The Harringtons

Steve 45
Deb 46
Grady 11
Kelsey 10
Lucas 7

Steve started running cross country in the seventh grade and continued thru high school. He took a break from running until about six years ago. He ran his first ˝ marathon in Springfield, MO in 2000. In 2001 he ran in Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN and has run 3 more since then. The last one was the Twin Cities Marathon in October, 2003, this was his favorite and in his home state of Minnesota. Time permitting he tries to run about 30 miles a week. His running role model is his brother-in-law who has run at least one marathon a year for the past twenty years and is still running strong at 57.

Deb started running as an adult and enjoys the local 5 & 10k’s. She completed her first half marathon last December in Springfield, MO. She met her goal of finishing in two hours and placed first in her age group. Her favorite runs are on the Katy Trail as a family.

Grady started running at the age of 8. He and Steve ran a Polar Bear mile run in 2001, which was Grady’s first organized run. Since then, he has completed five 5k’s and improves his time with each race. His personal best time is 27 minutes for a 5k. He is a member of the CTC colts. He participated in the Show Me State Games last summer and is a member of the Columbia Catholic Track team. His running role model is his dad. He enjoys running on the Katy Trail.

Kelsey participated in the youth summer track program last summer and will again this year. However, she enjoys running on the soccer field and basketball court. She can occasionally be seen on a family run.

Lucas started running at the age of six. He joined the CTC colts last summer and ran in the summer Show Me State Games, taking the gold in each race he entered. He ran his first 5k last Thanksgiving in Jefferson City. He finished in 26:30. His running role model is his dad. He also enjoys running on the Katy Trail.