Linda LaFontaine

Age: 53

5k (age 43) 19:37
1/2 marathon (age 35) 1:27
50 yard dash (age 16) 6.4


When Did You Start Running? I ran track for Festus High School in 1966-69, before Title 9, and before there was much interest in women's sports. The workouts, the division meets, and even the state meets, were organized by the high school girls who wanted to compete, with a little help (a few phone calls) from our physical education teachers. As a high school senior, I was awarded the Girls Athletic Award for my efforts on behalf of women's track. Women's running has come a long way since the 1960's. After high school, I did not run consistently again until 1984, when my neighbor, Jeannette French, decided we should run the Human Race. We trained on our neighborhood roads and finished the 10K in over an hour. I decided at that point to train for middle distances. I road raced regularly until the mid 1990's, when injuries prevented me from training hard.

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced YouMost In Running? More than anyone else, my husband Tom has helped me with running and fitness in general. Anyone who knows Tom can understand -- no one could live with Tom and be unfit! My steady workout partners, Cindi Heese and Cammy Ronchetto, keep me motivated. The track club founders and the many dedicated members, and their families who provide support, give me inspiration.

What is Your Favorite Workout?I enjoy running the trails in Rock Bridge Park on spring days (lots of wildflowers), with my husband, Tom.

What is Your Least Favorite Workout?My running partner, Cindi Heese, and I run around and around the parking garages when the weather is bitter cold and raining or snowing.

Personal Info and Interests: Tom and I met on the track at Hearnes in 1986. Together we raced many road races and biathlons here and beyond. I have a daughter, aged 30, who lives in Chicago. I am a teacher by degree, and have worked with children and families for 20 plus years. I currently direct Walnut Creek Day School. I've been a Columbia Track Club member since 1985.