Jim Linville

Age: 49

Personal Records:
While pondering the answer to the question of personal records, I looked through some profiles of other members. Now the question is, ďwhat am I doing with the likes of Tom & Linda LaFontaine and Joe Duncan, not to mention the CTC Board of Directors?Ē My personal records are not even worth mentioning. Except for this one, I havenít smoked a cigarette since April 20, 2004. Now that is a record.

When Did You Start Running? I started running as a kid on the streets of Breckenridge, MO. I was the second fastest kid in town at the street fair. In my freshman year of High School they started a track club. There were four of us on the team. We ran a relay team. After school we would get dressed out and run the half mile to the track as fast as we could so we could get a cigarette in before the Coach got there. I never ran much after that until about 3 years ago. I probably have the newest knees in the club. I started running for my cholesterol and high blood pressure. When I got to 3 miles I had too much lung pain to let it go. I asked the doctor. It was emphysema.

When I finally stopped smoking, I shaved my head and donated my hair to Locks of Love. I had 15 inches of hair to donate. I said that I would not let my hair grow back until I crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon. I didnít know what I was saying. I didnít know you had to qualify. By my first anniversary, I realized that I may not get that fast and made a plan B. I can let my hair grow back after I run from where I started smoking to where I stopped. Thatís 140 miles. Wish me luck.

Weekly Milage/Favorite Workout? Iíve been running on my own for the most part lately. Something I read. One weekend I run a 10 mile Saturday, and then a 14 mile journey on Sunday. The next weekend I donít run on one day and try to run 30 miles on the other day. I have succeeded at 29 miles. During the week I get two or three 4 mile lunches. I did manage to get my first black toenail.