Hugh Emerson

Hugh Emerson

Personal Records

5K21:09St. Pat's 2006
4M28:47CIGS 2008
Half Marathon1:40:25Sedalia 2008
Marathon3:31:34Boston 2008

DOB: 9-3-1957

How long have you been running? I started running back in the late 70s after I got a pair of blue-and-yellow Adidas running shoes as a present, and I used to do one 5K race per year back in the early 80s: the homecoming run in Kirksville. I moved back to Columbia in 1984, and my first CTC race seems to have been the St. Pat's in 1998. I've never had any formal training in running, and the only book I've read on the subject is Chi Running.

How many miles are you running per week? Since I started my running log, I've been logging about 50 miles per week. Before that, I had been running 28 miles per week for quite some time.

What's your favorite workout? The Prathersville loop -- running from my house to Prathersville and back. Lots of hills and gravel.

What are your greatest running accomplishments so far? In no particular order:

What are your running goals? To run as little as possible without looking like a "before" picture in a fitness ad. A sub-3:30 marathon. Possibly Boston 2009?

How about putting in some gratuitous non-running-related plugs here? My favorite restaurants are Roly Poly and Moe's. Besides the Columbia Track Club, I've been the webmaster for the following organizations at various times: