Joe Duncan

Age: 70

5k: 19:36
10k: 39:30
Marathon: 3:21:50 (at age 49)

Any performance I establish after age 70—I have the same competitive juices flowing. It is still my favorite thing to engage in competition.

Weekly mileage? 16-20 miles a week

When Did You Start Running? August 1966, age 32

What Is Your Favorite Workout? My favorite workout is to alternate 1/2 miles on the streets.

What is your favorite training route? Out my door, three miles on the streets, then back home to total 6 miles

Personal Info and Interests: My wife, Carole; 4 sons; 37 years in CTC—Charter Member. I enjoy reading, chess, travel, landscaping, old movies.

Editor’s note: We first profiled Joe in the April, 1998 issue. He is still running strong. Joe is an inspiration to us all!