Kevin Crane

Age: 43

2004 Jay Dix 10k: 47:17 (3rd in my age group)
Columbia Half-Marathon Challenge: 1:34:59 (2nd in age group)
2004 Great Sandbagger Trophy winner

Weekly mileage? 30 miles a week

When Did You Start Running? I started running in 9th grade. I ran cross country for Rock Bridge High School.

What Is Your Favorite Workout? My favorite workout is to get in 6 miles during the lunch hour. I can sort out problems and relax during the run. The run I do most frequently starts at the Courthouse, through campus, hit the MU trail behind the new arena, go under Providence to the Reactor trail, link up with the MKT and back to the Courthouse by 1 pm to work for your tax dollar.

Personal Info and Interests: The best thing in my life is my four children: Maxwell, John, Daisy, and Eden. They are all very funny and thus far conviction free. I enjoy being with my kids, spending time on our family farm, hunting and military history. Iím a 6th generation Boone Countian. I joined CTC last year. Unless it is pouring, icy, or really windy, I like to run outside in all types of weather. I donít like the track or conveyor belt thing. I just started signing up for races last year, so Iím really a novice compared to many CTC members. I would like to run a marathon someday.