Don Lewis

Age: 64

1/2 mile: 2:04.7
mile 4:36.3
2 mile: 9:53.2
5k: 16:11
10k: 34:33

age 48
KC Macy’s 20k: 1:12.19
TRI (3 mile, 2 mile, 1 mile): (3) 15:47, (2) 10:32, (1) 4:57

50 and over:
800 meters 2:21
2 miles: 10:55
1500 meters: 4:37
5k: 17:14
10k: 36:01
15k: 55:56
5 miles: 28:47 (Columbia Regional Hospital, age 50)

When Did You Start Running? I ran track in high school and 2 years in College

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? Ben Londeree
He was great, like a machine. I began running with the "noon group" out of Brewer-Rothwell Gyms on campus. Ben set the tones for the workouts. His workouts were a field test for his exercise physiology theory and research. I mimicked his stretches, workouts, and cool downs. He was very helpful in my training.

DID YOU RUN IN COLLEGE OR HIGH SCHOOL? H.S. Track captain; college 1/2 and quarter on, on relay team. Never ran under 2:01 in the half mile.

What Is Your Favorite Workout? 4 to 8 quarter intervals on 3 minute start schedule (hurts but is over quickly)

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COMPETITION ROUTE? Columbia Regional Hospital 5 mile run: Hospital to St. Charles Road, up huge hill to Lake of the Woods exit, then back to Nowell’s and hospital via access road. VERY HILLY. My 40-49 and 50-59 records are some of my best efforts and will not be challenged unless the race is revived.

Personal Info and Interests: 27 years in CTC. I enjoyed the special atmosphere of striving to improve while competing with people that became my good friends.
Wife: Kathleen Cain. We love to bike and hike. Children: 4, now in 30’s and early 40’s