Cyndi Sommerfeldt

Age: 43

5K 22:23
10K 46:18
Half Marathon 1:44:19
Marathon 3:56:03


When Did You Start Running? I went through a few relatively short periods of running activity in my high school and college years. The motivation was to promote weight loss and fitness but all of these tapered off after a few lost pounds and/or a few miles. Although this seems depressing the lack of a "running career" in my youth has probably benefited my joints today. I started running again in July 2002 in response to a fitness challenge from Tom LaFontaine. Basically he suggested I take up running and my direct quote was "I don't run, I hate to run, I won't run". I started running the following week.

What is Your Favorite Workout? I love finishing the 10 mile runs on Saturday mornings with the various track club members. I've been known to comment on the fact that for me this is the high point of the week, completing 10+ miles early on Saturday morning with the reminder of the weekend out in front of me is an awesome feeling. I also enjoy making it through a treadmill interval work out. Notice my apparent fixation with finishing runs..??

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? This is an easy one, in fact I've already mentioned his part in getting me started. Somehow Tom LaFontaine has kept me motivated through an 11 month period that started with me working up to and running my 1st 5K in November '02 and continuing through 7 local 5K's, 1 local 10K, the 12K Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, 2 half marathons Lincoln, NE and St. Charles, MO, and the New York City Marathon in November 2003 (yes I saw P. Diddy). Whether reminding me of my heartfelt ... "I won't run" speech to physically removing me in tears from the MKT trail one very hot August training run, Tom has seen me at my best and worst and amazingly keeps putting up with me. He has taught me so many things I didn't know about running, fitness, nutrition, physiology, and even the Lewis and Clark expedition. My "little" sister Sherry has also been a big influence. Her experience in big city running (San Francisco and NYCity) and marathons has given me something to look up to for years. She is always willing to share what she has learned and like Tom, has been very supportive of my new found "runner" status. She jumped in and ran miles 19-25 with me in NYCity and yes she got to see P. Diddy too as my entourage passed his entourage at mile 20. The Saturday morning running group keeps me going on a daily basis. Tina B, Pat F, Allan B, Steve K and Bob H are often the reason I show up at the starting point. I continue to be very impressed with their running and life accomplishments.

Personal Info and Interests: My husband Frank and I moved to Columbia in October '96. We both work for 3M and transferred to the manufacturing plant on Route B from the Twin Cities headquarters. We have 3 daughters ages 11, 7 and 4-1/2. You will often see and hear them at local racing events. My family is very supportive of "Mom and her running" and I couldn't do it without them. I also like to cross train and weight train, golf, read, and garden. If someone could just figure out how I could add a few more hours to my day I would be eternally grateful.