Craig Israelsen

Age: 44

5k 17:30
1/2 marathon 1:24
Marathon 3:09
IronMan Are you kidding? It's not going to happen!

WEEKLY MILEAGE: Typically between 40-60 miles running plus some biking (particularly in the spring and summer).

When Did You Start Running? In junior high school. Then ran cross-country and track in high school (in Los Altos, California). First marathon was in 1981. Then didn't run for 17 years! (Why...who knows?) Started running again in 1998 (thanks to my good friend Newell Kitchen).

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? As a young boy I admired Kip Keino and Jim Ryun, particularly after watching the 1968 Olympic games. Frank Shorter's marathon victory in the '72 Munich Games is very memorable (particularly after meeting him briefly at the 2000 Boston Marathon). Leo Long, my high school coach, helped me love track and field. As an adult, I admire endurance athletes who persist and demonstrate staying power measured in decades (Dick Hessler and Rick Rother come to mind).

What is Your Favorite Workout?I enjoy a 15k loop from my home (Shepard Blvd area) to Broadway, to MKT, left on new spur which ends up in Grindstone Park, and then back home via Stadium. Also enjoyable are Saturday long runs which wind all over town with a variety of fellow runners (Newell Kitchen, Dick Hessler, Steve Fischer, Steve Bourgeois, Christian Reed, or kids from the MU track team). I also enjoy 20-30 mile bike rides on the MKT and the Katy Trail.

Personal Info and Interests: Tammy and I moved to Columbia from Provo, Utah in December of 1990 after accepting a position in the Dept of Consumer and Family Economics at the Univ of MO. We thought we'd be here a few years...that was 13 years ago. Four of our seven children were born here in Columbia, so we're probably officially midwesterners by now. I enjoy wood working and as a family we enjoy trips to a variety of U.S. destinations (and frequent trips to Shakey's). I enjoy being with people, particularly my children and students at the University. I have benefitted from my association with the Columbia Track Club. The kids track program on Wednesday evenings is truly inspirational. Thanks to all who volunteer.