Brett Barton

Brett Barton

Personal Records

Half Marathon1:33:53

Age: 35

Weekly mileage: 55-65

When did you start running? My New Year's Resolution for 2005 was to lose weight and I thought one of the best ways to accomplish that goal would be to start exercising on a regular basis. I began running 2-3 times a week. A friend talked me into running the St. Patrick's Day 5K in March of that year. That one race got me hooked on running. I started enjoying running and had a strong desire to become a faster runner.

Running Accomplishments: I have completed three marathons and qualified for the Boston Marathon at this year's St. Louis Marathon in April. I also appointed myself president of the Long Run Lunatics, a Saturday morning running group that relishes the "long run". (Shameless plug: if you are looking for a Saturday morning running group and aren't afraid of some challenging runs, check out the Lunatics.)

Who has influenced you most in running? My running really started to improve after buying the book "Daniels' Running Formula" and adapting my training to incorporate the quality workouts which Jack Daniels recommends in that book. Whenever someone asks me how I've been able to improve as a runner, I just respond with: "Lots of Jack Daniels!"

What is your favorite training route/workout? I enjoy all of my runs with the Long Run Lunatics running group, but my favorite route is probably the Sweet Sixteen route which covers 16 miles around the southwest part of Columbia.

Personal info and interests: I have a beautiful wife (Elly, also a runner) and three adorable children who sometimes show up at my races to cheer for me. Elly and I are very active in our church. My other hobbies include: playing table tennis (better known as ping-pong), playing European boardgames and listening to progressive rock music.