for fun and training for races. I was part of my 7th grade school track team.

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? Joe - Jim Ryun, Ayrton Senna, Daniel Lopez, and the Hessler Legends
Daniel - I am my own role model, I race against myself.

What is Your Favorite Training Route in Columbia? Joe - the MKT Trail
Daniel- in the street around Bethel Park and Gentry Middle School

Personal Info and Interests: Joe - Travel, coach the boys' soccer teams, tennis, golf, international soccer, F1 Grand Prix auto racing, and watching sci-fi and classic comedy movies with wife Fabiola, Daniel, and his brother David.
Daniel- referee soccer games, play soccer and tennis, read and do anything that involves Star Trek.