Jordon Cook

Personal Records

1600m 5:46
800m 2:41
1.4 miles 9:10
3k: 12:12

Age: 12

Weekly mileage: during season- 12 miles, out of season- 2 miles

Who has influenced you Most in Running? My mom has influenced me the most in my running because she has always run ever since she was little. She cheers me on, and she’s always there for me at the track meets and at practice running herself.

Running Accomplishments:

I ran in the Show-Me State Games in 2005. I ran the 800m and got 4th and the 1600m and got 4th. I ran in the Jingle Bell Run in 2005 and got 2nd in my age group. My time was 23 something. I ran at Rim Rock on November 18, 2006 and got 1st place.

What is Your Favorite Place to run? Rim Rock

What is your favorite Columbia training route?
Stephens Lake Park

Info. and Interests?
I’m on the Columbia Catholic School Track team. I play in the Central Missouri Soccer League on the Columbia Cobras. I have a brother, Zachary, who is 11 years old. I have two dogs, Camo and Sunny, and an outdoor cat named Kitty. This is my second year on the CTC Colts. I went to Rim Rock in Lawrence, KS to a USATF meet on November 18, 2006 and got 1st with a time of 12:12 (3k), and my team also took first place. My brother and I are going to compete at Spokane, Washington on December 9th to compete in the USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championship.