J.P. Palmer

Age: 38

5k 20:20
10k 42:10
Half-marathon 1:40:44 (Lincoln 2000)
Marathon 3:30:06 (Boston 2002)
Ironman 11:35:09 (Ironman Canada 2002)

Weekly mileage: During marathon/Ironman training—35-45 miles/week; plus 4500 yards swimming, and 60-120 miles biking

When Did You Start Running? I started running after watching my brother do Ironman Hawaii in 1996. Prior to this I raced mountain bikes and hated “jogging.”

What Is Your Favorite Workout?
1. 78 mile bike ride out to Centralia and back, followed by a 10 mile run
2. The Sunday “loop”—Wilson’s south to Stadium, up to Broadway, down to old 63, up through campus, down the tunnel, back to Stadium, and back to Wilson’s
3. I love the trail, but limit my time on it in order to use the hills in Columbia to become a stronger runner!

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? I’ve had many role models, including Grete Waitz, who broke the world record in 1978 at 2:32 and revolutionized women’s marathoning. She did not have a lot of natural speed and had to work very hard at becoming a world class 1500 meter runner, and then found marathoning was more suited to her. I admire runners who have to work hard to overcome lack of “natural” ability. I also admire Bill Rodgers and John “the Penguin” Bingham. My influences have been my brother Jim, my old training group in Lincoln, Nebraska, and currently my “biggest influencers” have been Amy and Mark Livesay, Mark Volek and Stacy Reed, Jamie Mondello, and lots of the Columbia Multisport Club...too many to name! I am influenced by people who have a passion for fitness and share that passion.

Personal Info and Interests: I moved to Columbia in 1999 after being accepted into the Ph.D. program in Management at MU. Previously I was the Special Events Coordinator of the Nebraska State Fair. I teach spinning and body pump. I love Ironman distance racing and am still trying to qualify for Hawaii (I’ll be doing Ironman Canada in August...number 4). I accepted a teaching position at a University in Virginia and will begin in August. I am a board member of Columbia Multisport Club, a member of CTC, and a Wakonse fellow. I teach Strategy and Organizational Behavior at MU and am working on my dissertation. I am a first-timer at directing the Jay Dix Challenge to Cure race.