Bob Humphreys

Age: 75

My first competition, in 1980, was a 5k Trail Run in Orlando, Florida that my brother talked me into running with him. I took 3rd place in 27:35 and was hooked on competition, although I never ran another Trail Run. In 2001 I won a gold medal in the Senior Games 5k with a time of 26:17. Im not fast, but I am persistent.

WEEKLY MILEAGE: 30 miles per week

When Did You Start Running? 1973

Who Is Your Running Role Model? Who Has Influenced You Most In Running? I have looked to people like Joe Marks, Joe Duncan, Dick Hessler, and Steve Stonecipher-Fisher as those who set a good example not only as runners, but also as good citizens and responsible adults. I took up running more as a stress management technique and weight control process than as a way to athletic success. As a matter of fact, I was 47 years of age before I started a serious program and have only been keeping a running log since 1983. During the time I have recorded my runs I have accumulated a total of 30,150 miles, or an average of 1675 miles per year. Upon concluding 30 years of continuous training in 2003 I intend to cut back to 25 miles per week. That will give me more time to spend with Freda!

Did You Run in College or High School?I was on the boxing team in high school and college, and we did "road work."

What is Your Favorite Workout?Running the Katy Trail

Favorite Training Route: From home to the Forum entrance to the Katy Trail out to Scott Boulevard

Personal Info and Interests: I came to Columbia in 1947 to attend J-School after a few semesters at Pitt and Penn State, and a three year stint in the Army Air Force. My comrades in arms dissuaded me from wasting my GI Bill at the New York Academy of Dramatics, but thought I could be another Edward R. Murrow. While attending school I met and married a local gal, and weve been living together for 54 years. Freda and I left Columbia in 1949, but returned in 1970. Our two sons, Kim and Steve live in Columbia with their families.