Ben Keown

Age: 14

5K 18:30
10K 40:25

Off-season - 20 miles/week
During-season - 20+/week

When Did You Start Running? March 2003

Did you run in high school or college? I haven't been to high school yet, but I did run in 7th and 8th grade

Events, Awards, and Honors:
1st place age group at the Jefferson City Jingle Bell Run - December 2003 (4th overall)
1st place age group at the Columbia Jingle Bell Run - December 2003 (23rd overall)
1st place age group in 10k of the 10k/20 Runners Choice Run in Columbia - January 2004 (3rd overall)
1st place age group Nut Race 5k - Feb. 2004 (4th overall)
CTC Colt Cross Country Team finishes (Sept. to Oct. 2003) (1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th overall finishes)
1st place age group Clinton Cross Country Invitation Open Race 1.6 mile - Sept. 2003 (3rd overall)
11th place overall in the N.C.M.C. Cross Country Championship High School J.V. Open Race - Oct. 2003

What is Your Favorite Workout? 3 to 4 miles

What is your favorite training route in Columbia? The roads around my house

Who Is Your Running Role Model? My brother Jimmy Keown

Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? My friend Chris Boeckman, Coach Hessler, and Coach Blackburn (Rock Bridge Cross Country/Track Coach)

Personal Info and Interests: Collecting baseball cards and memorabilia / hunting / fishing / snow skiing / water-skiing. I have lost nearly 80lbs since I started running. I have cut my mile time in half in the past year.